La Belle Vie French market: A French market in Southern Sydney this Sunday

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Taren Point Public School is holding La Belle Vie French market this Sunday. The 4rh edition of this French market will see stalls selling food, drink as well as fashion, homewares, art products – perfect to buy your Mother’s Day gifts. 

La Belle Vie French Market


The school has been a member of the Australian Association of French English Bilingual Schools for four years and the market is also in its 4th year. Previous years have seen attendance of 5,000 people at the La Belle Vie French Market.  



Francophone Association of Southern Sydney (FASS), a local not for profit group which promotes French language and culture in the community, assists Taren Point Public School in making La Belle Vie Market happen. It’s involved in supplying volunteers on market day but also in the planning and organisation of the market event from an administration perspective.


This year there are more than 60 stalls offering fabulous French products across food, drink, fashion, homewares, art, as well as a Citroen Club car display and live music throughout the day.


LIVE MUSIC: ‘ACCORDI-ng To US’ will play from 9am to midday and singer, Christelle Nativel will perform from midday to close.




French products for yourself and for others

  • A French Affair  – tea towels and tablecloths
  • Au Revoir Les Filles – Parisian-style jewellery
  • Beju – hand crafted European jewellery
  • Big on Hats – wide-brimmed French hats and the iconic beret
  • Canal Plus – French cable TV
  • Decathlon – French sportswear
  • France at Home – your French supermarket online in Australia
  • French Cargo – diffusers, scents, body lotions, décor items, linens, jewellery, scarves and so much more
  • Fora Studios – unique and sustainable products for the modern garden, home and craft lover
  • Funked Up Eclectic Treasures – french/vintage inspired and funked up treasures
  • Holala Paris – French Homewares, designed in Australia and handmade in France

La Belle Vie French Market

  • Janneys Vinney vintage
  • Jan Roach vintage
  • Kalaf Artwork – epoxy resin serving boards, serving knives, kitchen utensils, coasters and wall art
  • La Brocante’ with Kathy Finch – pre-loved, vintage, retro and collectable pieces
  • Le Van du Livre – French books 
  • May Clementson vintage – French homewares
  • Mo Resin – jewellery with artistic designs embedded with materials such as Dutch Gold and Silver leaf into epoxy resin
  • Mrs Flowers – flowers straight from the Sydney Flower Markets to La Belle Vie French Market
  • Oatley Bay Candles
  • Pottery by Pottier – pottery and artworks
  • 2nd Vie (previously Just Swiss by Chris) – sustainable items hand made using fabric sourced from local business or from charities: car tidies, cutlery holders, lavender bags that can be used and re-used around the house, out and about, in the car, or just for decoration.
  • Secrets of Eden – pretty flower crowns and headbands for the princesses in your life, and unique Macrame creations
  • Toothless  – hand-made tooth fairy pillows
  • Whitelaw & Newton Decoupage Trays


Food & Drink stalls

  • Alexander Roastery – coffee
  • Baguette Brothers
  • Bella Icecream Van & Jumping Castles
  • Byron Bay Olive Co – Marinated olives, sweet garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and tapenade amongst other delicacies
  • Carne/Ash Rotisserie – rotisserie chicken and porchetta, roast potatoes
  • Cheese on Wheels
  • Choux Patisserie – beautiful éclairs
  • Citrus and Sugar – lemonade and delicious juices made from all real fruit, nothing artificial and no preservatives. 
  • Crepe de France
  • Fils de Pomme – French botanical organic cider 
  • Frenchies Bistro and Brewery – French style beers made for Aussies
  • Frencheese – raclette

  • French Oven – fine French pastry made my hand and not by machine
  • Great Southern mead & honey – honey fresh from the hive
  • Jeerys Tacos
  • La Bastide – charcuterie
  • La Bonne Crepe
  • La Bonne Fromagerie – cheeses
  • La Gitana – paella
  • Le BBQ 
  • Le Saucier – home-made pasta, pasta sauces and fine finishing sauces
  • Le Secret Wines – French wines, characteristic of their region and from small family owned vineyards
  • Les Petits Gars
  • Madame Madeleine – Madeleines in original flavours including lemon butter, French Earl Gray, matcha, caramelised honey.
  • Madleine Bakery – freshly baked madeleines 
  • Pistou – traditional French deli foods 
  • Sacre Bleu!  (Caneles and Co)
  • Stephs Gourmet Foods
  • The Original Smoke & Spice Company – herb and spice mixes
  • Tonton Bread – bread and pastries
  • Wendy’s Crafts –  jam, marmalade & relish


Club stalls

  • Citroen Car Club
  • FASS Book stall
  • Meccano Modellers Association
  • Taren Point Public School Enviro stall


Want to participate in a future edition of La Belle Vie French market?

Contact Anyes McLean via email at [email protected]. Stalls must have a French connection, to ensure the authenticity of the market.




WHAT: La Belle Vie French Market

WHEN: Sunday 1 May 9am to 3pm

WHERE: Taren Point Public School, 

HOW MUCH: Entry by coin donation at the gate – all proceeds assist the learning programs at Taren Point Public School


For other events with French links check out our what’s on in April article (the what’s on in May will be online this Sunday).



