So French So Naughty: learn French flirtation and French swearing at Adelaide Fringe

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So French So Naughty is an Adelaide Fringe event from Sips & Giggles. We told you about their event at La Buvette in Adelaide where you could learn to swear in French last year. The same people behind that event are putting on two workshops at Adelaide Fringe: one for swearing and another for flirtation.

We spoke with Arnaud who will be your “teacher” at these events.

Arnaud, you’re giving French classes at the Adelaide Fringe. These aren’t your usual French classes are they? You’re going to teach us things that we wouldn’t usually learn in traditional French classes?

Calling it a “class” seems a bit exaggerated for me; rather if call it a presentation on two subjects about which Australians are particularly interested. But it’s true that there are examples, exercises, and homework to do!!!

Learning the conjugation of the passé composé won’t be the main aim.

You teach French in your daily life too. How and why did you become a teacher? Was it here or in France?

Via a quite different path, as I firstly taught in the Navy, then in a tech school in Paris that I opened with a friend. A few months after I arrived in Adelaide, a French school asked me to be a substitute. I’m still there, having also worked for other schools.


As for why, the experience I had in the Navy was significant, as I believed I could help people. Being in a classroom, talking to the students, guiding them, seeing them succeed is quite wonderful!

How long have you been in Australia?  Where are you from in France?

I arrived in Adelaide in 1996.

French-born in Geneva, I spent my childhood in Haute Savoie and I take this opportunity to greet your Haut-savoyards readers.

Swear words are one of the first things we want to know in a language. What is your favourite French expression or swear word?  

Really!!! Let’s say “Fesses de Moule” but that stays between us…


In parallel, Australians have some strange, sometimes amusing swear words . Is there an Australian expression or swear word that you like?

“she bangs like a dunny door in the wind”

French is known as the language of love. Why do you think that is?

Whether it be vulgar or polite words, French has a particular sound that seduces a lot of people. The accent does a lot of course. Maybe the French have written the most about love? French, love, a bit cliché? Maybe but it doesn’t displease me at all!

What will we learn in the flirting lessons on Saturday nights during the Adelaide Fringe?

Learn or remind yourself! A few basic rules, French flirting, expressions to use… and to sing…

Will “students” practice during So French So Naughty?

Of course, in order to get the correct pronunciation,the right intonation, the right word at the right  moment .

Why should people attend So French So Naughty at the Adelaide Fringe?

We aren’t professionals but we do what we do seriously but especially we have a lot of fun. I hope that people who come along will feel that and will have as much fun as us.

Anything else?

It’s going to sound clichéd but thank you to ask of my friends and my family and a friendly wink to Jean François who knows the Fringe well. I wish everyone a wonderful Fringe 2019!!!


At So French So Naughty, Wednesdays are for swearing and Saturdays for French flirting. Both will be hilarious!


Tickets cost $35 (with discounted tickets available for Concession card holders and for BankSA clients). Buy your tickets So French So Naughty here.


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