Alsace Fan Day 2022: where to celebrate the day in Australia this year  

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24 June is a busy day: it is both Quebec’s national day, also known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day and Alsace Fan Day and because it happens to be the 4th Friday in June it is also Rosé day this year. In this article though, we’re talking about Alsace Fan Day 2022 and where to celebrate it in Australia.

Alsace Fan Day 2022

The first Alsace Fan Day was held on 24 June 2018. It encourages Alsatians around the world and fans of Alsace and its culture to come together and celebrate Alsace. Over the last few years owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been fewer in person events but 2022 sees a return to in person gatherings.




Haig St Bistro & Lutèce Culinary Friends


Romain Bapst from Lutèce Culinary Friends has partnered up with Haig St bistro for an Alsace Fan Day eve lunch. The event will be recorded so you can be connected with Alsatians and their fans all around the world.

The lunch will see a marriage of wine and cuisine from the Alsatian region. Expect choucroute and Alsatian Riesling among other dishes and wines.

Reserve your place via this link:





A dinner will be held for Alsace Fan Day on Friday 24 June. Enjoy a multi-course dinner in celebration of the food of Alsace including flamenkuche and choucroute with Alsatian Riesling.

Book your place here.

Alsace Fan Day 2022

These are the only events we’re aware of for Alsace Fan Day 2022. If you know of any others, please let us know via email at matildamarseillaise (at)


Have you ever been to Strasbourg or visited the Alsace region? What do you remember most from there? Have you tried Alsatian wines or choucroute before?


For other events happening this month, check out our What’s on in June


Where to buy the Galette des Rois 2022 in Australia?

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You’ve been asking and reading our previous year articles in anticipation so we’re answering you now with where in Australia you can buy the Galette des Rois 2022. Find out where you can buy the Galette des Rois near you.

We’ll give you some more information about the Galette des Rois in a separate article on Sunday when it will be celebrated in France. 

Where to find the Galette des Rois in…




Gold Coast




Sunshine Coast



Where to find the Galette des Rois 2022 in Adelaide


Galette des Rois - Les Deux Coqs AdelaideLes Deux Coqs will have two different galette des rois available from 6 January 2022:  

  • traditional: with the frangipane filling
  • raspberry: with a raspberry and frangipane jam filling

These galettes des rois serve 6-8 people and cost $49.

Pre-orders online are preferred and can be done via their website 

Les Deux Coqs’ Galette des Rois will contain a fève and will come with a crown. 


Galette des Rois - ADELAIDE - Mulot's

Mulot’s makes the Galette des Rois to order all year round!

It is in the traditional frangipane and contains a fève and is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 inch for $21 to 11 inch for $52.

Orders can be made with 48 hours notice by telephone on (08) 8272 6499 or in store.


Where to find the Galette des Rois 2022 in Brisbane


Galette des Rois 2022 sur BrisbanePétula from Les Galettes de Pétu will be selling her galette des Rois during each weekend of January 2022.


Available in a single size of 24cm, to serve 6 people, the galettes des rois come with a special bag, a fève (given separately, not baked into the galette) and a crown!


Orders can be made via this link until 28 January 2022. Delivery is available for $5 within 10km of Brisbane City.


Le Caprice

We haven’t been able to confirm availability for 2022 but Le Caprice normally makes the Galette des Rois each January.


Galette des Rois MICAMICA Brasserie – Newstead will have the Galette des Rois 2022 available from 6 to 9 January. Their galettes are with the traditional filling are 24cm in diameter and serves 8. They cost $50.

While some will be available in store each day, to ensure you don’t miss out, they recommend that you pre-order your Galette des Rois from Brisbane’s Mica Brasserie via this link

PLEASE NOTE: Their fèves are yet to clear customs, should they not arrive in time, your galette will instead be baked with an embedded gold coin.


Where to find the Galette des Rois 2022 in Cairns

Alliance Française de Cairns – 9 January

Join the Alliance Française de Cairns to celebrate the La Galette des Rois with tea and coffee.  Bring some board games and play along. 

Tickets are $10 which include a slice of Galette des Rois, a tea or coffee and a chance to be the king or queen!


Where to find the Galette des Rois 2022 on the Gold Coast


Aux Fines Bouches - Gold Coast Galette des Rois Aux Fines Bouches will have traditional frangipane Galette des Rois available at their Gold Coast store from 6 to 9 January. They serve 6-8 people and come with the fève crown.


