It’s time for the Bûche de Noël 2021

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You’ve been asking where you can purchase a Bûche de Noël 2021. This article gives you the answer!


The Bûche de Noël is a traditional French Christmas cake served at the end of the Christmas meal that resembles a log. 


It is traditionally a sponge cake that is rolled and filled and iced with chocolate buttercream. However, patissiers now create Bûche de Noël  in many different flavour combinations.


The Bûche is then decorated with powdered sugar, to represent snow, and little berries, mushrooms (to represent things found in the forest) usually made of meringue or marzipan.



Bûche means log in French (and Noël is Christmas) and the cake symbolises the log that in previous times were burned in the fireplace during the Christmas period (remember it’s cold in Europe this time of year). 

There are various theories about why the logs were burned varying from that they were to ward off bad luck and darkness or to ensure a good harvest. Beliefs included that ash from the log protected against lightning strikes, and coals from the burned log were used throughout the year in various medicinal potions.


As houses moved away from hearths towards more modern ovens for cooking, the log moved from something that was burned to something that was confectioned and savoured instead. A far more accessible and yummier Christmas tradition! 


Read on to find out which French patisseries are making the Bûche de Noël in 2021. 





Les Deux Coqs

Les Deux Coqs has 2 flavours for its Bûche de Noel 2021:

  • traditional “Bûche de Noel”, made with crème brulée filling, Chocolate génoise & Caramel Mousse
  • inspired from the best seller lemon meringue tart. It is made with Lemon Mousse, Raspberry coulis, génoise base & generous Meringue.


It is available in one size which serves 8-10 people and costs $59.


Orders can be made via this link.


The bûches de noël will be available from 9 December.   


Mulot’s Pâtisserie

Mulot’s Bûche de Noël 2021 is available in several flavours: coffee, hazelnut, chestnut, chocolate, Cointreau, grand marnier.


Sold by weight at $80per kilo. 


Sunday 19th of December is the last day to order for Christmas Eve collection. 


Sucre Patisserie

Sucre Patisserie has two different Bûches.

In the woods

Chuncho (from Peru) dark chocolate mousse, with sour cherries, vanilla crème, chocolate brownie, encased in a crisp dark chocolate shell. Dusted wit cocoa powder, chocolate amanita muscaria (mushrooms) & holly.

Coconut, Lime & Lemongrass

Lime & coconut pavlova rolled with lemongrass mousse, finished with fresh vanilla Chantilly cream, decorated with edible cornflower & calendula flower petals, candied lime zest & gold leaf.


Both Bûches de Noël serve 8- 12 people. They need to be pre ordered and are only available on the 23rd& 24th December, cut off date to order will be the 21st December.





Chouquette is offering the Bûche de Noël 2021 in three flavours each of which serves 6 people. 



The Rustic Bûche

Génoise sponge with lemon curd and hazelnut praline buttercream, rolled in chopped hazelnuts. 





The Fruity Bûche (Gluten Free)

Pistachio dacquoise, white chocolate rice crisp layer, raspberry coulis core and vanilla cheesecake mousse with mirror glaze finish. 



The Chocolate Bûche

Dark chocolate & orange rice crisp base, ginger sponge layer and chocolate-orange mousse with mirror glaze finish.


Pre-ordering is essential as the Bûche are only made to order and are not sold in the shop window! The Bûche will be for pick up on Christmas Eve (Friday 24th December) or for a prearranged date in December. 


Pre-orders are open now and close on Sunday 19th December. Orders are strictly limited and the Bûche may sell out prior to orders closing on 19th Dec. 




Jean Pascal Pâtisserie

Jean-Pascal Patisserie has a few flavours for the Bûche de Noël 2021:

  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • as well as a more exotic flavour to be announced soon.


The Bûche de Noël 2021 will be available for the 7 days leading up to Christmas. 

Order yours now on (03) 6228 4040.







Their Bûche de Noël 2021 is available in 3 flavours:

  • Chocolate (butter cream)
  • Praline (Butter cream)
  • Cherry (Cherry mousse, pistachio crémeux, almond biscuit)



And in 3 sizes:

  • Individual ($7.90)
  • 6 people ($36)
  • 10 people ($54)


Pre-orders with 1 week’s notice are preferable.




Gateaux by Marc Frissard

Three different Bûche de Noël 2021 available. Order them in store or by telephone on 9521977.


Millstone Patisserie

Millstone’s Bûche de Noël 2021 comes in one size: 13 inch (10 serves ). It is comprised of chocolate sponge, chestnut & vanilla mascarpone cream, sour cherries. It is available in a 13 inch size which serves 10 people and costs $110


Millstone will be open until the 24th of December with a daily selection of Christmas goodies, pastries and other delicious products.

Pre-order by 17 December via the website


Mosaic Pâtisserie

The Bûche de Noël 2021 from Mosaic Patisserie is comprised of almond Sponge, caramelised peanut butter mousse, butter scotch caramel & milk chocolate mousse topped with crunchy peanuts

It serves 6 to 8 persons but is also available in individual sizes.

Pre-order yours quickly because they will only make a limited number.

To order, please click this Ordermentum platform link , send them an email at [email protected] or call them on 0395873007. For next day delivery the cut off for next day delivery is 1pm Monday to Friday.


Pierrick Boyer

Buche de Noel 2021The Bûche de Noël 2021 is available in two sizes: individual ($9.50), and medium, which can serve 8-10 people ($58)

It is available in 2 versions.


Xmas Yule Log 

Chocolate and coffee sponge, coffee syrup, vanilla mascarpone cream and speculaas crumble (NF).


Reverie Christmas cake

Coconut sponge, mixed berry confit, Pistachio crémeux, White chocolate mousse, Raspberry / Pistachio Chantilly.


Pierrick Boyer’s bûches de noël 2021 are available until 30th December.




