Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit – 37 producers with French links to check out this weekend

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Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit is on this weekend and there are plenty of SA producers with French links to check out. Whether it be French winemaking experience to the less commonly seen French wine varietals or spirits in their range, or even an Aussie wine that won an award in France, we let you know about the French links among the producers who will be exhibiting their wines and spirits at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit.

Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit

Producers at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit with French winemaking experience


Bellevue Estate 

Corey Vandeleur worked at three Chateaus in Bordeaux for the Despagne family.


Brothers at War

Sam Wardlaw is in production and is married to Alexandra, a French winemaker from Champagne, who he met working at Kirrihill.


Dowie Doole

Chief Winemaker and Managing Director, Chris Thomas has worked for top wineries in Burgundy, France. They produce a less common French varietal, Chenin Blanc.


Grounded Cru 

Winemaker Matt ‘Jacko’ Jackman has vintage experience in Burgundy. They make a Grenache rosé


Hemera Estate

Winemaker Jason Barrette has over 30 vintages of premium winemaking experience around the world including in France. They also make a Grenache Rosé


Koonara Wines 

Winemaker, Peter Douglas, former head Winemaker at Wynns in Coonawarra for 15 years, spent vintages in Bordeaux with ‘Chateau Leoville Barton’,


Rollick Wines

Jack is the co-founder and winemaker for Rollick Wines. He has more than 12+ years winemaking experience across Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy. He has also completed vintages at Paul Jaboulet Aine. Tash is the co-founder and creative brains behind Rollick Wines. She has lived in France.


Saint and Scholar

Winemaker Reid Bosward has a career spanning over 25 years, 30 harvests, and several cork pops, Reid has worked across multiple vintages around the world, including the Lurton family in Bordeaux, as well as Miervois…



David Bowley, founder, has trained in both Australia and France. 

They also produce a rarely seen style in Australia: Sauvignon Fumé Blanc


Producers at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit who were awarded in France

Eldredge Vineyards 

Awarded a Silver at the International Malbec Competition in France in 2017, the only Australian Malbec to place.


Producers of French inspired spirits 


Applewood Distillery

Unico Mando: a mandarin liqueur


Imperial Measures

Mandeaux Liqueur – French style made from Imperial Mandarins

Cerise Liqueur


Storytellers Distillery

Grenache Sour Gin – a gin made with French wine varietal Grenache


Threefold Distilling

GSM (gin shiraz and Mourvèdre) A gin made with French wine varietals


23rd Street Distillery 



Producers of less common French varietals at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit



Dowie Doole

Chenin Blanc


Schwarz Wine Co

Chenin Blanc




Atze’s Corner Wines



Spook Hill Wines


Mourvèdre and Durif blend


Starrs Reach Vineyard 

Mataro Durif




Greenock Estate Wines



Gumpara Wines





Bec Hardy Wines 



Soul Growers





Mr Murphy Wine Co.

The only exhibitor with Pet Nats:






Chateau Yaldara

Petit Verdot Sparkling


Rymill Coonawarra

Petit verdot


Spook Hill Wines

Petit verdot


Whistling Kite Biodynamic wines

Petit verdot

Sparkling petit verdot




Lloyd Brothers


Picpoul Prosecco


Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit




Grounded Cru

Grenache rosé (also listed above for French experience)


Hemera Estate

Grenache Rosé (also listed above for French experience)


Lévrier Estate Jo Irvine

Lévrier is French for greyhound

Cabernet Franc Rosé 


Lost Buoy Wines 

Grenache Rosé



Barley Stacks Wines 

Sparkling viognier


Claymore Wines 



Mr. Riggs Wine Co. 



Rollick Wines (also listed above for French experience)



Rusty Mutt Wines 



Whistling Kite Biodynamic wines

Biodynamic viognier


Producers who sell French product at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit 


Lindsay Wine Estate sells Beau Joie champagnes




Organic Hill sells organic Cognac



WHAT: Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit

WHEN: Three sessions to choose from:

  • Friday Night Knock Offs: 5pm to 9 pm, Friday 8 July
  • Saturday 12pm – 4pm
  • Saturday 5pm – 9pm.

WHERE: Adelaide Convention Centre

HOW: Purchase your tickets via their website: https://cellardoorfestival.com/


Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Friday general admission $31.76
  • Friday night knock offs: entry for 2 people plus a bottle of Dowie Doole wine $77.75
  • Saturday (either session) general admission $41.98

There are discounts available for groups of 10 or more for each session


Which producers would you like to visit at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit?


