Discover 23 Adelaide Fringe 2024 shows from performers with French training at clown schools

Adelaide Fringe 2024 artists with French training at clown school
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In addition to the acts with strong French and Francophone links that we covered in our last article, Adelaide Fringe 2024 also has at least 18 performers with French training at clown schools such as Ecole Jacques Lecoq and Ecole Philippe Gaulier. Discover these artists and their shows below.

Adelaide Fringe 2024 artists with French training at clown school 

Fools’ Paradise

FRENCH TRAINING : Britt Plummer trained with Master of Clown Philippe Gaulier

Have you ever fallen for someone across the globe only to become stuck in your own country? From award-winning artist Britt Plummer comes a painfully relatable and heartbreakingly hilarious autobiographical work.


An adventurer, romantic, and professional problem solver, Britt sets on an emotionally charged quest of romantic revelation and raw resilience to defy bureaucracy, hurdling the intricacies of modern relationships whilst attempting to maintain what remains of her sanity.


A delicately powerful journey of storytelling, clowning and physical comedy, Britt invites you to find out if true Paradise really is a Fool’s errand.

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates


Only Grans

FRENCH TRAINING : Nathalie Fenwick graduated from Ecole Philippe Gaulier

Introducing Geri, the old lady who bakes the best shortbread but voted ‘no’ on the 2017 plebiscite because “that kind of thing just isn’t for her”. Join her as she navigates the world of online dating searching for a companion. From “explicit pictures” to “HOT MILFS”, Geri sees it all and realises that maybe a little spice is what keeps a soul young.


Created by Greek/Australian actress Nathalie Fenwick, OnlyGrans in an homage to both the clown and the queer community. Having graduated from Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, Nathalie debuted the show in London in 2023 with warm reception, highlighting the power of comedy to make serious issues accessible and begin much needed conversation.



FRENCH TRAINING : Jeromaia Detto trained at Ecole Philippe Gaulier

MUSH is the latest edition of silliness developed by award nominated comedian Jeromaia Detto!


Unlock your inner child in this one of a kind ‘kids show for adults’ experience. MUSH uncovers the weird mushiness of one man’s mind in a nonstop hour of very silly proportions!

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates


Jeromaia Detto: When I Grow Up (WiP)

FRENCH TRAINING : Jeromaia Detto (as above with MUSH) trained at Ecole Philippe Gaulier

What did you want to be when you grow up? What was that one job your inner child has always wanted to do?


Come along and see your dreams be brought to life. One clown, one box, infinite career options.

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates


Naughty Cabaret

FRENCH TRAINING: One of these two clowns from Norway has studied at École Jacques Lecoq and at Philippe Gaulier

Hosted by the “lovable duo” The Scotsman, Naughty, a six year old clown in crocs and her useless assistant, Nice. Played by Anna Marie Simonsen and Marie Kallevik Straume, also starring in the comedy ‘Troll’. Joined by a line-up of women, non-binary and queer performers; they will be challenging the patriarchy & male-gaze together through comedy & art.


Expect a feminist extravaganza full of drag, circus, clowning and comedy. The line up changes every show, and every performance is different.

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates



FRENCH TRAINING: As above with Naughty Cabaret, one of these two clowns from Norway has studied at École Jacques Lecoq and at Philippe Gaulier

Direct from their critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe debut comes ‘Troll’: an “irresistibly silly”, two-troll clown comedy about connection, scape(goat)ing and being misunderstood.


Fed up with years of misrepresentation, villainization and exclusion, two trolls find themselves in a theatre, ready and desperate to tell their side of the story and the truth about those three goats. Inspired by Norwegian folklore, ‘Troll’ is a heartwarming mash-up of music, storytelling, audience interaction, physical theatre and clown.

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates


John Walpole: Butterfly

FRENCH TRAINING : Jon Walpole recently trained at Ecole Philippe Gaulier

“Man was not meant to fly, but butterflies were.” – Joe Biden

Jon Walpole dared to ask if he could surgically alter himself to become an actual man-sized butterfly. After six long months of elective surgeries that put a strain on an already underfunded public health system, he got his answer: no, your organs will fail.


After being declared legally dead for 9 minutes, a medical miracle saw Jon spring back to life. He promptly scrapped the idea and decided to become a metaphorical butterfly instead. This show is about that.


Fresh from training at the famous French clown school Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Jon Walpole returns to Australia with his newest and most daring show yet. ‘Butterfly’ is a combination of sketch, clown, improvised audience interaction and musical comedy.



FRENCH TRAINING : Jens Radda studied clowning with Philippe Gaulier

Step into the wild world of HUSH where deliciously daring club kittens will whisk you away to an underground cabaret like no other. Immerse yourself in a tantalising fusion of glamorous drag, grunge burlesque, live singing, and theatrical dance numbers that’ll leave you craving more.


