Que faire en avril 2024? Les évènements ayant liens avec la France et la francophonie qui se déroulent en Australie ce mois-ci

Que faire en avril 2024
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Remplissez votre mois d’avril 2024 d’événements liés à la France, la culture et la langue françaises et à la francophonie avec notre Que faire en avril 2024.

Que faire en avril 2024

25/11 -28/04SYDNEYLouise Bourgeois -Has the Day Invaded the Night or Has the Night Invaded the Day?
02/12 - 28/04BRISBANEFairy Tales
03/12 - 07/04MELBOURNENGV Triennial
05/03 - 02/04BRISBANEAlliance Française French Film Festival
05/03 - 08/04MELBOURNEPhoto exhibition: Portraits of French cinema
05/03 - 09/04SYDNEYAlliance Française French Film Festival
06/03 - 02/04MELBOURNEAlliance Française French Film Festival
06/03 - 02/04PERTHAlliance Française French Film Festival
07/03 - 02/04CANBERRAAlliance Française French Film Festival
16/03 - 14/07BENDIGO, VICParis: Impressions of Life 1880-1925
21/03 - 16/04ADELAIDEAlliance Française French Film Festival
22/03 - 06/04RENMARK, SAAlliance Française French Film Festival
23/03 - 10/06MELBOURNELaure Provost: Oui move in you
24/03 - 26/05MELBOURNECirque du Soleil: LUZIA
01/04 - 08/04BRISBANEExhibition at the Cube
01/04 - 07/04MELBOURNELegs in the Pool
03/04BENDIGO, VICParis Paste-ups with Frankie O'Toole
03/04SYDNEYBabies Love Books in French - Les Bébés Aiment Les Livres
03/04SYDNEYNegotiating Brexit and the future of the European Union
03/04SYDNEYBlind wine tasting
03/04 - 16/04GOLD COASTAlliance Française French Film Festival
04/04BENDIGO, VICParis Street Mural
04/04CANBERRABooks in Bars with Lisa Medved "The Engraver's Secret"
04/04MELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup
04/04SYDNEYMWWC French Wine Tasting with Le Pont
04/04SYDNEYLive at Dominik Mersch Gallery Slava Sharon Grigoryan with Champagne
04/04 - 14/04HOBARTAlliance Française French Film Festival
04/04 - 10/04VICTOR HARBOUR, SAAlliance Française French Film Festival
05/04ADELAIDEChampagne & Sommeliers Dinner
05/04DARWINBoard Games Night
05/04PERTHMacarons Cooking Class with Michelin Star Chef (4pm)
05/04PERTHMacarons Cooking Class with Michelin Star Chef (7pm)
05/04TAREE, NSWTasteFest on the Manning | Producers' Gala Dinner
05/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
06/04ADELAIDELes Flâneurs Volants... Six years of French Classics!
06/04CANBERRAChocolate Royal Entremets (Plant-based) Baking Class
06/04CASTLEMAINE, VICForet Distilling Launch Party
06/04MALENY, QLDFrench Cooking Class
06/04MELBOURNECheese & Wine Matching with Chef Sigrid
06/04SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose Dinner & Show
06/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
06/04 - 07/04GEELONGMini Classic French Film Festival - À La Belle Étoile
07/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
07/04SYDNEYKoala Bliss | Mindful & Creative Kids Session in French
07/04SYDNEYLe Marché, French Markets at The Entertainment Quarter
07/04TOWNSVILLE, QLDEaster Hunt
08/04MELBOURNEAutumn Trade Day
08/04PERTHCooking Class - Lemon Tart
09/04ADELAIDEAction on Stage: exploring body movements in ancient Greek Comedy
09/04SYDNEYAmanda Hampton in conversation with Catherine du Peloux Menagé
10/04BENDIGO, VICWish you were here: Postcards from Paris
10/04BENDIGO, VICPrinting the Pigeons of Paris with Bridget Farmer
10/04BRISBANEQuizz Folie!
10/04ORANGE, NSWPageturners April Daytime Book Discusision
10/04PERTHVan Gogh's Roses - Sip & Paint
10/04SYDNEYPhilo Bistro
11/04BRISBANEThe sea is our history and our future
11/04BRISBANENoir Nights Live
11/04MELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup
11/04 - 14/04PARRAMATTA, NSWAlliance Française French Film Festival
12/04ADELAIDEPaint n Sip at Le Pas Sage
12/04MELBOURNEMother Tonuge Poetry Melbourne: Cat Kidd
12/04SYDNEYBollinger Champagne VIP Cabanas at Aqua Rugby
12/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
13/04CANBERRAChocolate Royal Entremets (Plant-based) Baking Class
13/04GEELONGMini Classic French Film Festival - Jean De Florette
13/04GOLD COASTWe will always have Paris Paint & Sip
13/04PERTHAn evening with Penfolds
13/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
13/04SYDNEYFrench Feast with De Beaurepaire Winery
13/04SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose Dinner & Show
13/04 - 20/04GEELONG, VICMini Classic French Film Festival
14/04MELBOURNEParisian Lunch with Bottomless Bubbles & Rosé
