Europa! Europa 2023 hits screens this week: 11 films to see

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Europa! Europa 2023 marks the second year of this European film festival held in Melbourne and Sydney. The program comprises newer releases as well as a 4K restoration of the Three Colours trilogy, which will be the first time to see these films on the big screen for some. Read on to find out about films in French showing at Europa! Europa 2023.

Europa! Europa 2023


Simone: Woman of the century

Country: France

Runtime: 138 Mins

Director: Olivier Dahan

Language: French (English Subtitles)

The film “Simone Veil” by director Olivier Dahan, depicts the remarkable life of the French feminist icon. This emotional and significant biopic showcases Simone Veil, a Holocaust survivor, defender of human rights, and politician. This film was a huge success in France and presents an intimate and grand depiction of a unique woman who greatly influenced and changed her time while promoting a humanistic message that remains significant even today.


Stay with us 

Country: France

Runtime: 90 Mins

Director: Gad Elmaleh

Language: French (English Subtitles)

Comedian Gad Elmaleh, known for “Gad Elmaleh: American Dream,” directs and stars in this autobiographical comedy that explores themes of acceptance and the significance of family. The film follows Gad as he moves from New York to Paris to be baptized as a Catholic, without telling his Jewish family. Despite Gad’s attempts to keep the conversion a secret, his parents find out and begin a battle to bring him back to their religion. Gad struggles to make them understand that his newfound beliefs do not alter his identity or the love he has for his family.


The Accusation

Country: France

Runtime: 138 Mins

Director: Yvan Attal

Language: French (English Subtitles)

The Farels are a successful couple – he is a renowned TV host and she is a writer known for her feminist activism. Their lives are thrown into chaos when their son, a student at Stanford University, is accused of raping a young woman from a Jewish family.


Director Yvan Attal brings to the screen the acclaimed novel of the same name in a thought-provoking film that delves into the issues of class, sex, truth, and consent. Debuting at the Venice Film Festival, “The Accusation” is a powerful French drama featuring a remarkable performance by Charlotte Gainsbourg.


The Blaze

Country: France

Runtime: 85 Mins

Director: Quentin Reynaud

Language: French (English Subtitles)

Simon and his aging father Joseph reside in the south of France. When a massive wildfire strikes their local region, they are forced to flee, leaving everything behind. Despite Simon’s familiarity with the local roads and secret paths, the intensifying wind and smoke make it seem like they have no escape routes left.


André Dussollier (Everything Went Fine, Tell No One) and Alex Lutz (seen in 2022 Europa! Europa film Vortex) deliver impressive performances as father and son in this French eco-thriller that blends elements of a road movie, disaster film, and touching father-son relationship. Immersive, intense, and captivating, “The Blaze” is poised to be one of the most popular films of 2023.


The Worst Ones

Country: France

Runtime: 99 Mins

Director: Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret

Language: French (English Subtitles)

A film production is underway in the working-class suburbs of Boulogne-Sur-Mer in northern France. During the casting process, four teenagers, Lily, Ryan, Maylis, and Jessy, are selected to star in the movie, causing surprise in the community – why choose the “worst ones”?


Starring Johan Heldenbergh (Quo Vadis, Aida?, The Broken Circle Breakdown) as the aspiring social-realist filmmaker, “The Worst Ones” is a thought-provoking commentary on the increasing trend of casting non-professional actors, particularly those from disadvantaged communities, such as the housing estate in the center of this satirical comedy-drama.


Three Colours: Blue (4K restoration)

Country: Switzerland, France, Poland

Runtime: 91 Mins

Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski

Language: French (English Subtitles)

In the first film of the powerful Three Colours trilogy, Juliette Binoche delivers a standout performance as Julie, a woman grappling with the loss of her husband and daughter. “Blue” is not just a searing examination of grief, but also a story of liberation as Julie tries to move on from the past while confronting truths about her late husband, a composer. With stunning cinematography by Slawomir Idziak, shot in rich blue hues, and a stunning operatic score by Zbigniew Preisner, “Blue” is a sensory delight.

