Alsace Fan Day 2022: where to celebrate the day in Australia this year  

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24 June is a busy day: it is both Quebec’s national day, also known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day and Alsace Fan Day and because it happens to be the 4th Friday in June it is also Rosé day this year. In this article though, we’re talking about Alsace Fan Day 2022 and where to celebrate it in Australia.

Alsace Fan Day 2022

The first Alsace Fan Day was held on 24 June 2018. It encourages Alsatians around the world and fans of Alsace and its culture to come together and celebrate Alsace. Over the last few years owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been fewer in person events but 2022 sees a return to in person gatherings.




Haig St Bistro & Lutèce Culinary Friends


Romain Bapst from Lutèce Culinary Friends has partnered up with Haig St bistro for an Alsace Fan Day eve lunch. The event will be recorded so you can be connected with Alsatians and their fans all around the world.

The lunch will see a marriage of wine and cuisine from the Alsatian region. Expect choucroute and Alsatian Riesling among other dishes and wines.

Reserve your place via this link:





A dinner will be held for Alsace Fan Day on Friday 24 June. Enjoy a multi-course dinner in celebration of the food of Alsace including flamenkuche and choucroute with Alsatian Riesling.

Book your place here.

Alsace Fan Day 2022

These are the only events we’re aware of for Alsace Fan Day 2022. If you know of any others, please let us know via email at matildamarseillaise (at)


Have you ever been to Strasbourg or visited the Alsace region? What do you remember most from there? Have you tried Alsatian wines or choucroute before?


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Alsace Fan Day in Australia: where to celebrate tomorrow

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In this article, we share how you can celebrate Alsace Fan Day in Australia tomorrow.

What is Alsace Fan Day?

Fans of Alsace come together all over the world on 24th June of each year to celebrate Alsace, its art de vivre and the talents of its inhabitants, its history and the beauty of the country, its symbols and its values.


In 2021, for the 4th year, there will be live crosses to Alsace Fan Day events across the world to connect all the Alsatians, of heart and of roots, during the whole day over the time zones.


Where to celebrate Alsace Fan Day in Australia?


Romain Bapst from Lutèce Culinary Friends is holding an Alsatian lunch and dinner at Moda Tapas Brasa Bar at the Barracks. On the menu: truffle baeckeoffe, trout mousseline and pinot gris choucroute as well as Belle Alsace vacherin ice cream cake. The menu will be accompanied by corresponding Alsatian wines. It costs $120 per person.

Book lunch here

Book dinner here

celebrate Alsace Fan Day in Australia


Bretzels and live cross from Luna Park

Due to the Melbourne restrictions, the dinner originally planned will not take place. However, Serge Thomann, delegate of the Union Internationale des Alsaciens has organised an event to celebrate Alsace Fan Day in Melbourne. He invites you to join other Alsatians in front of Luna Park in St Kilda for a live cross. Eat bretzels and celebrate Alsace!


A take-away Alsatian menu

Yolaine from Frenchilicious Kitchen proposes a 100% Alsatian menu for Alsace Fan Day!

Alsace Fan Day

On the à la carte menu is a chicken with a Riesling sauce with home-made spaetzle which is perfect to celebrate the day:



If there’s no official event in your city, you can still celebrate Alsace Fan Day in Australia at home. Buy some Alsatian pinot gris, riesling or Gewürztraminer. Cook up some Alsatian recipes like chouchoute, flammenkeuche, baeckeoffe, cordon bleu, vol-au-vent, spaetzle, fleischnacka or bretzel.


How will you celebrate Alsace Fan Day in Australia?


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