Sucre du Jour

The bûche de noël 2021 from Sucre du jour is available in two flavours to serve up to 10 people:


  • Arabica – Mocha and Caramel ( Nut-Free )
  • White Christmas – Coconut and Mandarin




Their bûches de noël cost $78.

They will be available until 17th December, only via pre-order with at least 1 day’s notice. You can pre-order online, via Instagram messaging or by phone call. .





Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie

There are 5 flavours available for their bûches de noël in 2021:

  • Praline
  • Chocolate/Grand Marnier
  • Chestnut
  • Kirsch
  • Chocolate 

They are available in 3 sizes: 12cm 21cm and 27cm


Available from 17th December. Pre-ordering is recommended and can be done via their website


French Sweet

The details for French Sweet’s Bûche de Noël 2021 aren’t ready at the time of publishing but they will be doing one.


Père Bakery

They are selling a Bûche de Noël for $56. It is chocolate sponge filled with chocolate custard and raspberries. 


They ask that you order in store, or phone 92934345 or email [email protected]



Wild Bakery

Wild Bakery have a gluten free, chocolate, cherry and mascarpone Bûche de Noël 2021 available now for $59, orders on website till sold out.




La Maison du Pâtissier Éric et Françoise

 The Bûche de Noël 2021 comes in two different flavours: 

  • Chocolate Bûche, with a rich chocolate flavour that reminds Éric et Françoise of a white Christmas back home 
  • Gluten free mango, coconut and passionfruit Bûche, inspired by a Sunshine Coast summer 

Buche de Noel 2021

Direct message them to pre-order for Christmas 




Flo Viennoiserie

This year, they have 5 Bûches de Noël, in a single size to serve 6- 8 people.

  • Traditional coffee: made with a rolled sponge soak with coffee espresso, buttery coffee cream and a chocolate ganache to balance the coffee.
  • Chocolate: A dark 55% Belgian chocolate mousse, a vanilla from Madagascar cream brulée, a layer of crunchy hazelnut praline and 2 almond dacquoise biscuit.
  • Coco/Mango: A coconut mousse, mango and Passion fruit cream in the middle and 2 layer of coconut Dacquoise biscuit.
  • Mont Blanc: chestnut mousse, vanilla mascarpone chantilly, hazelnut dacquoise biscuit
  • Mille-feuille: Made with 3 layer of caramelised puff pastry and a light buttery vanilla cream with a lot of fresh fruit on top.

Buche de Noel 2021

Their bûches are only available for pre-order for collection from 18 to 25 December via their website.


Ganache Patisserie

Ganache Patisserie’s Bûche de Noël 2021 come in 3 flavours and 2 sizes:

  • Small (serves 6-8)
  • Large (serves 8-10)

They are open daily from 7 December until Christmas.


Le Breton

There are 5 flavours to choose from:

  • Chocolat moelleux Ganache grand marnier  , 
  • Chocolat Ganache fresh Raspberries cream center , 
  • Coffee Moka , 
  • Hazelnut , 
  • Black forest

You can pre order the Bûche de Noël now for collection on Christmas Eve. It is available in 3 sizes: 

  • Small 6 personnes $35.00 
  • moyenne 10 personnes $51.00 
  • Large 16 personnes $60.00 


Madame & Yves

Madame & Yves have two Bûches de Noël 2021:


Chocolate Caramel Bûche de Noël

Calling all chocolate lovers: a rich, decadent, multi-textural and full powered chocolate dessert, complemented by salted caramel. This chocolate Bûche de Noël is made with 62% and 70% Valrhona chocolate. Valrhona is a French chocolate, and considered by most to be the best chocolate in the world.


The Chocolate Caramel Bûche is available in the traditional “log” shape to serve 4, 8 or 12. Prices range from $29 to $86 for the traditional shape. A custom square version to serve 20 is also available and costs $128.


Madame & Yves recommend you also try it first: individual slices of this Bûche are also available!


“Tropique” Frozen Bûche de Noël

This featured frozen Bûche is the same frozen entremets recipe that Yves took to the World Pastry Cup in 2019 (yes, there really is one)! Very light and refreshing, with a tropical summer sensibility…yet creamy. The flavour combination is a sure crowd pleaser, featuring the most preferred flavours around the world: coconut dacquoise, mango creamy, coconut ice cream, raspberry sorbet and lime mousse. 

What’s your favourite Bûche De Noël flavour? Have you ever tried to make one?


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Where to celebrate Bastille Day 2021 in Australia this month

Reading Time: 25 minutes

Bastille Day 2021 is less than 2 weeks away and some celebrations in Australia start next weekend! In this article we share with you events, dinners, concerts, markets and much more all celebrating the French National Day in Australia.

Bastille Day 2021 La fête nationale 2021

With so much of Australia currently in lockdown, it’s difficult to know whether these Bastille Day 2021 in Australia events will actually go ahead. We cross our fingers and toes!







Adelaide Central Market – Friday 9 and Saturday 10 July

Bienvenue à La Fête Nationale au Marché!

A celebration of French culture over two days on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 July, our Bastille Day celebrations will have something for everyone. Highlights include FREE live music, cooking demonstration, gingerbread decorating, crepe pop up and more!

Come along for some French fare, fun and festivities and celebrate Bastille Day at the Adelaide Central Market.


9:30AM – FiveAA live broadcast – Community Kitchen
9:30AM – 8:30PM – Crepe pop-up by the Market Bread Bar – Gouger Dining area
9:30AM – 12:00PM – Free Bastille Day craft for kids – Grote St dining area
11:00AM – 1:00PM – Live music by Sounds Continental – Eastern Roadway
6:00PM – French Opera duet
6:00PM – 8:00PM – Live music by Louise Blackwell and the French Set – Gouger Dining area
6:00PM – 9:00PM – Winter Weekends: Live music by Melange a Trois and and firepit – Grote Street, outside Cumbia
6:00PM – 8:00PM – Adelaide String Duo – Eastern Roadway


9:00AM – 2:00PM – Crepe Pop-up by Market Bread Bar – Gouger Dining area
9:00AM – 11:00AM – Live music by Sounds Continental – Grote Dining area
9:30AM – 12:00PM Free Eiffel Tower Gingerbread decorating for kids – Eastern Roadway
10:00AM – 12:00PM – Live music by Pamplemousse – Gouger Dining area
11:00AM – 1:00PM – Live music by Louise Blackwell and the French Set – Eastern Roadway
12:00PM – 1:00PM – Free cooking demonstration by Valerie Henbest and Mandy Hall – Community Kitchen, Gouger Dining area


Alliance Française d’Adelaide, French Consul of Adelaide, FACCI SA Bastille Day at Plant 4 – 18 July

Join us for a Bastille Day celebration with live music and fun for the whole family!

