Where to find the bûche de noël 2022 in Australia

bûche de noël 2022
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Because you’re looking for the bûche de noël earlier and earlier each year, we’re letting you know where you can find the bûche de noël 2022 in Australia!

bûche de noël 2022

If you’d  like to know not just where you can find it but more about the bûche de noël, including its history, click here to read out article from last year.






Les Deux Coqs will be making bûches de noël in a single size serving 8-10 people. They will be available in 2 flavours for $60 each:

  • 3 chocolate, and
  • a meringue log with peach coulis and méthode champenoise

Their bûches de noël will be available from the beginning of December.

Pre-orders can be made online (not quite yet) or in store.


Mulot’s has 6 different bûches de noël 2022: chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, Grand Marnier, coffee, and Cointreau. They can be made from 4 to 17 inches in length.


Advance orders are highly recommended, especially for Christmas Eve, and can be placed by phone (8272 6499) or in store. Mulot’s is already making bûches de noël,, so people are encouraged to start ordering now.


Sucre Patisserie has created a Coconut and Mango bûche de noël 2022:

Coconut pavlova rolled with mango mousse, finished with fresh vanilla Chantilly cream, decorated with edible cornflower & calendula flower petals, candied zest & gold leaf.

Serves 12-15

*PLEASE NOTE* Available for collection on the 23rd & 24th December ONLY (24th up until 12pm), please select your collection date at the checkout.




Chouquette proposes  3 different bûches this year, including a gluten-free option.


The chocolate bûche
: dark chocolate and orange crispy rice base, ginger sponge layer and chocolate and orange mousse with a mirror glaze finish.
Serves 6 $65


The rustic bûche
: sponge cake with lemon cream and hazelnut praline butter, rolled in chopped hazelnuts
Serves 6 $65


The fruity bûche (gluten-free)

Pistachio dacquoise, white chocolate rice crisp layer, raspberry coulis center and vanilla cheesecake mousse with mirror glaze finish.
Serves 6 $65


Order via this link – ignore the message saying that orders are closed:


Buche de NoelDalton Catering Brisbane proposes a Bûche de Noël in hazelnut and chocolate:

Valrhona chocolate and hazelnut ganache, dacquoise sponge cake, raspberry and milk chocolate mousse.

For 6 to 8 people $119.99.


Le Caprice Pâtisserie proposes their bûches de noël 2022 in two flavours:

  • Vanilla & Almond: Almond biscuit, Crunchy Almond paste, Vanilla & Almond Ganache and Vanilla supreme; and
  • passionfruit, caramel and chocolate.

Available in 2 sizes: 4-6 people for $55 and 8-10 people for $70

Pre-orders are highly recommended. They can be placed at [email protected] or by phone at 0466690338.

Le Caprice’s bûches de noël 2022 will be available the last week of December.


Mica Brisbane proposes different 2 bûches de noël 2022:


Chocolate hazelnut mousse with inserts of raspberry coulis, white chocolate vanilla spread, hazelnut crunchy and a hazelnut dacquoise

Available in half ($40) or full ($70)



Mango & Passionfruit Mousse with inserts of rum compressed pineapple compote, coconut dacquoise and almond crunchy

Available in half ($40) or full ($70).


Toowong French Patisserie proposes 4 bûches de noël for 2022:

  • Lindt Chocolate – 12 people – $69
  • Raspberry and lemon- 12 people- $66
  • Lindt Chocolate – Small, 2 people- $22.50
  • Raspberry and lemon – Small- 2 people- $22.50


While there are plenty of products in store, you should do an order in advance to make sure you don’t miss out.

Their bûches de Noël 2022 will be available throughout the month of December. Pre-order via this link.



Breizh Cafe Creperie has made its bûches de noël 2022 in 3 different flavours which are Pistachio, Hazelnut, or Vanilla.

The price is $50 per cake and to order by phone, contact them on 0261560346.

Breizh Cafe is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 8am to 3pm.



Choukette proposes 2 flavours for its bûches de noël 2022:


  • Traditional chocolate: Genoise and butter cream
  • Traditional praline: Pistachio cream and cherry mousse.


They are available in 2 sizes to serve 6 or 8 people.


These bûches de noël will be available from December 8th. It’s better to pre-order but there will be some in the store, which you can do by phone or e-mail [email protected]


Gateaux by Marc Frissard makes bûches de noel 2022 in three flavours:

Bassam (flourless)
● Chocolate dacquoise
● Raspberries
● 69% dark chocolate mousse
● Chocolate mirror glaze

Boule de Neige (snow ball)

● Dense hazelnut sponge
● Salted caramel
● Crunchy chocolate glaze
● Choux pastry
● Milk chocolate and hazelnut chantilly
● Handmade chocolate decorations

● Shortbread pastry
● Lemon curd
● Blueberry jam
● Pink meringue
● Nougat with freeze dried berries and
rose petals
● Christmas pudding macaron with
brandy and butterscotch cream.

They each cost $89 (or $102.35 for Christmas Day collection), and serve between 8 and 10 people. They should be ordered in advance and are available from now. You can order them in store or calling them on 85105327.


