Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide is offering a series of wine short courses over the next few months!

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Starting tonight and continuing over the cooler months , Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide is offering a complete wine series being 5 individual short courses (which are non-accredited/non-award courses).


Running every few weeks between April and June, you can do individual courses or package them for a 10% discount off the purchase price.


The complete wine series includes:

  1. The Rise of Prosecco (15 April)
  2. The Age of Cabernet – Has it passed us by? (29 April)
  3. The Faces of Riesling – Is it the Worlds’ Chameleon? (13 May)
  4. The “S” Challenge – How well do you know Shiraz? (3 June)
  5. Champagne et Fromage (17 June)


Professional Sommelier Trevor Maskell will lead these sensory workshops at Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide, in which you will learn about these trending wine topics.


You’re encouraged to educate your palate and your mind with an evening of wine tasting and conversation in the company of fellow wine lovers.


The Rise of Prosecco

Explore a range of trending topics such as:


  • The rise of Prosecco
  • Is Prosecco the new Sauvignon Blanc?
  • How do Champagne and Australian Sparkling Compare?


Tastings on the night will include Prosecco from Italy, Australia and France.


Tickets to this class cost $95. Book here: https://www.cordonbleu.edu/adelaide/the-rise-of-prosecco/en


The Age of Cabernet – has it passed us by?

In this workshop you will learn about current local and international wine trends and sample an impressive selection of Cabernets, including Cru Classe from Bordeaux and some of Australia’s finest.


Have you ever wondered why some Cabernet Sauvignon wines are sumptuous and fruity, while others are savoury and smoky? Are you interested in finding out about Cabernet’s popularity, history, and winery regions, and why the age of the wine is important?


Tickets to this class cost $95. Book here: https://www.cordonbleu.edu/adelaide/the-age-of-cabernet/en



The Faces of Riesling

The Faces of Riesling is a wine tasting workshop designed for lovers of this ever-popular white grape variety.


Take a tasting tour of this delicious light white wine, and explore trending topics such as:


  • What makes a Riesling so versatile?
  • What is considered Aged?
  • Is terroir important?


Sample an impressive selection of French, German and Australian Riesling, and learn to identify the characteristics of your favourite white wine.


Indulge your passion for the many faces of Riesling.


Tickets to this class cost $95. Book here: https://www.cordonbleu.edu/adelaide/the-faces-of-riesling/en


The “S” challenge -How well do you know your Shiraz?


Join Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide for the wine challenge of a lifetime and discover how well you really know your Shiraz. ‘Blind-tasting’ from a selection of 12 Shiraz styles, your superior knowledge of its unique characteristics will make you the winner of the evening!


This exclusive Le Cordon Bleu ‘blind-tasting’ wine workshop will develop your palate and sensory skills, as participants pit their wits against the group to identify the 12 different Shiraz styles from a selection of: aged, under 10 years old, French Shiraz, imported, blend, Australian styles, and varietal.


Your ultimate challenge is to:

  1. Guess the young & old wines;
  2. Tell the French from Australian;
  3. Find the 2 imported;
  4. Find the blend.


The winner will reserve the right to feel superior for the rest of the evening!


This class costs $120. Book here: https://www.cordonbleu.edu/adelaide/the-s-challenge/en


Image:: Milk the Cow

Champagne and Fromage

The most glamorous celebratory wines in France come from Champagne, and this delicious tasting workshop will introduce you to the sensory revelation of matching Pol Roger with a range of decadent cheeses to create perfect pairings.


In this 3½ hour evening class you will enjoy one of the most prestigious wine houses in Champagne, Pol Roger, originating from Epernay, France, in 3 styles: non-vintage, vintage and vintage rose.


This entertaining evening class will delight your palate and teach you the secrets of making a successful Champagne and cheese match, as you explore different flavour profiles.


This class cost $120. Book here: https://www.cordonbleu.edu/adelaide/champagne-et-fromage/en



Bookings for individual classes can be made via the links provided. However, if you wish to book in for all five classes and receive the discount, you can book via telephone to Ali Grey at Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide on (08) 8348 3049.


What’s your favourite style of wine? What cheese do you like to pair it with? Are you going to attend any of these classes at Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide?

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