Food boxes will be provided as well as a glass of French bubbles.

Bastille Day 2021 - Adelaide Consul

NOTE: There is a wait list so let us know if you would like to be placed on it [email protected] include your name and tickets you are seeking


Apoteca – 14 July

Chicken Liver & Bacon Patee, Apple Butter, Sourdough

Bouillabaisse, Rouille

Roast Beef, Cafe de Paris, Gratin Dauphinois

Époisses de Bourgogne (served warm)



Cyrano Wines Bastille Day Dinner Party – 10 July – CURRENTLY SOLD OUT


Hey Jupiter

Book now for Bastille Day! A la carte menu, open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cancan at 8.30pm.

Bastille Day 2021 - Hey Jupiter


La Buvette – 14 July

La Buvette is holding its annual Bastille Day party all day and night!

Bastille Day 2021 - La Buvette Adelaide



La Chaine des Rotisseurs – National Wine Centre 

Adelaide La Chaine des Rotisseurs NWC Bastille Day 2021Starter
Freshly Shucked Oysters served with Ricard Pastis
First Course
Saumon Et Oseille served with 2020 Racine Picpoul De Pinet
Second Course
Porc Aux Pruneaux served with Rive Droite Rive Gauche Cote du Rhone Grenache Blend
Third Course
Daube De Boeuf Provencal served with 2013 Chateau Bouscasse Madiran
Fourth Course
Meringue Au Citron served with 2015 Les Lions de Suduiraut Sauternes


Lou Blackwell & The French Set @ Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide – 14 July – CURRENLTY SOLD OUT

Lou Blackwell and the French Set have been delighting audiences with their authentic and stylish performance of songs from the great French chanson tradition. They won a Fringe weekly music award in 2018 and were the Advertiser pick of the Fringe for music in 2021.

Lou lived in Paris and sang in the jazz scene, and she has brought all her Parisian fantasy back home to join with stellar band Mark Ferguson on keys, Tom Pulford on sax/clarinet, John Aué on bass and Josh Baldwin on drums.


Port Adelaide – Salut Port Adelaide – a French celebration for Bastille Day – 11 July

ADEL Salut Port Adelaide Bastille Day 2021

We are celebrating our local connections with France and Cherbourg for Bastille Day. Come say Salut! to Port Adelaide’s super strip of restaurants, bars and galleries with champagne, mulled wine bars and French food! You’ll find:

  • Lots of free workshops, including Sip ‘n’ Paint a Monet with Elephant Art Events, plus Lucy Turnbull teaches the fine art of producing a finished sketch outdoors.
  • Lanterns, language and craft activities for ages 7 and up to learn French and craft!
  • Alliance Francaise d’Adelaide will offer Survival French for travellers in 20 minutes.
  • Face Painting and free moustaches!
  • Street performance, music, comedy and walking.
  • Wearable Buildings.
  • Art & Craft Market.


Scoffed & Quaffed – Bastille Day Fancy French – 14 July

Fancy French it certainly is, and we have an amazing array of dishes for you to learn to cook! They will of course also be matched with tastings from great French wines. Come and try both local and French varietals like sauvignon blanc, merlot, pinot noir and of course chardonnay whilst you sit and eat your deliciously cooked dinner with fellow Francophiles.

All guests will prepare and eat each dish from a fabulous menu, under the guidance of our professional chef.


Show Tourz Bastille Day French Travel Show – 14 July

Bring back your memories of France on Bastille Day!! Enjoy the wonders of France for a fraction of the airfare, no long haul flight, no swollen feet, no jetlag!

Indulge your pent-up need for travel.

Enjoy photos and videos and a guided walk through some of the loveliest parts of France, guided by Carol Haslam, CEO of Show Tourz. Carol will share photos and videos of some of her 6 years living in France and 14 years of taking guests.

Test your taste buds with French dining paired with prestigious French Burgundy wines. Includes a guided tour through the Burgundy region of France and live crossover to a Burgundy winemaker for a fabulous wine-tasting experience.


Traditional French Onion soup with Gougères (veg)

Canape Boxes with:

  • French Provincial vegetarian antipasto skewer with cheese, black olives, marinated mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, basil drizzled with balsamic glaze (GF);
  • Smoked salmon mousse on pumpernickel rounds with dill and capers (veg);
  • Maggie Beer pheasant farm duck and orange pate on baguette rounds;
  • Mini quiche Lorraine (GF);
  • Mini onion tart (GF, veg);
  • Beef Bourgignon mini pies (GF)

Flourless orange and almond dessert cakes with cream cheese icing and pistachios (GF); Chocolate dipped strawberries.

French White and Red Burgundy wines


If you’d like to get in the mood please bring your own beret for a French Fun Night Out!!


Smelly Cheese Shop – Bastille Day Cheese After Dark – IN PERSON SOLD OUT, VIRTUAL ATTENDANCE NOW POSSIBLE

In person: $90 per person

LIBERTE! Egalite! Fromagerie!

The ultimate Bastille Day celebration; French delicacies, cheese, champagne, entertainment, and stories.

Join Valerie Henbest, Adelaide’s premiere cheese expert, for an evening of French cheeses, champagne and entertainment. This evening is the ultimate celebration of all things French, from the storming of Bastille to cheeses worth losing your head for.

