Go Ballooning over Paris with Sydney’s husband and wife duo Goldfynch

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Sydney band Goldfynch, have released the second single from their debut album in which they take you on a voyage “Ballooning over Paris”.

Ballooning over Paris

The song is a perfect moment of whimsy, wanderlust and wonder, even more so when we’re all stuck in Australia, unable to leave and explore the world.


Nitayi’s vocals and husband Gavin’s acoustic guitar transport you on their balloon ride around the world. Opening with trumpet played by trumpet Thomas Avgenicos, you imagine yourself in the balloon with the band flying over empty streets without people or cars, or public transport taking in the sites of the city of Paris but also around the world. But why stop at travelling around the world, Niyati and Gavin take you further to the moon and even Mars.


This is a bilingual track with Niyati singing one of the verses in French, with a nod to the band’s namesake, a bird, being free and soaring above the Eiffel Tower.


The verse translates to:

“Like the birds we’d be free

To soar above the Eiffel Tower

To drink wine, become a little drunk

The madness of Happiness

Just for a day, a teeny week

It’s not so hard to have this is it?”

This isn’t just about being free to travel and seeing the world from up high, the song is also about freedom from worries and the fast-paced lifestyle of today. The song persuades you that ballooning over Paris: “We won’t feel embarrassed, slow down the pace.



The chorus is exceptionally catchy and has had us humming it ever since we first listened to the single.


Quite simply, Ballooning over Paris is a beautiful, enchanting song, which we can’t promise will cure your wanderlust but will encourage your dreams of travel when borders re-open or to look at the world around you differently.


“Ballooning over Paris” is a strong teaser of what’s to come on the album to be released mid-June.


Listen to Ballooning over Paris on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music:



You can find Goldfynch at the following links:






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