French Dancer Laurisse Sulty is the Rose in The Little Prince

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French dancer Laurisse Sulty, is coming to Sydney to play the role of the Rose in the show The Little Prince in January. She talks to us about the role, dance and The Little Prince.

Laurisse Sulty

Laurisse, you’re dancing in the show Le Petit Prince which is making a second Australian tour at the beginning of next year. Tell us a little about the show.

The Little Prince is a rather unique show that combines circus, theatre, dance and song around Saint-Exupéry’s timeless story.


It is aimed at young and old alike, who will find a balance between imagination, poetry and reflection on our society.


You play the role of the Rose. Tell us a bit about that.

The Rose is a very challenging role for me because it goes through many emotions. She goes from fragility and fear to confidence and then seduction in a very short space of time. It took me several weeks of work to find the intention present in each choreographic movement and to execute it accurately.


Laurisse Sulty

You started dancing at the age of 5 and won first prize at the France Jazz Championship several times. Then you joined the International Academy of Dance in Paris. What inspired you to start dancing and to do it as a profession?

I never intended to become a dancer despite the different competitions I entered as a child. My career in the arts actually came from an accident that turned into one of the most beautiful turning points in my life. After graduating from high school I missed the registration date for colleges and found myself without a school for the following year. I stumbled upon an ad for the International Dance Academy and decided to audition.


You have danced in a few Cirque du Soleil shows, as well as “The 3 Musketeers”, “Sound of Music”, “Just Dance 2018”. You were also on the show “Incroyable Talent”. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career was when I was hired by Cirque du Soleil and especially when my mother got to see me perform.


My parents have always supported me in my dancing career but I have always felt their fear of the uncertainty of being an artist. Being able to dance on such a mythical stage was a dream for me and an opportunity to show my parents that I was capable of succeeding.

What is your favourite dance style?

I like all dance styles but I find myself most at home in contemporary dance.


Did you enjoy the short novella The Little Prince as a child?

I have very little memory of The Little Prince novel as a child. I really discovered the story while working on the show. Before starting the production, I reread the book and watched various audio-visual adaptations. I then worked alongside Anne and Chris to understand and bring to life the different messages hidden behind the simplicity of the words.


Did dancing in this show give you a different perspective on the book?

The show remains very faithful to the book, and I find them both very complementary. In fact, it is now impossible for me to re-read the book without having the music and scenes from the show in my head.

Who is The Little Prince for?

The Little Prince is for everyone, young and old, whether they have read the book or not.


Why should they come and see the show?

To relive or rediscover Saint-Exupéry’s emblematic tale, re-transcribed on stage by talented multidisciplinary artists, and to agree to be taken back to childhood.

We thank Laurisse Sulty for this interview.



WHAT: The Little Prince

WHEN: 1 – 23 January 2022

WHERE: The Sydney Coliseum, 33 Railway St, Rooty Hill NSW 2766


  • Platinum $159 (for Friday to Sunday shows)
  • Premium $139
  • A Reserve $129
  • B Reserve $109
  • C Reserve $89
  • Premium group 10+ $114pp
  • A Reserve group 10+ $104pp
  • B Reserve group 10+ $84pp
  • A Reserve 4 people $399

HOW: Buy your tickets via this link


Do you like the book The Little Prince?


You can also read our interviews with Anne Tournié, the show’s director and Chris Mouron, the dramaturge and co-director, which we conducted ahead of the May 2021 Sydney Opera House shows. We also interviewed Laurisse’s co-star Lionel Zalachas.



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