Millstone Patisserie


Savoiardi sponge is brushed generously with espresso syrup, lathered with marsala mascarpone mousse & rolled up with local blackberries. The bûche is then glazed in roasted almond couverture & decorated with more delicious blackberries.

Each bûche comes in one size of approximately 35cm in length and costs $115.00.

The French Lettuce

Bûche de Noël 2022has a single bûche de noël 2022 option comprised of a 25cm roulade of chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache and black cherries. Symbolically rolled into the shape of a tree log and tastefully decorated with chocolate buttercream.

Available in one size which serves up to 12 people. This cake requires 14 days notice to pre-order.


Rêverie Café and Dessert by Pierrick Boyer proposes a bûche de noël 2022 named Nuts about Christmas 

Hazelnut dacquoise, salted caramel butter, chocolate mousse, pecan spread, praline glaze


Medium size is $62 & individual $12.


Their bûches de noël will be available from 1 to 24 December. Place your order via their website . Ordering in advance is recommended, as they may be out of stock before Christmas.


Sucre du Jour proposes two Bûches de noël 2022:

Bûche de Noël 2022
: Bittersweet Chocolate Sponge | Feuilletine Crunch | Dark Chocolate Ganache | Mandarin and Yuzu Cremeux | Valrhorna 74% Millot Dark Chocolate Mousse (contains Almonds and Hazelnuts)


Framboise: Raspberry Madeleine Sponge | Raspberry Cremeux | Raspberry Jam | Strawberry and Rose Mousse | Strawberry Chantilly (contains almonds)


They are available in one size to serve 10 people for $92 each individually. From now until December 24th.


Pre-orders are required but just give them a day’s notice. You can make yours via their online store or you can call them directly to pre-order.




Bûche de Noël 2022Chez Jean Claude Pâtisserie gives you the choice between 5 flavours for its bûche de noël 2022: Chestnut, Choc/Grand Marnier, Chocolate (without alcohol), Kirsch, and Praline.

Their bûches de noël logs are available in three sizes: 12, 21 and 17cm

They cost between $32 and $65.


Louis Boeglin Pâtisserie offers one choice of bûche (chocolate-raspberry & hazelnut) which can serve 10 people for $79.


Their bûches de noël 2022 will be available from 6/12. Pre-order yours with 48hrs minimum notice by internet or by phone


Wild Bakery has two bûches de noël 2022.

Chocolate & Cherry
A French Christmas tradition enjoyed throughout the season! This year they have Chocolate, Cherry and Vanilla: the Black Forrest classic rearranged (GLUTEN FREE) A superb balance of flavour and texture makes this a show-stopping Christmas dessert.


Bûche de Noël 2022
Mango and coconut

Christmas in Australia with summer flavours, fresh mango, passionfruit, and coconut cream, rolled up in a VEGAN sponge, a perfect finish to a Christmas celebration.


These two bûches can only be ordered for December 23rd and 24th.




La Maison du Pâtissier offers three flavours in its bûches de noël 2022:

  • Chocolate layered
  • Mango/passionfruit/coconut (Gluten-free)
  • Matcha Green Tea with berry crémeux (Gluten-free)

The size is 8-12 and they cost $76 each.

Make your pre-orders via messenger, Facebook, Instagram or email now to take away from the second week of December.


Bûche de Noël 2022

La Petite Souris proposes their very unique bûche de noël named “White Christmas”: Vanilla lime mousse, cherry blossom cremeux, white choc namelaka, blackcurrant confit, pain de gênes.



Bûche de Noël 2022

They also have the more traditional chocolate bûche de Noël: Milk chocolate mousse, cocoa nib cream, cocoa jelly, macadamia crunch, chocolate sponge on chocolate sand.


They are already available and come in two sizes: 6 inches: $65 and 8 inches: $75. Christmas Eve orders close on Sunday, December 18. Pre-order in store, by phone at (07) 5338 8821 or by email at [email protected].




Flo Viennoiserie proposes 5 bûches de noël 2022, in a single size to serve 6- 8 people (26cm for $69):

  • Traditional coffee: made with a rolled sponge soak with coffee espresso, buttery coffee cream and a chocolate ganache to balance the coffee.
  • Chocolate: A dark 55% Belgian chocolate mousse, a vanilla from Madagascar cream brulée, a layer of crunchy hazelnut praline and 2 almond dacquoise biscuit.
  • Coco/Mango: A coconut mousse, mango and Passion fruit cream in the middle and 2 layer of coconut Dacquoise biscuit.
  • Mont Blanc: chestnut mousse, vanilla mascarpone chantilly, hazelnut dacquoise biscuit
  • Mille-feuille: Made with 3 layer of caramelised puff pastry and a light buttery vanilla cream with a lot of fresh fruit on top


Bûche de Noël 2022

Their bûches are only available by pre-order via their website for collection from December 17th to 25th .


François Artisan Baker is making its bûches de noël 2022 in 4 flavours and 3 sizes. The flavours are:

  • Chocolate
  • Praline
  • Black Forest
  • Lemon meringue

They are available in 3 sizes:

  • to serve 6 people $48.00;
  • to serve 8 people $60.00; and
  • to serve 12 people $75.00.