ADELAIDE Smelly Cheese Shop Bastille

Virtual: Smelly Cheese Shop are now offering Bastille Day Celebration Packs for sale online which include a virtual attendance to the event.

Bastille Day Celebration Packs with interactive experience available for sale on our website now!

  • 200g Délice de St Cyr
  • 110g Valencay
  • 150g 18 month Comté
  • 125g Epoisse
  • 150g Roquefort Cheese Culture Crackers
  • 750ml Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Régence

Click and collect from the Adelaide Central Market available on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of July only.


Sucre Patisserie

A Bastille Day Patisserie Box for $50, which is available only on the 14th July via the online store.

ADEL Sucre Bastille Day 2021 



Alliance Française d’Albury

Join us for a French themed afternoon tea to celebrate Bastille Day on Saturday 10th July at La Maison from 2pm to 5pm.

Everyone welcome, $25 per person which includes some delicious nibbles, a glass of wine or tea/coffee.

Limited to 50 people so book in now and don’t be disappointed.



Alliance Française d’Armidale – 18 July

Bastille Day celebration at Peterson’s Winery, Armidale for $25




Belle EpoqueBRIS Belle Epoque Bastille Day 2021


On the night of the famed 14th of July, step off the streets of South Bank right onto our Parisian promenade – Belle Époque to celebrate Bastille Day.

Feast on a traditional three course menu complimented perfectly with a glass of Perrier-Jouët Champagne for $65.00.

The evening will also feature the art of sabrage and live music.
For the ultimate indulgence, add a French wine pairing for $50

Buy your ticket here:

Bisou Bisou

Bastille Day dinner from 5:30pm

4-course menu $80pp, optional paired wines $40pp

Boucher French Bistro
Bastille Day Dinner from 7pm to 9:30pm
6-course menu $145 pp without wine or $185 pp with matching wines

BRIS Boucher Bastille

C’est Bon

You are invited to celebrate Bastille Day at C’est Bon with Lunch and Dinner.

Lunch Classics

$38pp Two Course or $45pp Three Course

• Fromage Souffle
• Steak and Frites
• Crème Caramel, cumquat

Enjoy the delights of Fromage Souffle, Steak and Frites and Crème Caramel with Cumquat.

BRIS Cest Bon Bastille Day 2021


Two sittings: 5:30pm & 7:30pm
$150pp, Canapes, Four Courses & Madeleines to finish, including French Matched Wines

Snacks on arrival:
Appellation oyster cumquat mignonette & Camel Fromage Choux Bun

Course 1:
Sweetcorn Brulee, Scampi, Caviar
Matched Wine: 2019 Touraine Sauvignon, Domaine Octavie – Loire Valley

Course 2:
Folly Truffle Ossau-Iraty Custard, Wild Mushroom Consommé, Salt Baked Celeriac
Matched Wine: 2018 Roussette de Savoie Souveraine (Altesse), Philippe Grisard – Savoie

Course 3:

Lamb Navarin, Turnip, Garlic Scape
Matched Wine: 2018 Saint Chinian Donnadieu, Clos Bagatelle – Languedoc

Course 4:
Mont Blanc
Matched Wine: Pineau des Charentes Vintage Blanc, Domaine Drouet – Cognac

To finish:
Cognac & Tonka Madeleines


FACCI QLD: Bastille Day Business Breakfast @ Sofitel Central Brisbane

The breakfast is held annually to celebrate France’s National Day which commemorates the storming of the Paris prison known as the Bastille on 14th July 1789 and the birth of the French Republic. Kindly sponsored by our members Holding Redlich and Thales, the event gathers the French-Australian Business Community in a relaxed yet stylish setting at the Sofitel Brisbane Central, well known for its French flair.


Join FACCI, their VIPs and keynote speaker Daniel Keighran VC and Author of ‘Courage Under Fire’, on this very special occasion.


Be ready for a delicious gourmet breakfast, specially put together for us by Sofitel Brisbane Central, Nespresso coffee and Champagne, of course, thanks to our partner, DiscoverVin!

French Patisserie

Bastille petit products promo – 7 – 18 July

Pre-order your pastries through, phone 07 3371 8996 or email [email protected]


Haig Rd Bistro
BRIS Haig St Bistro - la fête nationale
Bastille Day Special Night
5-course dinner with optional matching wines – fully booked)
Long à la carte lunch


La Belle Vie

Santé to freedom! Bastille Day is a very special day for the French. Enjoy the celebration with us at La Belle Vie. French Accordionist, MannuD, will romance you with French classics and all senses will be excited at dinner with a vibrant, live can can performance.

BRISBANE La Belle Vie Bastille Day 2021

The lunch event will commence at 11.30am with a set menu including pairing wines.

Two sittings are available for dinner and to view the can can show:

  • Early sitting 5:00 / 5:15 PM
  • Late sitting 8:00 / 8:15 PM
La Cache à Vin
Bastille Day Lunch (dinner booked out)
$120 pp with Champagne on arrival.
BRIS Cache a vin Lunch Bastille Day 2021 la fête nationale 2021




La Messe (Brisbane) is celebrating Bastille Day with Ophélie Mercury – 16 July

La Messe is back @Laruche to bring its French touch to celebrate Bastille Day.

La fête nationale 2021

As two of the co-founders of La Messe are French, they thought they would celebrate Bastille Day and organise a party with a line up of 100% French DJs. They are all talented, and played in many clubs in France. They are from Paris, Brittany, and Normandy. They had great success in France and are currently based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We are lucky to have them for a great party. Be ready to be teleported in a French night club for the night!

You cannot miss this party, it happens only once a year!

Get your ticket now online and if you show up before 10.30pm, they’ll buy you a drink!


Le Festival – 14 July

Le Festival’s Un “WINTER” Chic at Story Bridge Adventure Climb!

Be the first in the world to celebrate Bastille Day with a glass on French champagne atop Brisbane’s biggest icon, at the top of Story Bridge from sunrise to sunset to celebrate France’s National Day in style!