14/04PERTHNatural Perfume Workshop
14/04SYDNEYLe Marché Willoughby
14/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
14/04 - 09/06SUNSHINE COASTSunshine Coast French Film Festival
15/04BERMAGUI, NSWClassic French Cooking
16/04CANBERRAKids Holiday Baking and Art Program - Day 2 6/10 Years old - Bread and Brioche
16/04MARYBOROUGH, QLDWorld Film: My Summer in Provence
16/04SYDNEYWriters @ Stanton: Rachel Mogan McIntosh
17/04CANBERRAKids Holiday Baking and Art Program - Day 1 11/14 Years Old - Tart Extravaganza
17/04 - 21/04MOUNT GAMBIER, SAAlliance Française French Film Festival
18/04ADELAIDESA: We are a little Français Exhibition Launch
18/04ADELAIDEGrove Wine Tasting
18/04ADELAIDEMovie Night: Resistance
18/04ADELAIDELe book club - Éteignez tout et la vie s'allume by Marc Levy
18/04BALLINA, NSWLe Van du Livre
18/04CANBERRAKids Holiday Baking and Art Program - Day 1 11/14 Years Old -Bread and Briochextravaganza
18/04MELBOURNEFACCI VIC: Tchin Tchin Networking Evening
18/04MELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup
18/04PERTHFACCI WA: Opportunities in the EU Green Deal
18/04 - 21/04BUNBURY, WAAlliance Française French Film Festival
19/04BALLINA, NSWWine Tasting
19/04BRISBANELe book club - Mémoires d'Hadrien by Marguerite Yourcenar
19/04EASTBROOK, WAPinot Picnic 2024 - Picnic Hamper by Hidden River Estate
19/04GOLD COASTLe Van du Livre
19/04PAMBULA, NSWCultural presentation of Normandy and Brittany
19/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
19/04 - 21/04BENDIGO, VICAlliance Française French Film Festival
20/04ADELAIDEEntremet Glazing Class
20/04ADELAIDEWine Tour à la française
20/04ANGELSEA, VICArt and travel urban sketching
20/04BALLINA, NSWFrench Scrabble
20/04BRISBANELe Van du Livre
20/04CAIRNSDiner à la Française
20/04CANBERRAHealing through story sharing: 30th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda
20/04EASTBROOK, WAPinot Picnic 2024 - Picnic Hamper by Hidden River Estate
20/04EASTBROOK, WAPinot Picnic 2024 - Pass the Pinot
20/04GEELONGMini Classic French Film Festival - Manon De Sources
20/04MELBOURNECheese & Wine Matching with Chef Sigrid
20/04MELBOURNECroquembouche Workshop
20/04MELBOURNEPRIVATE CELLAR YV Chardonnay Retrospective Dinner
20/04MELBOURNEThe Bubbles Festival
20/04NEWCASTLEPop, Bubble, Fizz! Champagne Sparkling Masterclass
20/04SYDNEYPeanut Butter Milk Chocolate Marcaron Class
20/04SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose Dinner & Show
20/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
20/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
21/04BRISBANELe Van du Livre
21/04MELBOURNEA High Tea in Paris
21/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
22/04DARWINTour - Remembering our ANZACs through the Territory History collection
22/04MELBOURNEFrench Storytime
22/04SUNSHINE COASTLe Van du Livre
23/04ADELAIDETrinquons en francais !
23/04BRISBANELe Van du Livre
23/04BRISBANEHigh Tea at Queensland Parliament House
23/04MELBOURNEFrench Film Screening: The Country Doctor
23/04MELBOURNEDinner with the Health Minister the Hon. Mary-Anne Thomas MP
23/04NEWCASTLEHistory Kids: Yvon’s Great Adventure
23/04SYDNEYTo Know What's There and How To Get There: Spanish Mapping of Empire
24/04BRISBANEFACCI QLD: Executive Women Series: Overcoming Challenges and Thriving in Diverse Industries
24/04BRISBANELe Van du Livre
24/04HERVEY BAY, QLDWorld Film: My Summer in Provence
24/04MELBOURNEBook Club: "Vivre Vite" Brigitte Giraud
25/04MELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup
25/04MELBOURNEJardin des Idées (Garden of Ideas) with Technical Philosopher @ibburckhardt
26/04BRISBANELe Van du Livre
26/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
27/04BRISBANELe Van du Livre
27/04CANBERRAMacaron Baking Class - Vegan and Gluten Free
27/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
27/04SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose Dinner & Show
28/04BRISBANEAn intro into clown - Finding the Fun
28/04CAIRNSUnseen Cinema - Coup de Chance
28/04PERTHChanel No. 5 Girls day out - Sip and Paint
28/04SYDNEYThe Patisserie High Tea
28/04SYDNEYLe Marché Willoughby


Comme toujours, si vous avez un événement que vous souhaiteriez voir figurer dans une prochaine édition du Que faire, envoyez-nous un courriel à matildamarseillaise (at) gmail.com avant la fin du mois précédant votre événement.


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