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REVIEW: After Blue (Dirty Paradise): Soft-core porn under the guise of art

Reading Time: 5 minutes

After Blue (Dirty Paradise) is the second feature for director and writer Bertrand Mandico. I had the experience of watching his first feature The Wild Boys (Les garçons sauvages) at the AFFFF 2019 and having seen that I felt I had to see After Blue.

After Blue (Dirty Paradise)

After Blue (Dirty Paradise) is set on another planet, the film begins with a little exposition, in a style that reminded me a lot of 80s’/90s’ fantasy films. This style continues throughout the film and is something I found quite nostalgic. We are introduced to the main character Roxy (Paula Luna) explaining how she has a big head so died her hair blonde to be more inconspicuous… yes it makes little sense, little of this film will.


She goes on to explain how the earth was ruined and so they came to this new planet for a fresh start, and decided to not use technology (for some reason, although they still have neon signs, plasma balls and street lamps everywhere) other than for hunting. All the men who came to this new planet died as their hair grew on the inside and killed them all off, and all the women now need to make sure they don’t get too hairy too, so they laser shave (I forgot to mention the laser shavers).

After this exposition, the story begins with Roxy (known by some as Toxic for some reason) and some other girls who she calls friends, even though they seem to dislike her (I mean the name they use for her is Toxic…) hanging out on the beach shooting their Gucci rifle (yep). While dancing around in barely any clothes, shooting guns and being carefree girls, they find a head on the beach that they think is rotting. It turns out that it’s a women buried neck deep in the sand. She introduces herself as Kate Bush (yes…) who promises Roxy three wishes if she sets her free. A pretty sweet deal she thinks, so after about a minute she obliges, essentially opening Pandora’s box.


Roxy and her mother Zora (Elina Löwensohn) are taken aside by the elders/council members and told they must hunt Kate Bush (played by Agata Buzek) down or they will be exiled forever and her mother, the town’s laser hairdresser, will lose her laser shave studio. Thus begins a long (and erotic) trek for Roxy and Zora and the mysterious landscapes and characters they meet along the way. In particular, a larger portion of the film involves the gun toting artist Sternberg (played by Vimala Pons) and her Mandroid, Olgar 2 (Michaël Erpelding).

After Blue (Dirty Paradise) / After Blue (Paradis Sale)

After Blue (Dirty Paradise) is visually striking and quite beautiful, it oozes in B grade 80s/90s fantasy/sci-fi, from the high contrast colours, neon and plasma balls, filters over landscapes to make them seem more alien than they are. One of the great things to see in After Blue (Dirty Paradise) is how a huge amount of the film is done with practical sets (set design by Toma Baquéni), props and lighting compared to digital, a bit of a rarity in this age.


Aside from the beautiful practical sets and props, I’m pretty sure that some effects were done digitally and this is a great example of how to mix practical and digital effects well, they both definitely have their place. There are neon effects added to characters, and exaggerated glints and flares, and they really fit well here, I am impressed and thankful that the choices on the visuals for this film were made and I feel they were made for the right reasons, it’s visually very impressive and I commend the crew for their effects and decisions.

After Blue (Dirty Paradise) / After Blue (Paradis Sale)

Sadly, considering how interesting the story could have been, how visually appealing it is, the fact that there are attractive women getting in touch with their sexuality constantly and there are breasts everywhere, I somehow found myself bored, after about an hour in I was praying for something to happen other than another 5 or 10 minutes of women kissing and touching themselves or others or phallus shaped objects. Unfortunately, not much happens in this film other than that.


I feel it had great premise and a solid foundation for a story was in there somewhere but instead it was used as a stage for nudity and eroticism, and not much else. Just to clarify here, I’m not a prude, but I prefer to watch film for the story telling, acting, emotions. Rather than to see pretty women mud fight until they kiss. As a result, I consider After Blue (Dirty Paradise) more of an art-piece rather than a film, there’s not much of a story here, and crumbs that are here are used as vessels and distractions from why this isn’t being shown in an art gallery or in an obscure section of the soft-core porn genre at a rental site or something.


If you want to make a drinking game out of this one, I suggest playing “find the phallus” as I’m certain there is a penis hidden in everyone scene, sometimes very obviously (looking at you random penis like plant covered in a sticky white substance that a character “accidentally” runs into and then for some reason decides to sort of rub her face all over it) and some harder to spot, it will really help dealing with the 10 minutes between fondle sessions where you are bored and waiting for something to happen.


If you want to watch soft-core porn with your friends but don’t want to say “hey, let’s watch some soft-core porn together“, this might be a good option, and if anyone says to you during the film “hey, is this soft-core porn?” you can just say, “what’s wrong with you, this is art, not smut“.


After Blue (Dirty Paradise) is more art than film, and art being so subjective I can see reviews for this film going either the way of 1 or 5 stars, I assume people with struggle to find a middle ground with their feelings on it.


It gets 2 croissants out of 5 from me, it would be 1 but I greatly respect and appreciate the visuals and the fact that as far as I can tell, a huge amount of the set/world building is done with practical effects not digital, which I really commend them for.


Bruce Bordelais watched  After Blue (Dirty Paradise) via an online screener.


After Blue (Dirty Paradise) is showing at the Fantastic Film Festival in Melbourne and Sydney


To find out when and where the film is showing:



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