Le Festival has partnered with Story Bridge Adventure Climb to bring you this unique experience, complete with a glass of Champagne atop Brisbane’s biggest icon accompanied by French music. You’ll also have a chance to take some photos with the breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view – and take a special souvenir home with you to remember your unforgettable “Brisbane-French” iconic experience! Merveilleux, non? 💙🤍❤️


You can climb first thing in the morning, during the day, as the sun goes down, or when the stars come up. There are four fantastic climb sessions available – dawn, daytime, twilight, and night. Which will be the one for you?


The Prince Consort

Bastille Week Rosé Week – 12 to 18 of July

Celebrate the turning point of the French Revolution all week with champagne cocktails, a delectable French menu, and of course the French Rugby Finals on the Stadium Screen.

BRISBANE The Prince Consort Bastille Day 2021

Rosé brunch – Saturday 17 July

The spirit of the revolution will be flowing as we close the week with a Rosé brunch on Saturday 17th. Led by our award-winning chef, Jack Powlay you can enjoy 2 hours of bottomless Rose and sparkles with your brunch.

Tickets are $65+bf with seating from 10.30am in La La Land.



Alliance Française de Cairns – 25 July

Join AF de Cairns to celebrate Bastille Day, the French national day on Sunday 25th July at 3pm at the Serbian Centre – 67 Greenslopes St, Edge Hill.

Students from conversation class and their teacher Agnes have prepared a play for you about the French Revolution (booklets with explanations in English will be provided, so everyone can enjoy the play!).

It will be followed by an early dinner.

An amazing team will prepare for you some roasts, salads and cake for dessert. Tea and coffee will be provided

Drinks: BYO

Prices: $35 for members and $40 for non-members


Alliance Française de Canberra – 10 July

Singing workshop with Pauline Maudy from MZAZA

AF Canberra Singing workshop - la fête nationale 2021

Bastille Day French concert with Pauline Maudy

AF Canberra la fête nationale 2021


Buvette Restaurant

Vive la France! Vive la République!

Buvette Restaurant is celebrating the French Revolution and the unity of the French people with a special Bastille Day menu.

la fête nationale 2021 Bastille Day 2021

Enjoy French cheese, scallops, slow-cooked Wagyu (MB9+) and more for one night only at Buvette.

French-inspired set menu to celebrate Bastille Day. 4 courses with a glass of Veuve on arrival for $95pp

Book via this link:,212121,c8bbac

Les Bistronomes

la fête nationale 2021 Bastille Day 2021

Pialligo Estate – 17 July

Rebel against the chilly Canberra winter and discover the highlights of French Culture. From gooey Raclette cheese, to delectable Beef Bourguignon and finishing with a cracking crème brulée these timeless French dishes will have you smiling all the way to your new beret.
With three classic French dishes to savour, along with paired wines from the Savoie region, you’ll be taken to France at a time where getting there is that little bit harder.


Beef Bourguignon

Crème Brûlée

3 courses with paired wines for $119.00 per person, $89 food only, $30 Kids under 10



Alliance Française de Darwin

AF de Darwin is back this year to celebrate le 14 Juillet at Darwin Surf Life Saving Club, Brinkin from 5:30pm.

AF Darwin Bastille Day 2021

Kids can dance, create and have fun all night + plus face-painting available for those who wants.


Take a picture disguised as a revolutionary or just enjoy some lovely French songs while savouring a nice French meal with a glass of French wine.


Free to enter – and with only $5 you might win one of the 3 prizes to be drawn at 7pm.


Dorrigo Golf Club – 17 July

Dorrigo Golf Club Bastille Day 2021 - la fête nationale 2021

Dorrigo Golf Club presents a 3-course Bastille Day Dinner prepared by our guest chef Juergen Ebsen followed by the fabulous Wild Thyme trio playing their Gypsy swing & Jazz Manouche. The dinner starts at 6:30pm and the live music at 8:30pm. Wild Thyme sold out their last show at the golf club. Don’t miss out. Vive la France!



Alliance Française de Geelong – 17 July

Join AF de Geelong to Celebrate Bastille Day 2021 at this Annual Dinner Event with lots of fun, giveaways and entertainment featuring French gypsy jazz band Hot Club Swing!

Enjoy a charcuterie grazing starter and two-course, French inspired meal. A selection of French wines are available at bar prices.



Currumbin RSL

Pick from a petite selection of French inspired dishes and complement them with quaffable French wines and delectable aperitifs in Alleys Restaurant this Bastille Day.

French tunes from Edith Piaf will hit the airwaves inside to create a beautiful French ambiance and you can chill out and relax with ‘no regret’!

Menu will have on offer:

– French Onion Soup w/ Cheesy Crouton
– Black Pepper & Port Wine Liver Pate
– Duck Confit
– Beef Cheek in Red Wine
– Crème Patisserie Filled Profiteroles & Chantilly Cream
– Chocolate Ganache & Raspberry Tart & Berry Compote


Available lunch & dinner. Pre-bookings are essential.

Please call on 55340974 to book or book online here:


Spaghetti & Jazz – Wednesday 14th July 21 6pm 

Presenting the gorgeous and talented Marissa Burgess and her incredible International dancers and Specials Guest, Romony Rogers.

La fête nationale 2021 Bastille Day 2021 BRIS Spaghetti and Jazz

Be transported and be immersed in all things French – traditional and much loved songs, dance and food and wine! A Spectacular Classy Cabaret Show with audience interaction.

Doors Open 5.30 for Pre dinner Drinks. Seated by 6pm for Dinner. Show Starts 6.45pm

VIP Dinner & Show $99pp* – Includes Glass of French Bubbles & 3 Course French inspired Set menu:

Entrée: Charcuterie Meat & Cheese Board to Share

Mains: alternate drop :

Lamb shank Navarin, a traditional French ragout served with spring vegetables.