Pre-orders are highly recommended to guarantee the flavour you want. You can order yours via this link

Delivery is available to postcodes: 2000, 2010, 2011, 2021—2031, 2034 and are made Tuesday – Sunday, between 9am – 12pm or 2pm – 5pm.

Otherwise, you can collect from the bakery in Bondi Tuesday – Sunday, between 8am – 12pm or 12pm – 5pm.


La Renaissance proposes two bûches de Noël 2022:

Bûche de Noël 2022

traditional chocolate bûche de Noël

Their most popular Christmas cake is shaped like a bûche de Noël and is only available in December of each year. It is a rolled chocolate sponge cake, with a 62% chocolate mousse inside, and a chocolate ganache and buttercream to finish. Christmas decorations and a touch of edible glitter complete this most festive of cakes.


The traditional chocolate bûche de Noël will be available from Monday, December 5 to December 24.


Raspberry Passionfruit bûche de noël

A summer favourite, their Raspberry Passionfruit bûche de noël is fresh, creamy and tart, with a beautiful bright red finish that will brighten any Christmas table. A raspberry mousse coating a passion fruit cream and a genoa bread in the centre, with crunchy almond nougatine and decorated with macaron shells and white chocolate pieces.


Their raspberry and passion fruit bûche de noël will be available from Wednesday, December 14 until Christmas Eve (December 24).


Their bûches de noël 2022 are available in 3 sizes:

  • Small (6 people) $50
  • Medium (8 personnes) $62
  • Large (10 people ) $75


LaVie & Belle Bakery

Bûche de Noël 2022



Orders can be made via instagram, Facebook, in store or by phone.






Le 76 proposes 3 different bûches de noël 2022.

Order via their instagram or their website. They are available from 15 December.


Le Breton proposes its bûches de noël 2022 in five flavours:

  • Chocolat moelleux w grand marnier Ganache ,
  • Chocolat Ganache fresh raspberries cream centre,
  • Café Moka,
  • Hazelnut, and
  • Black Forest.


They are available in  3 sizes:

  • Small (6 people) $35.00
  • Medium (10 people)  $51.00
  • Large (16 people) $60.00


You can now pre-order for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,

Follow Le Breton on Facebook to see their bûches de noël soon.


Madame & Yves proposes two different Bûches de Noël 2022 .


Chocolate and caramel Bûche de Noël 

Calling all chocolate lovers: the new chocolate Bûche de Noël is a rich, decadent, multi-layered dessert crowned with a generous but feather-light caramel mousse. It’s a modern and stylish take on the traditional “Christmas Log”. Serves up to 8 guests. Features layers of:

  • Hazelnut crunch base
  • Tropical fruit confit: passionfruit, mango, touch of coconut
  • Dark chocolate brownie
  • Enrobed in 56% fair trade Republic del Cacao dark chocolate mousse
  • Pillow of caramel mousse
  • Pipings of mascarpone chantilly and bespoke “wooden” chocolate work by Chef Yves

Alcohol free, contains hazelnuts. Best enjoyed cold, should be kept refrigerated. Will last up to 4 days if stored in the fridge. We advise to bring a cooler bag to collect and transport, as this features mousse components and will degrade if left at room temp.

Can be ordered as a whole cake for $65 or for $10 a slice.


Bûche de Noël 2022Yuzu Blanc bûche de noël 
A summery and elegant take on the traditional Christmas treat: our popular Yuzu Blanc entremets has been transformed into a Bûche de Noël. Serves up to 8 guests. Features layers of refreshing, bright and creamy flavours inside:

  • Linzer sable crunch base
  • Vanilla-raspberry sponge cake
  • Raspberry marmalade
  • Enrobed in fromage blanc mousse
  • Crowned with a yuzu and mandarin curd, wafer pearls, white and ruby festive chocolate decorations.

Nut free and alcohol free (may contain traces of nuts). Contains dairy and gluten. Best enjoyed cold, should be kept refrigerated. Will last up to 4 days if stored in the fridge. We definitely advise to bring a cooler bag to collect and transport, as this features mousse components and will degrade if left at room temp.

Can be ordered as a whole cake for $65 or for $10 a slice.


For both Bûches
OPTION: Please select the “frozen” option if you’d like to collect your Bûche de Noël pre-frozen to be thawed 5-hours in the fridge before enjoying. A great way to skip the queues and collect in advance, and a must if travelling up to 4-hours from the shop! Transport frozen using a cooler bag and ice packs for safe handling. Having the cake frozen won’t affect the final product, but having out too long on a hot day will!



SeaSweet This stunning dessert is made of sponge cake rolled with a whipped crème fraiche and covered with rich chocolate frosting. Decorated with your favourite Christmas icons.:

  • 30cm 49,90 $
  • 40cm 69,90 $
  • 50 cm 89,90 $

Which bûche de noël 2022 will you order?


To find out what events related to French, France and the Francophonie are taking place in Australia this month, see our article What’s on in December.



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