Films from France to see at CHIFF 2023

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The Children’s International Film Festival 2023 (CHIFF 2023) starts in Melbourne and Sydney at the end of the month and there are 4 films from France for you to see.

CHIFF 2023

Two are from France but are in English, and two are from France and in French. Discover them below.


Films in French at CHIFF 2023


Dragon Princess



A beautifully drawn fantasy film filled with magic and adventure. Bristle looks like a human, but she is the daughter of a dragon. Although taught to fear and hate humans, when Bristle ventures out into the world on her own, she soon befriends a human girl, Princess. The pair learn the meaning of friendship and solidarity as they encounter prejudice and conflict from both of their families, since dragons and humans are supposed to be enemies.


Yuku and the Himalayan Flower


COUNTRY: Belgium, France, Switzerland

Yuku, a little mouse who lives with her family in the basement of a castle, decides to embark on a quest to find a legendary Himalayan flower in this charming and gently moving story of friendship and family. At the top of the highest mountains on Earth lives a plant that radiates eternal light: the Himalayan Flower. Yuku goes looking for it to give it to her grandmother. She has a long journey ahead, filled with obstacles, including the Bridge of Fear guarded by the wolf! With her ukulele and her songs, Yuku makes valuable friends who are essential in guiding her through her adventure.


Films from France in English at CHIFF 2023

Billy the Cowboy Hamster


France, Belgium, Netherlands

Growing up in the Wild West and raised on the exciting stories told by his father, Billy with his cowboy outfit has a burning desire to hit the trail! And since every new day presents him with an opportunity to go on an adventure worthy of the greatest cowboys, he is determined not to miss out. He takes with him his faithful friend Jean-Claude, a worm, and his accomplice Suzie, a stone marten, and off they go! Based on the very successful series of books by Catharina Valckx, these six episodes from this charming new animated series showcase some of Billy’s most fun adventures. Screens as six x 11-minute episodes.


Icarus and the Minotaur


Luxembourg, France, Belgium

Once upon a time on the island of Crete, during the age of King Minos, lived a dreamy young boy named Icarus. One day Icarus discovered a mysterious creature that had the body of a man and the head of a bull. Its name? Asterion, also known as the Minotaur. When the King asks Icarus’s father, the famous inventor Daedalus, to work on a secret project, Icarus realises that his new friend might be in danger.



WHAT: Children’s International Film Festival 2023 (CHIFF 2023)

WHERE: In Melbourne and Sydney

Melbourne: Classic Cinemas in Elsternwick, Lido Cinemas in Hawthorn, and Cameo Cinemas in Belgrave

Sydney: Ritz Cinemas in Randwick

WHEN: 27 May – 12 June 2023

HOW: Purchase your tickets via the links above and see the whole program at

HOW MUCH: Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Single tickets: $15 each
  • Family passes for individual sessions (2x adults and 2x children, or 1x adult and 3x children): $52
  • Cinema Members can access $13 tickets (max of two discounted tickets per member).
  • Groups: access discounted tickets by emailing [email protected]

There is a booking fee of $1.70 for bookings made online or via telephone


Which films are you going to see at CHIFF 2023?


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