Pan seared Salmon fillet, beurre blanc sauce, seasonal vegetables

Dessert:  alternate drop:  Profiterole Delight and Moscato infused Panna Cottta with fruits




Hector’s on the wharf 

La fête nationale 2021

Bastille Day French theme dinner – July 17

Three course, multiple choice menu, complimentary canapé and champagne on arrival. $75 per head.


Bookings from 6pm Space in limited and we book out quickly, so secure your table on 8555 5885. Vive la France!



The Bon Pavilion

An evening of French food, wine and music at The Bon Pavillion. Guests will enjoy a glass of Pol Roger Champagne on arrival followed by a three-course meal, paired with wines, $95pp.

Bastille Day 2021 - The Bon Pavillion

To start
Moules marinière

Beef cheek bourguignon

Paris mash
Petite salad

To finish
Crêpes Suzette, flamed at the table

Bookings essential.



Alliance Française de Hobart – 14 July

La fête nationale - Bastille Day 2021 AF Hobart

Tickets $40 per head includes French wine + supper by Jean-Pascal plus lucky door prize



Boulevard at Brookwater
Bastille Day Celebration Dinner
Boulevard at Brookwater and Lutece Bastille Day 2021
A very special Bastille Day Celebration Dinner with matching French wines & champagne featuring:
  • Fresh bread & truffle butter
  • King prawns & lobster
  • Black Angus tenderloin
  • Vanilla Crème Brûlée
Amazing guest Chefs & jazz music from legendary Leo La Spina!
Tickets $120 includes dinner, wines and entertainment.
Pre-bookings ONLY, please call 3814 5500



Alliance Française de Launceston – 18 July

Participez à l’aventure mystérieuse au cœur d’un vignoble!

AF Launceston Bastille Day 2021 La fête nationale 2021

AF de Launceston invites you on a mystery adventure in the heart of a vineyard

Your ticket includes:

  • bus transport to and from the mystery venue
  • lunch included, and
  • drinks at cellar door prices.



Le Proddy Bastille Day celebration – 14 July

Celebration Dinner for Bastille Day



Bastille Day French Festival – 16 & 17 July

A more detailed article to follow closer to the festival.

Bon Ap’

la fêter nationale 2021 Bastille Day 2021



Cinema Nova: Amélie

This Bastille Day, Cinema Nova is playing the classic French whimsical romantic comedy with a delicious glass of French wine on arrival!


City Wine Shop Bastille Day

Bastille Day Wine Dinner 

Celebrating the cuisine and wines of France, we’ll be taking you on a journey through the regions of Champagne, Provence, Loire Valley, Chablis, Burgundy and Rhône – just to name a few. Enjoy a prix fixe 5 course menu of classic French dishes with 10 delicious matched wines in the grand Tea Room above City Wine Shop.




la fête nationale 2021 Bastille Day 2021 Entrecote

$189.90 pp 4 courses and matched wines and live entertainment

Prepayment required to book. Book your place at the Bastille Day 2021 event online:



Frédéric will be open on Bastille Day 2021 offering a number of French specials however will not have a fixed price menu etc.


Life’s Too Short Bar – 14 to 18 July – a Bastille Day celebration over several days

It’s time to honour the Francophile in all of us so get your crew together and come celebrate #bastilleday with a week-long French menu featuring slow-cooked winter dishes, deliciously ripe cheeses, terrines, parfaits and back-vintage wines.


Melbourne’s best Mixologist will be serving up $15 French 75s and French Martinis and hooking you up with calvados shots all night long.


This is a FREE event. Drinks and food available at bar prices.

Book your table SMS 0416 088 000.


Melbourne Digital Concert Hall – ONLINE LIVE STREAM

SO FRENCH! SO FABULEUX! – Divas on Bastille Day: Amelia Farrugia, Jane Rutter, Vivian Choi

Opera star soprano, Amelia Farrugia performs best-loved French arias & songs. Joined by international concert pianist Vivian Choi and French Knight, Jane Rutter, (‘Madame Flute’) this fabulous female trio of Divas perform Classical and Cabaret works by Fauré, Hahn, Gounod, Saint-Saëns, Debussy, Martini, Offenbach, Satie, Chopin, Satie and others.


NORIA & Les parigots (Bastille Day 2021 celebration) – 10 July – SOLD OUT

Noria and her band “les parigots” return with a beautiful night of Parisian street music, including a tribute to the great Edith Piaf

So Frenchy So Chic Bastille Day Soirée – NEW DATE 7 August

Liberté, Fraternité, Discothèque!

Bastille Day Soiree - So Frenchy So Chic

Lose yourself at the So Frenchy So Discotheque, an adults-only dance party rendezvous.


In celebration of La Fête Nationale, our So Frenchy So Chic DJs will be spinning the best French music from the ‘60s Yéyé to ‘80s French Disco and ‘90s French Touch non-stop to keep you moving and transport you to a time of decadence, delicacy and dancing.


SFSC favourites Hotel Gitan, Frederic & Milk the Cow have designed a bistronomy menu of French delicacies.


Alliance Française de Newcastle – 16 – 18 July

A weekend of celebrations for Bastille Day at AF de Newcastle.

Friday 16 July: Movie night

The historical drama/comedy ‘Delicious’ will be screened at 7 pm at Event Cinemas Kotara. There will be a little French Market before at 6pm.

This film is about the creation of France’s first restaurant in 1789.

More information about the movie and the event are available

Prices: $13 for Members; $15 for Non members

Saturday 17 July: French market

From 2pm to 7pm, there will be a touch of Francophonie at The Station, Newcastle.

Come for a stroll and enjoy a bit of browsing with stallholders and food vendors showcasing French, Francophone and local products.



la fête nationale 2021 Bastille Day 2021

Sunday 18 July – Bastille Day lunch

AF de Newcastle will have our traditional Bastille Day Lunch, a great opportunity to gather all and enjoy some food and drinks in a friendly atmosphere!

The ticket includes a drink at your arrival, a main and a dessert.