For other events with a French link happening this month, check out our What’s on in July



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Pinot Grigio Day 2022: 13 Facts about Pinot Gris

Reading Time: 5 minutes

While today may be Pinot Grigio Day 2022, we’re celebrating the French wines made from the same grape, by their French name Pinot Gris. Discover 13 facts about Pinot Gris as well as a recommendation from a French wine importer.

Pinot Grigio Day 2022- French wine varietal days


  1. Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio?
    Pinot Gris is the French name for what is also known as Pinot Grigio by their Italian neighbours. They are the same grape. It’s also known by several other names.


Pinot Grigio Day 2022
Pinot Gris Synonyms


  1. Origins
    We know that Pinot Gris originated in France. It is widely accepted that it originated in Burgundy, yet some still say it was in Alsace (confusion perhaps because of its abundance there today). Cuttings were transported to Switzerland in the 1300s and onto Northern Italy where it was named Pinot Grigio.


  1. A happy accident
    Pinot Gris is believed to be a mutation of Pinot Noir! A grape’s colour comes from, among other things, its number of active anthocyanins. Pinot Noir, the original grape has the largest number. On the other end of the scale is another genetic mutation, Pinot Blanc which has inactive anthocyanin. Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio are in the middle with less active anthocyanin than Pinot Noir but more than Pinot Gris.


  1. Pinot Gris grapes
    Gris means grey in French and is a reference to the colour of the grapes which can be grayish-blue. That said, the grapes can also have a brownish pink to black and even white appearance. It grows in small pinecone shaped clusters.

  1. Same grape, different wines
    Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are the same grape but their wines are quite different in style. Pinot Gris tends to be sweeter or richer than the Italian Pinot Grigios which are drier and lighter bodied. Alsace Pinot Gris is known for its strong flavours and high alcohol content. The warm soils combined with the cooler climate of Alsace allow grapes to stay on the vines longer which leads to an increase in flavour and sugar development. French Pinot Gris also tend to be oilier than Italian Pinot Grigios. Flavours found in Alsatian Pinot Gris include apple, honey, white flower, mushroom and exotic spice.


  1. Particular wines
    Pinot Gris is the only grape variety authorised to make a Reuilly rosé obtained through pellicular maceration. But it is also the grape variety of the Coteaux d’Ancennis appellation, where it is known as malvoisie.

  1. A dessert wine
    Pinot Gris is also used to create late-harvest dessert wines.


  1. Parenthood
    Pinot Gris is also a parent. In Romania, Pinot Gris was crossed with Feteasca Regala to create a grape called Astra and with Grasa de Cotnari to create Columna. In Greece, it was crossed with Teinturier to create Deckrot.In Germany, it was crossed with Silvaner Gruen to create Freisamer. In Hungary, it was crossed with Pozsonyi to create Gesztus; and with Koevidinka to create Karat. Nosztori Rizling was created by crossing Welschriesling with Pinot Gris.


  1. Pinot Gris in France
    It may have originated in Burgundy, but you’d be hard pressed (pun intended) to find any Pinot Grigio there now. Today, Pinot Grigio is largely found in Alsace but is also cultivated in the Loire Valley.


  1. The largest plantings of pinot gris are not in France
    but in Germany, where at the last census, 5042 hectares were planted there compared with 2582 hectares in France.


  1. Australia and New Zealand each have almost as much area cultivated by Pinot Grigio as France. Australia had 2836 hectares and New Zealand 2488 hectares.


  1. Pinot Gris around the world
    Apart from its homeland France, its adopted land of Italy, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, pinot gris is also cultivated in Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Moldova, Romania, South Africa, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States.


  1. Pinot Grigio Day
    It’s been observed annually on 17th May since 2009. Share your pinot gris or pinot grigio on social media with the following hashtags #nationalpinotgrigioday #pinotgrigioday Feel free to also tag us @matildamarseillaise_en on Instagram or @matildamarseillaise on Facebook so we can see what you’re drinking.



Pierre Stock of Pierre Stock Wine Selections recommends 2019 Domaine des Pothiers Hors Piste.

Why do you recommend this Pinot Gris?

Most of the pinot gris are made in Alsace, this is one is made in Loire Valley in the Cote Roannaise to be exact on granitic soil.

Manual harvest and organic vinification, Hors Piste is aged in 500 litre barrels and can be cellared for 10 years.


How is this French Pinot Gris different to Italian Pinot Grigios?

This is a total different style than the Italian one, much textural and oily


What would you pair it with?

Fish or chicken with creamy sauce.


Can this Pinot Gris be aged?

Yes, for 10 years.


Happy Pinot Grigio Day 2022! Do you prefer French Pinot Gris or Italian Pinot Grigio?



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