Pre-orders are required. To secure your Galette des Rois, call in store 07 5522 0323, email [email protected] or pm via Instagram and Facebook. 


My French Pastries Galette des Rois 2022My French Pastries is currently taking pre-orders for its traditional frangipane Galette des Rois. They will be available from 6 January until the end of January.

It is available in two sizes:

  • 4-6 serves $45
  • 8-10 serves $55.



Where to find the Galette des Rois 2022 in Hobart


Jean-Pascal Patisserie will be making the Galette des Rois 2022 which will come with a fève and a crown. It will serve 8 people.  You can order your Galette des Rois by telephone on 03-6228 4040


Where to find the Galette des Rois 2022 in Melbourne


Galette des Rois 2022 Pierrick BoyerCafé Reverie by Pierrick Boyer is making a Galette des Rois filled with fresh apple compote & almond cream.

It serves 6-8 people and costs $38.

The Fève is a ceramic disc, and a crown is provided.

Order now for pick-up only from 7-26 JAN 2022


Choukette Fine Pastries will be making the traditional Galette des Rois with porcelain fèves. It will be available in 3 different sizes:

  • 4 people 27$
  • 6 people $33
  • 8 people $38

Orders are available any time.


Galette des Rois Frenchilicious Kitchen MelbourneFrenchilicious Kitchen‘s Galette des Rois is available in the traditional almond frangipane filling. It contains a ceramic fève but this can be removed and replaced with an almond or nothing at all. These galette des rois are available in 2 sizes:

  • 4-6 serves for $38; and
  • 8-10 serves for $48

They are only available during a short window from 3 to 7 January with the possibility of a further period from 25 to 31 January.

Orders can be placed via the website (with the requested date for pick up in the comment section). Please allow 3 days notice. Pick up in Carnegie.


Galette des Rois Melbourne

Noisette‘s Galettes Des Rois are back in store from 6th -9th of January. Perfect puff pastry filled with a delicious frangipane almond cream!

Available for pre order now by calling your local store – Port Melbourne 9646 9555 or Bentleigh 9557 7110.


Where to find the Galette des Rois 2022 in Perth


Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie will have the three sizes of Galette des Rois from the 12th until the end of January.


Fantaizicake Galette des RoisSarah Valette Cake Artist (previously Fantaizicake) will make the traditional Galette des Rois with French puff pastry. All going well, there should be special “Heart of Amethyst” Fèves 2022 (“Cœur d’Amethiste”).

The Galette des Rois 2022 is available in 2 different sizes:

  • 20cm 6 serves $35
  • 30cm 10-12 serves $50

Only available via pre-order. Collection in Stirling 6021 or Uber delivery can be organised by the customer. Place your order via message to her Facebook page or by text message to 0476 792 043.


French Sweet will be making the Galette des Rois from the first week of January but details are not available at the time of publishing.


Layers Galette des Rois 2022 PerthLayers Bakery will have a a classic almond frangipane galette des rois 2022 served with a French fève and a crown. It will be available in one size of 6-10 servings for $36.


The Galette des Rois 2022 will be available for all of January but only on special order. They ask their customers order at least 3 days in advance. They can place orders at the bakery or via Facebook or Instagram or email: [email protected]


Maison Saint Honoré will very likely be selling the Galette des Rois in 2022 but at the time of publishing no further information is known.


W.H.I.P Patisserie Galette des Rois 2022W.H.I.P Patisserie will be making traditional almond frangipane puff pastry Galette des Rois 2022.

They will be available in 2 sizes: 

  • individual, about 10cm, $8 from their market stall; and
  • a larger size, approx 25cm, $45, only available via pre-order with 2 days’ notice.

As they will be on leave, their Galette des Rois won’t be available until 20 January onwards.

Pre-orders can be made via email [email protected] or via their website:


Where to find the Galette des Rois 2022 on the Sunshine Coast


La Maison du Patissier

La Maison du Pâtissier Eric and Francoise’s galette des rois will be available from February 2022.

It will be in the traditional frangipane filling, in a 10” size and will cost $52.