  • $65 for non members.
  • $60 for an AF member and concession. A $5 discount will be automatically added to your cart at the moment of the purchase.


Sunday 18 July: Afternoon cocktail

The last and special event to end this weekend of celebrations.

Come and join AF de Newcastle for an afternoon cocktail, in a cozy atmosphere at Babylon Bar, enjoy a French drink and some nibbles. at 3 pm

Your ticket includes the entry fee and a drink as well as some nibbles and the possibility to win one of many prizes.


$15 for members + booking fees

$20 for non members + booking fees



Frenchies Brasserie

French dress up, à la carte specials available on top of the signature menu:


Escargots vol au vent , garlic and parsley butter, onion confit with red wine jus


Slow cook lamb rack, pumpkin puree, panisse, rosemary lamb jus and roasted cherry tomatoes


Lemon tart meringue with blackcurrant sorbet




Bastille Day Corporate Breakfast – 14 July

La fête nationale Bastille Day 2021 FACCI WA

French Australian Annual Bastille Day

Fête nationale 2021 Bastille Day 2021 Perth FACCI WA

Clancy’s Fish Pub – 18 July

la fête nationale 2021 Bastille Day 2021

Francophiles and music lovers, head to Clancy’s Freo, on Sunday 18th July, to celebrate France’s National Day the way the French do: with a live gig, careless dancing and a big smile too.

Featuring French tunes by G*Rey and the French Knights, and some special French treats on the menu.

Praline by Saint Honoré

Special French board $30 per person, election of cheese from the Cheesy Chalet and Cured meat from Crafty meat, with French Bread. Entertainment live from 9.30am to 12.30pm (accordion)

Bookings preferred but not required


Royal Perth Yacht Club – Bastille Day Eve – 13 July



Alliance Française de Port Macquarie – 11 July

AF Port Macquarie Bastille Day 2021




Craving some French culture? Oui? Then book a table at 360Q for our fantastic Bastille Day celebration for lunch or dinner!

Savour three stunning courses of fine Parisian cuisine with Edith Piaf tunes in the background and a glass of French champagne, Kir Royale or Rose on arrival (additional drinks at bar prices).

Bookings from 12pm all afternoon with the last booking at 7pm.

Cost is $65pp. To book, visit, select July 14 and choose the Bastille Day option.



Bay & Bush Cottages, Woollamia, NSW – 14 July

Bastille Day Dinner and French music


Bastille Day menu:


a selection of 3 canapés and 1 a glass of bubble included


French winter raclette dish

served with

  • Charcuterie
  • Gherkins pickles
  • Cheese Raclette
  • “Robe de Chambre” Potatoes.

Veggie Side

  • Pickles salads
  • Roasted veggies
  • Green Salads with mix of nuts
  • Pickles spring onions
  • Quails’ eggs
  • Warm apple


  • “Floating Mountain” with Caramel and Almond served with a Vanilla French Custard sauce
  • French “Mignardises”

Cost: $105 pp or early bird: $90 pp

Inquiries: Email us: [email protected]



Alliance Française de la Sunshine Coast – 24 July

Bastille Day 2021 La Fête nationale 2021

Kenilworth Community Arts Council Bastille Day Soirée – 17 July

Fabulous entertainment, food and drink with a frivolous French theme.

Bastille Day 2021 La Fête nationale 2021



Bastille Day Food Wine Art Revolution – 14 – 18 July

A more detailed article about this festival is to follow.


Bellevue Cottage by Antoine Glebe

Whether you’re French or not, Bastille Day is the perfect excuse to grab your loved ones and take part in this globally celebrated French National Holiday.
This year, we’ve decided to extend our Bastille celebrations over a week, with our Bastille Day Dinner on Wednesday 14th July, as well as our special Bastille menu, bottomless crêpes and Kir Cocktails over two weekends:
  • Bastille Day Celebration – Wednesday, 14th July from 5:30pm
  • Bastille Dinner – Fri & Sat, July 9-10
  • Bastille Dinner – Fri & Sat, July 16-17
  • Bottomless Crêpes & Kir Cocktails – Sat & Sun, July 10-11
  • Bottomless Crêpes & Kir Cocktails – Sat & Sun, July 17-18
  • Brunch & Bottomless Kir Royale – Sat & Sun, July 10-11
  • Bottomless Crêpes & Kir Cocktails – Sat & Sun, July 17-18

To help set the mood, we’ll be serving our specially themed Bloody Marie cocktail. Antoine’s take on the classic features aromatic sensations of celeriac, Bird’s Eye chilli, basil and vine ripe tomatoes.


Bistro Mosman

Bastille Day 2021 La Fête nationale 2021

Four Course dinner $129

A celebration of French cuisine across four delicious courses, and a Kir Royale on arrival.

Sittings available from 5:30pm.

Plus dress French for your chance to win a premium wine hamper valued at over $200!

Bastille Day 2021 La Fête nationale 2021


Bistro Papillon

Bastille Day 2021 La Fête nationale 2021

Bastille Day 2021 La Fête nationale 2021

Bastille Day Dinner

The 5 course menu is $125 p.p.


Bistro St Jacques

Open for lunch and dinner on Bastille Day, 14th July, with our three-course à la carte offer ($75.00) and the following specials:

Entrée + Main

Moules Marinières – black South Australian mussels with garlic & white wine, mirepoix, parsley & butter, house bread with the entrée & house fries with the main course


Main Course

Navarin d’agneau – slow-cooked organic lamb shoulder with white wine, turnip & swede, parsnip with organic potato & fresh green beans



Baba au rhum – warm baked brioche with soft spices, orange zest, rum syrup served with crème Chantilly


Bon Vin Restaurant

Brasserie L’Entrecote


Bastille Day champagne breakfast – 13 July


Flo Viennoiserie

Mini Viennoiserie box

Their Bastille Day plan was to launch a mini Viennoiserie box for the occasion with mini croissant and mini Pain au chocolat.

