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We have already spoken to you about films filmed in France that are on at the Adelaide Film Festival. Now, we are telling you about short-films, either in French or French produced. Look out for the next article on Friday about Adelaide Film Festival French language films. 


DRESSED FOR PLEASURE (Je fais où tu me dis)

Dressed for pleasure is a Swiss short-film in French by film-maker Marie de Maricourt. It is about Sarah, a handicapped girl who is about 20 years old who lives with her parents. She is having fantasies more and more and her sexuality is taking up more of her attention. The arrival of a new cleaner, a transsexual woman, disturbs the family peace.


EMBRACE (Etreintes)

Embrace is a Canadian and French short film production without dialogue. In front of an open window, a woman stands still looking at the dark clouds that obscure the sky. She fights against memories of her past.  In the clouds, a passionate embrace appears.


LITTLE STAR (Petit Astre)

A short-film from France and in French tells the story of 9 year old Alexis who is about the take the train for the first time in her life. At the same time, millions of kilometres away, a satellite is about to come back to life.


THE REAL THING (Archi-faux: varies villes et faux monuments)

This is a short-film from France but in Mandarin. Have you been to Paris? It’s a beautiful city near Shanghai. There are barely any tourists, just couples who go there to have their wedding photos taken. Paris, London and Venice are three cities, of which you will find a copy in China.

“The Real Thing” is a documentary that leads us into strange environments and plays with our surroundings in deforming reality but while looking at those who actually live there – that is Chinese people who live in apartments with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

The Real Thing is a 360° degree directed by Benoît Felici in coproduction with Artline Films and Arte.


UNTRAVEL (Autres mondes)

A Turkish-French short-film about patriotism, tourism and emigration. A girl was born and has lived in an isolated, grey country surrounded by an enormous wall for all of her life. She has never travelled but dreams of leaving her country for the perfect world, called “Abroad”.


Do you like short-films? What sorts of films do you like?

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