Where to find the Galette des Rois 2022 in Sydney


Flo Viennoiserie Galette des Rois SydneyFlo Viennoiserie will be making its Galette des Rois 2022 in 3 different flavours:

  • traditional frangipane;
  • chocolate frangipane; and 
  • the pistachio frangipane with fresh Raspberries.

They serve 6 people and cost 35$. They come with a gold crown and fèves from the new collection of jungle animals.

The Flo Viennoiserie Galette des Rois is available from 5 January only via pre-order. Pick up available from Rosebery only on order and delivery 8km around.


French Cakes Sydney proposes 3 different Galette des Rois 2022:

  • Traditional: puff pastry pie filled with almond cream $42
  • Chocolate: puff pastry pie filled with chocolate $42
  • Sheherazade Galette: combining the traditional puff pastry pie, almond cream, with a Sheherazade twist of rose flavour and lychee $48

All 3 galettes each serve 6-8 people. They can be ordered onlineFrench Cakes Sydney is on leave and will be back on 4 January so you can have your Galette des Rois after then. 


La Renaissance La Renaissance will make the traditional Galette des Rois with puff pastry and frangipane. It will contain a traditional fully baked porcelain figurine fève and will come with a crown.

It is available in two sizes:

  • Small to serve 6: $38
  • Medium to serve 8: $48

Their Galette des Rois 2022 are available from Monday 6th December until mid-January. Pre-orders are strongly recommend as their galettes sell out each year. Pre-order yours via this link 



Le Breton makes its traditional Galette des Rois from 100% Butter pate feuilletée and filled with frangipane almond cream.

They are available in two sizes: Le Breton Galette des Rois Sydney

  • Medium 6 people $38.00; 
  • Large 8-10 peoples $48.00

The fèves are extra special this year, being 24 carats gold!  The Feve & crown are included in the Galette des Rois 2022 prices. 

Orders are already open for Le Breton’s Galette des Rois 2022 and they are available now. Order via  email [email protected], telephone (02) 9969 9654 or via Facebook.


Le Petit Saigon Le Petit Saigon at Rhodes Shopping Centre will have Galette des Rois available in two sizes:

  • medium $46; and
  • large$55

They come with a gold bean as a fève and a crown is provided.

Pre-order your Galete des Rois 2-3 days in advance.


Galette des Rois Madame & YvesMadame & Yves has a traditional frangipane Galette des Rois as well as a Raspberry Almond one. There is also the possibility of a limited number of  Yuzu. It is available in two sizes:

  • 6 serves $36; and
  • 10 serves $46. 

Madame & Yves’s galette des rois 2022 will come with fèves from the eclairs collection. 

Pre-orders can be made in store, by telephone 0279008498 or online


Mimi's Pastry SydneyMimi’s Pastry is making a Galette des Rois in the traditional frangipane to serve 8 people. It’s 24cm and costs $45. It contains a fève and comes with a crown.


Pre-orders can me made via the website – Free delivery only Sat 8th, whole month of january Friday, Saturday and Sunday until feves run out. Pick up from various locations.


Note: it is a limited number as Mimi’s Pastry produces small batches. It may be sold out before the end of January. Order 3 days before are preferable.


Le Marais 2022 SydneyPatisserie Le Marais will have its traditional frangipane Galette des Rois available in two sizes throughout January:

  • individual $6.50
  • 6-8 people $46

The fèves are provided but not inserted into the galette and they come with a crown.

Order 2 days in advance via text or by phone on 0406 027 194.


Tonton Bread is making its Galette des Rois in two flavours:

  • Grand marnier Traditional frangipane 35$
  • Limited edition Coconut and Cherry Black Galette  (activated carbon puff pastry) 40$.

Tonton Bread SydneyThey come with fèves and a crown like in France.


You can order at Tonton Bread’s shop in Surry Hills, or online Delivery is available within 5km of the shop. Their Galette des Rois will be available from today December until late January ( note they are closed on the 1, 2 and 3 January).


Victoire Boulangerie is making the traditional frangipane galette. It has the traditional porcelain fève and a cardboard crown.


It is available in the following sizes:

  • Small 2-4 people $15
  • Medium 4-6 people $30
  • Large 6-10 people $50


They make 2 large, 6 medium and 4 small every day that they are open (they’re closed Mondays) through all of January (none in February or only orders). 2 days notice are needed for orders. 


Will you join the Galette des Rois tradition in 2022? Do you know who you will pick as your King or Queen?



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