5 documentaries in French to see at Melbourne International Film Festival 2019

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There are five documentaries in French at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2019. We tell you about them below.


Capital in the 21st Century

Thomas Piketty’s landmark bestseller Capital in the 21st Century has sold millions of copies around the world. Its potential audience is about to explode again, thanks to this accessibly entertaining and enlightening film adaptation.

Country: France, New Zealand

Language: English, French


Each and Every Moment

Nicolas Philibert has made a career out of calmly documenting France’s public institutions. In Each and Every Moment, he turns his camera on nurses in training.

Working on the front lines of illness, pain, suffering and death, nurses deal daily with the stress and trauma of human frailty, within the economic and ethical realities of 21st-century healthcare. It takes three intense years of nursing school, with at least six internships across multiple medical fields, to prepare them.

Following a group of trainee nurses through this process, Philibert has structured the film into three parts: theoretical lessons, practical classes and internships, and performance evaluations.

Filled with gentle humour, empathy and introspection, it’s a fascinating and moving insight into the people at the heart of modern medicine.

Each and Every Moment is one of three documentaries in French only, which are screening at Melbourne International Film Festival 2019.

Country: Japan, France


The Jump (Le Grand Saut)

Find your feet. Take the plunge.

Alain, a jump-diving legend in Marseille, has learned how to escape the everyday. Doing what you love will change your life.

Official selection Cannes 2019.

Country: France


The Kiss of the Catfish (Le baiser du silure)

A monstrous fish provokes the deep mistrust of an unwelcome visitor.

On a misty morning in rural France, a fisherman eagerly searches for the mysterious aquatic beast.

Country: France


The Rest 


Ai Weiwei fills his latest affecting, insightful and highly topical documentary with the voices, faces and bodies caught in Europe’s refugee crisis.

Country: Germany (2019)

Language: Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Greek, Italian, Kurdish,Turkish


Do you like documentaries? What’s your favourite documentary?


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