Bastille Day Festival 2021 will celebrate Bastille Day in Melbourne this weekend

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Head to Bastille Day Festival 2021 to celebrate France and the French national day at Federation Square in Melbourne this weekend.

Bastille Day Festival 2021

What you’ll find at Bastille Festival 2021?

  • French stalls selling mulled wine, crêpe, croissants, pastries, cheese and champagne just to name a few
  • ‘The Knot’ by French artist Cyril Lancelin at Fed Square
  • Live roaming entertainment including live music and performances
  • French Can Can performance on the Fed Square screen on Friday 16 July at 8pm
  • A series of online and screened digital content and films including the made-in Melbourne short documentary, Home Shift Home.

Bastille Day Festival 2021

  • A series of Les Lumières Talks: Bleu, Blanc, Rouge and Vert discussing history, art, culture and sustainability
  • The finest produce at Délicieux! A French Market Lunch or French Spirits & Cheese Masterclass.
  • A live French Trivia session.
  • Bouygues Art Frolic Walking Tour to discover the hidden elements of France in the streets of Melbourne; and
  • eMotion, an international travelling art exhibition, at Melbourne Town Hall, celebrating new technologies, the work of four young international photographers, and cultural sites throughout France.

Bastille Day Festival 2021





Les Lumières Blanc – A Revolution in Painting – The French Impressionists

Dr Ted Gott will discuss the role of the key painters who initiated an artistic revolution in the history of painting with impressionism.

$10 + GST + booking fee


Les Lumières Vert: Can we achieve net zero carbon emission without decline?

A panel talk which will debate whether the historical relationship between GDP and environmental impact can be weakened and effectively severed.

$15 + GST + booking fee



Bouygues Art Frolic Walking Tours



Head off for walking tour with a French speaking guide around French cultural works and locations in Melbourne ending with mulled wine!

$20 + GST and booking fee


Délicieux! A French Market Lunch

A bespoke tour of the French market goods while sipping on a glass of pinot cuvée by Champagne Philippe Fourrier followed by a long banquet table lunch.

$120 + GST and booking fee


Les Lumières Rouge: The French Revolution and its relevance to today

A world authority on the French Revolution and nineteenth-century France, Prof Peter McPhee will explore how the Revolution is still relevant today. What really happened and how has the revolution affected modern society?

Bastille Day Festival 2021

Les Lumières Bleu: Demystifying the French cliché

Three French expats, Véronique Duché (Professor of French, University of Melbourne), Anne-Sophie Pink (Head Education AFM) and Cécile Plaa (Coordinator Education AFM), and an Anthropologist, Tom McNamara (LaTrobe University), will explore the most common French clichés and their impact.

$10 + GST and booking fee


The Art Embroidery Revolution with French couturier, Delphine Genin

French-Australian couture designer Delphine Genin, who trained in Paris at the exclusive, CHANEL-owned Ecole Lesage, will be hosting a virtual event to share the story behind the label and reveal her thinking process when designing new pieces.

$40 + GST and booking fee


French Trivia

2 x 20 minute rounds of French trivia with prizes from French Beauty Co, BIODERMA, Franck-Provost, DELSEY and more.

$20 + GST and booking fee


French Spirits and Cheese – A Tasting Masterclass by Spirits of France

Join Spirits of France’s Valerie Blayac on a delicious tour of French spirits and aperitifs paired with delicious cheeses. You will enjoy 6 Drinks from Armagnac, Cognac, Calvados, and their Mistelles.

$85 + GST and booking fee


You can also join in the festivities at home.

THURSDAY 15 JULY: Caudalie. A Guided Online Wine Tasting you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

  • Gabriel Gâté as MC with panellists:
  • Maxime Chapoutier from Maison M. Chapoutier
  • Ben Portet from Dominique Portet Winery
  • Jacqueline Dutton, University of Melbourne

$18.41 to $64.61 (price varies depending on if you choose the wine box or not)


WHAT: Bastille Day Festival 2021

WHEN: Friday 16 July 10am – 10pm & Saturday 17 July 10am – 6pm

WHERE: The Atrium and Plaza at Federation Square, Melbourne

HOW: No tickets required to attend the festival generally.
Purchase tickets to the masterclasses via the links in this article

HOW MUCH: Free entry to Bastille Day Festival but masterclasses and events cost extra



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If you’re heading to Fed Square, you may also like to check out these exhibitions currently on at the NGV:

She-oak and sunlight: Australian impressionism exhibition at the NGV til August

Camille Henrot: is Today Tomorrow is currently showing at NGV

French Impressionism: From the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston opens in Melbourne



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Drinks for Bastille Day 2021

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We asked French wine and spirits importers to recommend drinks for Bastille Day 2021. From champagnes to Absinthe and a few others in between, read on to find out what they recommend.

