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Flash of Culture is an Australian company which sells flashcards, stickers and posters promoting cultures of various countries, including Australia and of France. A great idea for language learning too, these items have drawings of iconic animals, monuments, foods with the name in their local language and a translation into English. For example, in the set of French flash cards we see the French bulldog, cheese, lavender fields, the Eiffel Tower and many more.


We had a chat to Samantha, owner and designer at Flash of Culture.

Flash of Culture

Samantha, you’re the owner of and designer at Flash of Culture. What made you decide to start the company?

My idea for Flash of Culture came about after our family took a big European trip in 2016. My son was 18 months at the time and really enjoyed himself. He tried a variety of food, visited exciting places, saw different animals and met wonderful people. When we got back from our trip, I wanted to find a way to continue the learning and excitement of that trip and provide inspiration for future journeys, which sparked the idea for Flash of Culture.


The countries you currently cover in your Flash of Culture posters and stickers are Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, France, Italy, and Japan. How do you choose which countries to focus on?

I started first with the Australian flashcards because of the cute animals, and I’m an Aussie! After that, I chose countries with distinct cultures that can easily be represented visually. I have a long list of countries I would like to create more products for, but these initial countries stood out the most. I also have a Croatian background, so I included the Croatian stickers.

Flash of Culture

Have your Australian and NZ cards, stickers and posters gained an international audience?

Yes, they have been well received. There are a lot of Aussies and Kiwis living overseas that love to have a little something to remind them of home. Also, there are a lot of Aussies sending gifts to friends and family overseas.


While the cards may have been designed to allow children to get excited about travel and culture, the cards could also easily be used by any French language learner to expand their vocab. Are you aware of whether the cards are being used by adult French language learners?

Yes, the main goal was to celebrate French culture, but I’ve received feedback from customers who have purchased the flashcards for adult learning as a basic introduction to the language. Also, some parents and carers have mentioned that they’ve enjoyed learning the words along with the children.

Flash of Culture

Are you French speaking?

Oh, I wish! I love French music, cinema and the language, but unfortunately, my visual brain is not very good at learning languages. I found learning Croatian extremely hard, and I imagine French would be even more challenging. I definitely would love to learn one day!


Do you have an entrepreneurial or a design background?

I am originally a Digital designer, and I have a BA in Visual Communications. I’ve always had an interest in entrepreneurship. Before kids and Flash of Culture, I lived in Croatia with my husband and sold photographs of Europe on Etsy.


What are your next steps for Flash of Culture?

My sticker range has been very popular with an overseas audience, so I’m focusing on expanding the range and possibly adding some new posters too.

We thank Samantha for her time. You can view the Flash of Culture range of flash cards, posters and stickers at the Flash of Culture website 



WHAT: Flash of Culture posters, stickers and flash cards to encourage language and cultural learning.

WHERE: Online at the Flash of Culture website:

HOW: Purchase the products via Flash of Culture’s website https://flashofculture.com/

WHO: For all ages


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