Happy Carignan Day 2022!

Carignan Day 2022
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Today we celebrate Carignan Day 2022. Although it may seem lesser-known, it goes by many different names and was once in the not-so-distant past France’s most widely grown grape! This year to celebrate this great grape, we’re bringing you fresh and must-try recommendations from a selection of excellent French wine importers in Australia!

Carignan Day 2022

Carignan is celebrated on the last Thursday of October each year. Carignan grapes are a gorgeous blue/black and produce high tannin, highly acidic wines. Flavours found in Carignan wines include pepper, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, banana, almond, prune and violet.




Clos Cachet

Ashleigh Huggins recommends Domaine Gavoty – Storia Carignan 2019 for International Carignan Day 2022.



Domaine Gavoty creates rich, earthy Carignan from old vines in the heart of Provence. With organically grown vineyards (rare for the disease-susceptible grape), the team ensure to plough and manage yields strictly to increase concentration of the wine’s nose that opens on black fruits and spices. Fine and supple tannins. Aromas of black fruits and liquorice; melted structure: a gourmet and complex wine; a “real pretty wine”!


How does French Carignan differ from Australian Carignan?

There is little Carignan outside of Southern France, with Provence and Languedoc having the best climate for such a tough grape varietal. With extremely high yields and tannic qualities the French Carignan is something truly special to behold if the winemaker wrangles the top qualities into a single varietal wine. In Australia it is more found in blends with Shiraz and Grenache.


Why is Carignan not as well known in Australia?

There are still plantings of Carignan in Australia but often found within blends rather than single varietal wines. Being tough to cultivate and shape into an enjoyable beverage, there was a large push to remove the grapes from across the world. In France it came about in the 1980s, and followed suit across Australia. While able to render enjoyable wines in the Languedoc region of France, Australians do not favour high tannic wines and so remains a more ambiguous grape used in blends.


What would you pair this Carignan with?

Roast beef cheeks, Grilled chicken, Filet Mignon, Artichoke, Saffron Risotto. 


Pierre Stock Wine Selections

Carignan Day 2022Pierre Stock recommends the 2019 Domaine Le Roc Des Anges Isabal Cotes Catalanes 100% Carignan for International Carignan Day 2022.



This Carignan is pure and unique planted in pink Schiste. The layers of aromas in this wine are super complex and velvety, something that will age for decades.


How does Australian Carignan differ from French Carignan?

I do not know any Australian Carignan.


Why is carignan not as well known in Australia?

Carignan needs a lot of sun and and very hard rock with irrigated soils.


What would you pair this Carignan with?

Persian, Middle Eastern food.

Want to find out more about Carignan?

If you want to find out if you’ve experienced the glory of Carignan without knowing it, see our Carignan day article from 2020 for some in depth info on the history and versatility of this varietal.


Or if you want some quick Carignan facts to whip out when drinking with your mates, or simply love some quick wine trivia facts to break the ice, see our Carignan day article from 2021.


Make sure to check out the recommendations above, share the Carignan love in the comments below and let us know what your favourite Carignan wine is. Or tag us in your photos on social media @matildamarseillaise . We’d love to see what Carignan you’re drinking.


Happy Carignan Day 2022!

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