Get ready to be captivated by award-winning drag sensations Iva Rosebud and Jens Radda, along with the mesmerising burlesque and singing sensation Meg Hickey. This cabaret extravaganza is set to redefine entertainment in Adelaide, promising a charming, cheeky, thought-provoking, and downright hilarious experience.


HUSH isn’t just a show; it’s a five-star, show-stopping spectacle that’ll have you talking long after the curtain falls. Don’t miss out on this feast for the eyes, where performance art seamlessly intertwines with the whispers of that which can’t be said in the light of day, creating an unforgettable journey into the shadows of nightlife.

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates


Skank Sinatra

FRENCH TRAINING: Jens Radda (as from HUSH above) studied clowning with Philippe Gaulier

Stunningly raunchy, fiercely clever and outrageously hilarious Jens Radda (ABC TV) returns to Adelaide in his unmissable drag cabaret show.


Fresh from award-winning and sell-out performances in Edinburgh, Sydney and Melbourne, Jens Radda is here to deliver soaring vocals, delicious piano, sharp humour and exceptional stage presence that will leave you gasping for air and crying with laughter.

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates


Jon & Jero: Stuff

FRENCH TRAINING: Both Jon Walpole (from Butterfly above) and Jeromaia Detto (from MUSH and When I grow up above) have both attended the Philippe Gaulier school

Jon & Jero are embarking on an epic journey to find their missing STUFF – but they can’t do it alone! With your help, these bumbling brothers will travel far and wide to get their STUFF back in this fast and fun choose-your-own-adventure!


STUFF! is a comedy experience for the whole family. Join Jon and Jero in a high-energy hour of silly proportions combining physical comedy, big characters, improvisation and most importantly, STUFF!

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates



FRENCH TRAINING: Casey Filips has trained with Philippe Gaulier

Tobias Finlay-Fraser is the greatest actor of his generation. Only problem is, he’s played by little-known actor/comedian Casey Filips.


Virtuoso is a one-man comedy hour following the trials and tribulations of a pretentious idiot doing anything he can to win over the crowd, finally claim his overdue Oscar and save theatre from the cultural abyss.


Best Before

FRENCH TRAINING: Nicolas Angelosanto “is a professionally trained idiot, under the French clown stylings of Philippe Gaulier”.

After performing his multi-award winning debut show, Lucy & Me, physical comedian and all-round idiot Nicolas Angelosanto returns with a new show filled with the full cream adventures of Australia’s last milkman. Join Wendel, a milkman on a mission as he battles against the terrors of soy milk and even worse, hipsters!


Across fifty minutes of milky goodness audiences can expect outrageous laughs and a splash zone that would even make free-Willy blush. Light refreshments available. May contain milk.

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates


Callum Straford: Mozart 182

FRENCH TRAINING: Callum Straford has recently completed a summer course at Philippe Gaulier school

Your life is all over the place. One day it’s sunny, the next day it rains. You like Mozart, but you also like Blink-182…


This a dazzling stand-up, sketch, clown and musical comedy concerto from Melbourne comedian Callum Straford. Find the joy. Find the pleasure. Embrace the mayhem.


Furiozo: Man Looking for Trouble

FRENCH TRAINING : Polish improv pioneer Piotr Sikora has trained with Philippe Gaulier

Furiozo: Man Looking For Trouble‘ is a disturbing yet absurdly funny portrait of toxic masculinity. This solo punk-rock comedy show stars one man, Furiozo: an aggressive hooligan with a giant heart. Police chases, petty theft, drugs and longing for the greatest thrill of all – true love.


You will love him. You will hate him. You will experience the presence of the beast. As Furiozo would say: “Live fast. Die.”



FRENCH TRAINING: Sam Dugmore trained at Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris. It’s also where he met his fellow troupe mates from The Latebloomers (you may have seen Scotland! or The Bakers at previous festivals).

Step aside Stallone! Sam Dugmore  is back due to popular demand! He’s locked and loaded as the greatest action hero of all time, unearthing his ruthless man skills to confront his worst nemesis… himself. A dead-sexy mission, filled with chaos, 80s singing, dancing and workout montages, explosions, evil Russians, suppressed raw male emotion and a dog called Fluffy.


Extremely camp, extremely silly, extremely entertaining, extremely MANBO.

Fringe Membership 241 tickets available on some dates


Rocky Stallone: The Champ

FRENCH TRAINING: Sam Dugmore (as above in MANBO) trained at Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris. It’s also where he met his fellow The Latebloomers troupe mates.

Rocky Stallone, a small-man kind of guy with big-time time guts who yearns to be a hero. He has one dream left, one last chance to be… the champ. Creators of multi-award winning, critically acclaimed smash-hit MANBO, comes a brand-new work that explores what it truly means to ‘be a man!’ Come and grab ringside seats to this world premiere!