$42.50$ for 20 mini viennoiserie

For now, Flo Viennoiserie still delivers Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pick up on other days.


Four Frogs Creperies 12- 18 July

Truffle Galette – 12 to 18 July

Four Frogs are bringing back their well-known Truffle Galette for a whole week. From the 12th to the 18th of July, visit their Crêperies to celebrate the French National Holiday with fresh local Truffle and Champagne.

Truffle Galette –  Freshly grated Truffle, Prosciutto, Swiss Cheese and Egg

Franca Brasserie

French à la carte at Northbridge Golf Club

A French dinner & concert at Northbridge Golf Club restaurant on Wednesday 14 July.
Our favorite French jazz band C’est si bon will perform exclusively for us, creating the perfect
relaxed atmosphere.
The following 3 course menu will be served by the Harbourview restaurant French-trained chef:
Asparagus & mushroom crêpe
Coq au vin with mashed potatoes
Profiteroles with hot chocolate


Frenchies Brasserie Sydney

Special 3 course menu all week long, with the ability to add Truffles to dishes:

  • Comte Gougere (truffle)
  • French onion soup (truffle)
  • Beef bourguignon, paris mash (truffle)
  • Frenchies paris-brest

$80 / head or $100 with truffle


La Messe (Sydney) is celebrating Bastille Day with Ophélie Mercury & N.O.X – 17 July

After a few successful parties in Brisbane, La Messe is coming to Sydney @Boogie Mountain to bring its French touch.


For their first time in Sydney, La Messe thought we would celebrate Bastille Day and organise a party with a line up of 100% French DJs. They are all talented, and played in many clubs in France. They are from Paris, Marseille, Montpelier, and Normandy. They had great success in France and are currently based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We are lucky to have them for a great party. Be ready to be teleported in a French night club for the night!

Get your ticket now online and if you show up before 10.30pm, they’ll buy you a drink!


Lazybones Lounge Restaurant – 14 July

Bastille Day in style

Award Winning Entertainer Milko Foucault – Larche has joined forces with Parisian born Leading Lady Corinne Andrew to celebrate Bastille Day in style bringing this French party to the heart of Marrickville


With his command of the French language, Milko has emerged in recent years as the leading and most active ambassador of French popular music in Australia.


Parisian born Corinne has been representing the French sounds of classic love songs around the world. She has spent most of her career performing as a principal singer and dancer in major entertainment venues throughout France, Europe, South East Asia and Japan.


No passport required! as you travel for the day to the City of Lights with Corinne & Milko along the Avenues and Boulevards of Paris to the romantic sounds of some of the most famous “ chansons” of all times.


Piaf, Aznavour, Bécaud, Dalida, Yves Montand, Charles Trenet, Enrico Macias, Joséphine Baker to name a few.


Joining the fun is Master of the Accordion & Musical Director Nick Bavarelli.


Price: $35+bf entry includes a whole pizza 🍕 of your choice.



Loluk Bistro proposes a 4 course set menu + glass of sparkling wine.

​$95 set menu or $135 with matching wines.

A $25 deposit is required, so it’s better to book in advance:



Book in for Bastille Day at Monopole with a special dinner that will celebrate all things French.

The menu will represent a tour of France; expect classics such as Roasted Duck ‘a l’orange’ and Pork & Chicken Terrine with Cornichons & Dijon Mustard.


Pissaladière Nicoise

Chicken Liver Parfait & Caramelised Onion Gougères


Sydney Rock Oysters

Potato & Leek Soup


Pork & Chicken Terrine, Cornichons & Dijon Mustard

Sourdough Bread Roll, Caramelised Butter


Roasted Duck ‘a l’orange’

Glazed Carrots


Quince, Chocolate, Puff Pastry, Star Anise Ice Cream


Tickets are $85 per person. Please note for groups of 8 or more a 10 % service charge applies.


Orpheum Cinema

A Bastille Day celebration with Emma Hamilton featuring a 7 piece band with string section and accordion.

Due to popular demand from her hit show “An Evening in Paris”, the Cremorne Orpheum is proud to present “A Bastille Day Celebration” with French/Australian chanteuse Emma Hamilton and her 7-piece band and string section.

Playing all your favourite classic French songs from “Champs Élysées” , “La Vie En Rose” and “La Mer” , this show will have you singing along and transport you back to France with its originality, humour and energy.

Tickets: $69/$64 which includes a glass of French sparkling and a French sweet treat on arrvial!

Proudly sponsored by FOUR FROGS CRÊPERIE and SACREBLEU!


Restaurant Hubert – 14 July

Lunchtime Quartet 

Romantic, nostalgic and delectable, celebrate all things French with an indulgent lunch and entertainment from our four-piece band, against the backdrop of rich red curtains and a space reminiscent of the Parisian golden age.

Line up: Gavin Libotte – Guitar, Charles – Bass, Calvin Welch – drums and Niyati Libotte – vocals, serenading you through a magical 2 hours of of French and jazz music.

Book your spot now:



Alliance Française de Toowoomba

Join AF de Toowoomba for their annual Bastille Day (Quatorze juillet) celebration on Sunday, 18 July 2021 from 12noon to 3.00pm!

There will be French music and dancing and great prizes to be won. Get to meet other francophones and francophiles over a welcome drink and canapés, then enjoy a two course sit down lunch. Drinks will be available for purchase from the bar.


Bonjour Toowoomba – Gip’s Restaurant- 17 July 

French-style dinner party

A decadent afternoon and evening of French food, drinks and music by our own Josephine Birch to celebrate “La Fête Nationale” (Bastille Day) in a chic French atmosphere.



Alliance Française de Townsville

Musique Celebration Tombola Dessert – 11 July – Cotter

The Alliance Française de Townsville is holding a Bastille Day 2021 celebration at Cotters Market on Flinders Street on the morning of 11 July.

AF Townsville Bastille Day 2021


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Bastille Day 2021 La fête nationale 2021