Brisbane International Film Festival 2020 French language films

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The Brisbane International Film Festival 2020 (BIFF 2020) program is live! it will be in cinemas from 1-11 October 2020. Find out about the French language films screening at BIFF 2020 below.

Brisbane International Film Festival 2020

The Brisbane International Film Festival 2020 will be an opportunity for people to sit and enjoy films in cinema on the big screen – so get off the couch and out of your tracky dacks! 



Brisbane International Film Festival - Felicità (2020) - IMDb

Told through the eyes of 11-year-old Tommy, Felicità is an endearing French comedy about the pre-teen, her eccentric mum, her fresh-out-of-jail dad and a road trip.

From France in French.



Brisbane International Film Festival 2020 - Si c’était de l'amour

Centred around Gisèle Vienne’s dance piece ‘Crowd’, Patric Chiha’s documentary “If It Were Love”  is a dynamic exploration of why we party to forget.

From France in English, French and Swedish, with English subtitles.



Brisbane International Film Festival 2020

A shy young woman finds herself involved in a forbidden romance with a twist — her object of desire is Jumbo, the local carnival’s tilt-a-whirl ride.

From France in French



Paris Calligrammes (2020) - IMDb

This lyrical portrait shows how 1960s Paris transformed the young Ulrike Ottinger into an insatiable cinephile and politically engaged artist.

From Germany and France in French, German and English, with English subtitles.


Short films in French at Brisbane International Film Festival 2020


A man and a cat

Brisbane International Film Festival 2020 - Un Homme et un Chat (2020) - IMDb

A man and a cat is a BIFF | Screen Queensland Short Film Award Nominee. It is screening as part of the Heart Beats short films selection.

It is described as “a sweet and surprising tale of devotion between a man and, well, his cat.”

From Australia in French with English subtitles. 



A high-energy romp set on the streets of Bamako, Mali finds David and Cheik preparing for David’s big audition, but they will have to get through a series of misadventures first.

N’Diajnemo is part of the Life Beats program.

From Mali and the USA in French with English subtitles.



Three sisters are facing possible impending disaster, a flood heralded by a fellow citizen fleeing for higher ground. Located deep inland, each processes the news differently, and their sisterly bond is challenged as uncertainty grows.

From France in French. 


This is part of the Short Beats short films program.


BIFF 2020 is on from 1-11 October 2020. 


Ticket Prices:

  • Adult $16.50
  • Concession* $12.50
  • QAGOMA Member** $11.50
  • Child*** $10.50

If you purchase tickets to 6 or more films (in one transaction), you will receive a discount of 15% off your tickets.


You can view the full BIFF 2020 program here.


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Brisbane International Film Festival 2020