Fringe Members 241 tickets available on some dates


Plenty of Fish in the Sea

FRENCH TRAINING: Artistic Director, Emily Ayoub and Associate Artistic Director, Madeline Baghurst trained at Jacques Lecoq Theatre School.

A traveller is rescued from the surging seas to the devout fishing village. Conversation is sparse and in his temporary lodgings he comes face to face with an unsettling kind of hook-up culture. This is a darkly humorous and physically adventurous contemporary fable about finding the perfect catch.


Plenty of Fish in the Sea‘ is contemporary physical theatre that embraces old-school theatricality. Surprising objects pop out of odd places, furniture moves as if on a ship in the ocean, characters misinterpret each other’s languages – it’s fun, it’s cheeky, it’s inventive and unsettling for those who are lost at sea.

Fringe Members 241 tickets available on some dates


In small doses

FRENCH TRAINING: Maroussia Vladi studied at Ecole Jacques Lecoq and has lived in Paris

This is a true story. A mother flies in to visit her daughter for her 30th birthday. She brings with her a large suitcase with no return ticket home. Unbeknownst to her daughter, The Mother is here to stay … indefinitely.


“Surprise!” Mother has broken up with Husband No. 3 and now has nowhere else to live.  If only this were a surprise. Fast to detect her mother’s ulterior motives, The Daughter attempts to find a polite way to make her mother leave. Turns out … there isn’t one.


In Small Doses is a dark comedy about family relations made all the more complex as unique cultural values come into play. Performed by a real mother and daughter, the play maps a series of escalating arguments, each one more thrilling then the last … for, isn’t ‘arguing’ a type of love-language?


From Russia with Lana

FRENCH TRAINING: Maroussia Vladi studied at Ecole Jacques Lecoq and has lived in Paris

Love, life and the news from a Russian bride’s perspective.


Ever wanted to know what the Russians think? What Russian women think? What Russian brides think? Look no further. Svetlana: a dashing, obnoxious and politically incorrect Russian Bride will tell you all you do (and don’t) wish to know about your world to date. And she’s so convinced she’s right, she may just convince you too! Just don’t mention the war…


Maroussia Vladi brings you a satire which shocked audiences at the MICF in 2023.  Maroussia, as Svetlana, enters into prohibited territory. But isn’t this the very terrain where comedy thrives?


Garry Starr: Classic Penguins

FRENCH TRAINING: Damien Warren-Smith aka Garry Starr has trained with Philippe Gaulier in France

The polar ice caps are melting! Soon penguins will have nowhere to live. Having already saved pretty much everything else, Garry Starr is now taking it upon himself to single-handedly save our flightless, feathered friends from extinction by performing every Penguin Classic novel ever written. In an hour. Mostly naked (but with flippers).


Poet No. 7

FRENCH TRAINING: Damien Warren-Smith (as mentioned above in Classic Penguins) trained with Philippe Gaulier

Set in a Melbourne no longer recognisable, four characters speak from different points in time, their stories overlapping and interweaving with tantalising uncertainty. As we piece together their fragmented lives what’s revealed is an Australia being torn apart by violence, desire and genetically modified indigenous berries.


From playwright Ben Ellis, winner of both the Malcolm Robertson Prize and the Patrick White Playwrights’ Award comes a piece of post-apocalyptic poetry posing as a play. Performed as a solo piece by Damien Warren-Smith (the man behind fringe favourite Garry Starr)


The Ukelele Man

FRENCH TRAINING: Marcel Cole studied clowning at Ecole Philippe Gaulier


The untold story of Northern English wartime entertainer and ukulele legend George Formby! With a toothy grin and a cheeky turnip face, he sang naughty songs and won the heart of the nation! He was banned by the BBC, declared insane by his wife, and still became the UK’s highest paid entertainer! And all “with his little ukulele in his hand“.


Belinda Anderson- Hunt: The Sun and The Hermit

FRENCH TRAINING: Belinda Anderson-Hunt attended Ecole Philippe Gaulier

Belinda Anderson-Hunt is breathing life into her most chaotic creations, or is it the other way around?


A delectably nightmarish hour of character comedy you won’t want to wake up from, The Sun and The Hermit is Belinda’s highly anticipated, perpetually procrastinated solo debut. Squeeze a month’s worth of weird into one delightfully beautiful hour.


David Lynch meets Maria Bamford.

Beatrix Potter meets The Exorcist.

Like a Studio Ghibli film but your eyes are on fire.

Fringe membership 241 tickets for some dates

So as you can see these Adelaide Fringe 2024 shows from French trained performers are not all about a traditional clown in a wig, big pants with a squishy red nose, most don’t look like clowns at all!


Which shows do you want to see at Adelaide Fringe 2024? Have you ever seen a performance from someone with French training in clown?


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