Last chance to see Blanc de Blanc Encore in Adelaide before it heads to Newcastle

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Blanc de Blanc Encore is one of the headlining shows at the Adelaide Fringe this year and it heads to Newcastle in a few weeks. We spoke to Remi Martin Lenz, who is part of the show.

Blanc de Blanc Encore
Image: Prudence Upton


Remi, you are part of the troupe that plays in the show Blanc de Blanc Encore. How long have you been part of this show?

I’m from the original cast, so I was part of the beginning and creation of the show.


How long have you been working with Strut & Fret, the company responsible for the show?

I have been working with Strut n Fret for 5-6 years.


For those of you who don’t know it, tell us a bit about the show Blanc de Blanc Encore and also about your role in it.

It’s a show for adults with a champagne and party theme. I am the host, comedian and acrobat in the show. I’m the guy for everything.


How is Blanc de Blanc Encore different from other circus shows at the Adelaide Fringe?

We are a very international cast, we come from all over the world. The artists are very professional and work with the big companies like Cirque du Soleil and others. The show is of a high standard in all disciplines of circus, music and comedy.

You were born near Frankfurt to a French mother and a German father. Do you live in Australia now? If so, since when?

No, I live in Berlin but I spend more than 50% of the year in Australia touring with the Strut n fret shows.


So you speak German, French, English – any others?!

Unfortunately not more than that.


You graduated from the Berlin School of Circus Arts in 2007. Tell us a bit about this training and this school.

It’s a professional school for circus arts and ballet dance. I only went for two years because I started at the age of 21. Normally, you start at the age of 14/15


I specialised in the Chinese mast, a vertical mast of 6 m height. But since then I have moved more towards comedy and physical theatre.


Why did you choose the Chinese pole as your specialisation?
Chinese Pole yes. When I started Chinese Pole in 2005 there were very few artists in this discipline and I didn’t create much, inventing a new style.

Blanc de Blanc Encore

Did you do gymnastics or circus classes as a child?

I had my first circus experiences at the age of 18 in a circus club at school. Before that I did 17 years of judo. No gymnastics. And also classical theatre at the age of 10 before I went to Berlin.


When did you decide to be in the circus professionally?

I knew at the age of 10 that I wanted to work in the world of theatre and circus.


When you are not performing in Blanc de Blanc Encore, what shows do you perform in? Do you (maybe before COVID) often tour around the world?

I work in different companies around the world. For the last 6 years I have also been working a lot with my own show “LIAR – Life is a rehearsal” physical theatre. This show was presented in 2020 in Perth and Adelaide.


How did you get through the COVID lockdown periods when you can’t perform?

Travel travel 😉

Blanc de Blanc Encore

How do you stay in shape when you are performing every night and touring?

I sleep a lot and spend the afternoons at the beach and don’t move around too much 😉


You have performed for many companies and at many festivals around the world. You also performed for the Queen of England in 2012. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Being invited by the Queen was of course one of my career peaks for sure. Otherwise being able to work, travel with my own show is great.


Why should people come to see the Blanc de Blanc Encore show?

It’s the headliner of the festival and a big party.

We thank Remi for this interview. You can see him in Blanc de Blanc Encore at the Adelaide Fringe until this Sunday and then in Newcastle from 31 March to 1 May.




WHAT: Blanc de Blanc Encore

WHEN: Every night (except Monday) until the end of the Adelaide Fringe (20 March) at 8.30pm and also at 11pm on Friday and Saturday

WHERE: The Spiegeltent in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, Adelaide

HOW: Buy your tickets through this link:

HOW MUCH: Tickets range from $59 for ‘cheap seats’ to $119 for VIP ringside (before booking fee).



WHAT: Blanc de Blanc Encore

WHEN: Every night (except Mondays) from 31 March to 1 May

WHERE: Spiegeltent Newcastle, Newcastle

HOW: Buy your tickets via this link:

HOW MUCH: Tickets range from $62.69 for “cheap seats” to $114.70 for VIP ringside (booking fee included)


What is your favourite circus act?


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