Golden Lion Winner and Best Actress Winner (Juliette Binoche) at the 1993 Venice Film Festival


Three Colours: Red (4K Restoration)

Country: Switzerland, France, Poland

Runtime: 99 minutes

Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski

Language: French (English subtitles)

With “Red,” Krzysztof Kieslowski concludes his Three Colours trilogy in a stunning manner, exploring fate and chance through the eyes of Irène Jacob as a gentle runway model in Geneva and Jean-Louis Trintignant as a disgruntled retired judge. Their lives intersect dramatically, while a separate story of jealousy and deceit plays out nearby. This thought-provoking film offers a close examination of the connections we make, and is a brilliant final commentary from the talented filmmaker at the peak of his career.



More than ever

Country: Germany, France, Luxembourg, Norway

Runtime: 122 Mins

Director: Emily Atef

Language: French, English, Norwegian (English Subtitles)

Helene and Mathieu have a strong and loving bond after being married for many years. When faced with a crucial decision, Helene embarks on a journey to Norway for peace.


The talented Vicky Krieps (Corsage and Phantom Thread)  portrays a woman battling a life-threatening illness, torn between her husband and a stranger who understands her condition. “More Than Ever” is an emotionally raw yet never over-the-top film, featuring the final performance by Gaspard Ulliel, that showcases the intimate relationship between a couple facing a crisis.


The Beasts

Country: Spain, France

Runtime: 137 Mins

Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Language: Spanish, French, Galician (English Subtitles)

Antoine and Olga are a French couple living in a Galician village, where they lead a peaceful life growing vegetables and restoring old houses. Despite their desire for a harmonious relationship with the locals, tensions rise when they refuse to construct a wind farm, especially with the brothers, Xan and Lorenzo.


A multi-award winner at the Tokyo International Film Festival, this compelling drama expertly builds tension leading to shocking moments of reaching breaking point. Denis Ménochet (Inglourious Basterds), gives a standout performance as Antoine, a well-meaning eco-farmer whose tolerance for his aggressive neighbours is pushed to its limits. Nominated for 16 awards, including Best Film, at the 37th Goya Awards (Spanish Oscars)


Three Colours: White (4K Restoration)

Country: Switzerland, France, Poland

Runtime: 99 minutes

Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski

Languages: French, Polish (English subtitles)

The most playful and also the grittiest of Kieslowski’s Three Colours trilogy. Three Colours: White features the misadventures of Karol Karol, played by Zbigniew Zamachowski, a Polish immigrant living in France. After being sued for divorce by his wife (played by Julie Delpy) for an unconsummated marriage and then being falsely accused of arson, Karol returns to his native Warsaw to seek revenge. White is a combination of a humorous look at the economic disparities between Eastern and Western Europe and a dream-like contemplation on the complexities of love.


Silver Berlin Bear Winner at the 1994 Berlin International Film Festival



Remains of the Wind

Country: France, Portugal

Runtime: 127 Mins

Director: Tiago Guedes

Language: Portuguese (English Subtitles)

In a village in northern Portugal, a coming-of-age ritual leaves a lasting impact on young Laureano, who is physically attacked by three other teenagers. 25 years later, Laureano still resides on the outskirts of the village. On a night celebrating the local festival, the now-adult attackers reunite, but the past comes to light and tragedy strikes.


Remains of the Wind is a beautifully crafted and mesmerizing film exploring the themes of mob mentality, toxic masculinity across generations, and injustice. Showcased as a Special Screening at Cannes, where it premiered, the movie offers a powerful, thought-provoking and deeply engaging depiction of a community with a hidden illness at its core.



WHAT: Europa! Europa 2023- a European film festival

WHERE: In Melbourne (Classic Cinemas, Elsternwick and Lido Cinemas, Hawthorn); and in Sydney (Ritz Cinemas, Randwick).

WHEN: 16 February – 7 March 2023

HOW: Buy your film tickets via the links above or check out the entire program at

HOW MUCH: Ticket prices are as follows:

Single film tickets:

  • Adults $24
  • Concession and Classic, Lido and Ritz Cinemas members $18.50

Film passes:

  • 10 film pass $175 ($17.50 per ticket)
  • 20 film pass $330 ($16.50 per ticket)
  • Festival pass (1x redemption on each of the 29 films) $400

For other film festivals coming soon, check out the first 15 films announced for the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2023 



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