Drinks for Bastille Day 2021

Airoldi Fine Wines 

Daniel Airoldi from Airoldi Fine Wines give us his drinks recommendation for Bastille Day 2021.


drinks for Bastille Day 2021What wine do you recommend to celebrate Bastille Day 2021 and why?

Being from the Bordeaux region, for special occasions I always look for a good wine from the Medoc!


The St-Julien de Château Teynac 2016 is a wine with plenty of power but also elegance and finesse.


What would you serve with this wine?

Entrecote grilled on vine shoots with a Bordelaise sauce and marrow.


Mind Spirits & Co 

Mikael Gillard suggests Génépi l’ancienne to drink for Bastille Day 2021.


boissons pour la fête nationale 2021 /drinks for Bastille Day 2021Génépi L’Ancienne has been made in Chambéry for over a hundred years, according to the recipe of Philibert Routin.


Génépi, an alpine plant with a unique taste

Génépi liqueur is obtained from the best known aromatic plant of the Alps, the génépi, belonging to the sagebrush family and growing in the Alps. Commonly called “Génépi”, this liqueur has become, with the development of tourism and winter sports, emblematic of the French Alps.


An exclusive maceration and distillation process

Created in 1893, Génépi l’Ancienne is the fruit of the Distillery’s century-old know-how. A careful selection of the genépi sprigs, as well as a perfect control of the distillation and maceration times, allow the intense and subtle flavours of the plant to be exalted, without bitterness.


Popsy & JJ 

SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a 20% discount on Popsy & JJ’s French wines when you use the code VIVELAFRANCE until Sunday 18th July at midnight.

We asked Popsy and JJ to recommend a wine for Bastille Day.


In celebration of Bastille Day why not have a prestigious artisan Champagne? 

The Charles Mignon Premium Reserve Brut Champagne NV.


boissons pour la fête nationale 2021This is a super prestigious Champagne that has been given top honours among the upper most echelon of Champagne Houses! It is also a truly artisan house, now overseen by the current generation of the Mignon family, Guillaume and Manon, who as kids ran through the vineyards and played hide and seek in the cellars. That’s if you can find it! It is very limited and is available exclusively in Australia via Popsy & JJ.


So, what’s in the bottle? Immediately on pouring it you notice the incredibly fine bead which leads to a luxuriously creamy mouth feel. On the nose is apple, pear and a hint of stone fruit. On the palate is another blast of pear, some citrus notes and a trace of brioche. The acid leads to a fantastic burst but is kept in check by the perfect balance of sweetness and fine bead.


It is a super finessey style only the finest Champagne Houses seem to be able to muster. Nothing in your face about this. We tasted dozens and dozens of Champagnes and although we wanted to bring you back a couple, the Charles Mignon was just such a standout that it was all we needed! Don’t miss out on this rare glimpse into the artisan, historic world of French Champagne.


What would you serve with this wine?

There is nothing in this world like freshly shucked oysters and Champagne! If you can get your hands on some Tetsuya dressing it will make the oysters pop!!


Single Vineyards Sellers 

Annie Gasparre from Single Vineyards Sellers gives us her recommendation of drinks for Bastille Day 2021.


boissons pour la fête nationale 2021 / drinks for Bastille Day 2021

Which wine do you recommend to celebrate Bastille Day and why?

Jacquart Mosaique Brut NV as it is a celebration and nothing is better than champagne!


What would you serve with this wine? 



Spirits of France 

Manu from Cerbao and Spirits of France recommends Absinthe as a drink for Bastille Day 2021.


drinks for Bastille Day 2021The 14th July is the French national day since the storming of the Bastille in 1789. The liberation of this prison is a symbol of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. These values have become the motto of the French Republic. To honour this event which led to the writing of the Declaration of Human Rights, I suggest you choose a spirit that speaks to you, from a region you are close to. For me, it will be an Absinthe, a spirit that represents the joy and art of living a la française!


I am particularly fond of the Emile Pernot selection.


What would you serve with this drink for Bastille Day 2021?

An Absinthe needs nothing more than a little water (5 to 1 ratio) and good company!

It is drunk as an aperitif, before dinner.


What will you drink to celebrate Bastille Day 2021?


To discover Bastille Day events around Australia, read this article.



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