18 French language shorts to see at Melbourne International Animation Festival

Melbourne Animated Film Festival
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Melbourne International Animation Festival starts today and runs until next Sunday. Across several programs at the festival, you’ll find animated short films from France, Canada and Switzerland. Read on to find out about the films, and which program you can see them in at Melbourne International Animation Festival.

Melbourne Animated Film Festival

International Competition Program #1 (also repeated on Saturday)


Melbourne International Animated FilmD’une Peinture…à l’autre

Georges Schwizgebel

Switzerland, 3’10, 2023

An exquisitely hand painted immersion into a world crafted from two classic paintings on the same subject but created half a century apart.


International Competition Program #2 (also repeated on Saturday)


A Different Goal

Marco Joubert

Canada, 3’30, 2023

What might happen if intelligent machines started developing their own goals….. goals different from those of humankind?



Dalmont, M. Mina, M. Dorniol, I. Oillic, V. Fripier, P. Pillan, M. Huvé, S. Poirer, M. Machelard

France, 6’32, 2023

A cliché-busting cowboy parody par excellence. A bounty hunter rolls into town after tracking his prey across the desert – but the gene pool here ain’t that deep!


Sit Down, Don’t Touch Anything

Frederic Siegel

Switzerland, 5’20, 2022

A face is born out of chaos. It struggles to exist. It struggles to find its purpose. It struggles to sit on a chair. In fact, it struggles with everything. But thank God, it’s trying.


Abstract showcase 

Gabriel’s Oboe

Jean Detheux (Music, Frank Mento)

Canada, 2’22, 2024

Inspirations collided when a digital artist (Detheux) and a renowned musician (Mento) learned that they shared a love for Ennio Morricone’s “Gabriel’s Oboe.”


International Competition Program #3 (also repeated on Saturday)



Deflandre, J. Miternique, A. Colas, A. Adams, A. Antonio, O. Rendu, E. Samyn

France, 7’30, 2023

Deep in the cellar beneath your feet is a force that draws its energy from your worst fears – but as those fears grow can they still be contained?


Apocalypse Dog

Le Clainche, C. Nasarre, J. Qian, J. Barraux, E. Plumey, L. Arnaud, S. Cauchie

France, 7’30, 2022

In a hilariously crafted post-apocalyptic wasteland, Bob and his dog Pasha endure hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Suddenly, they spot a distant city!


Black & White Showcase

▲ (ALT 30)

Mathis Hernoë, Alexandre Clermont, Thomas Louchet

France, 6’30, 2023

Even in an abstract universe, human nature inevitably turns towards instituting a creative revolution – and that’s where animation comes in mighty handy


Box Cutters

Naomi Van Niekerk

France, 8’24, 2023

A young woman recalls the day that she was attacked by three men on her way home, while she now turns to face the world again and rebuild her life.


Whispers Of The Heart

Mourad Hamla

Algeria, 4’34, 2023

Surrounded by souls thirsty for light, for goodness, and for purity, a solitary sentinel watches with mystical grace, protecting his heart from the clutches of the corruption that lurks all around.


International Competition Program #4 (also repeated on Sunday)


La Meuf de Jay

Lola Lefèvre

France, 4’21, 2023

Much to Nina’s frustration, Jay isn’t being entirely upfront. But – as they say – one door closes, another opens.


Love Me True

Inés Sedan

France, 7’38, 2023

Laurence is desperately looking for love. Turning to online dating sites she becomes addicted to her phone and entwined with a truly toxic man.



Natalia Chernysheva

France, 4’00, 2023

A story of a sunflower that learns to share its beauty by looking in a different direction at a different time of the day.


International competition program #5 (also repeated on Sunday)


Alma Rajot

France, 3’55, 2023

There are no rules in the liminal space between sleep and wakefulness, which means anything is possible, and anything could happen.


Le Bruit Du Silence

Dutriaux, T. Frantz, D. Özal, D. Rudeaux, V. Talalaeff

France, 7’40, 2023

There is an office for everything in this needlessly complicated, over-organised world, and a thousand arrows pointing the winding path to each one.



Christel Guibert

France, 9’00, 2023

A quirky menagerie of half-animal, half-human creatures meet at a speed-dating event where they set about exploring their differences.


Late night bizarre


Marianne Lavergne

Canada, 1’55, 2023

The connection between dental health and genitalia has been under-researched… until now.


Danger. This Movie Is Loud And Saturated

Gabriel Eszo Richard

France, 7’04, 2023

A beyond-bonkers fast take on the societal dance of our generation using every appendage on hand



WHAT: Melbourne International Animation Festival

WHEN: 5 – 12 May 2024.

WHERE: Treasury Theatre, MELBOURNE and The Backlot Studios, SOUTH MELBOURNE

HOW MUCH: Ranging from $19/$16 for individual tickets to $125/$100 full Festival Pass

HOW: Purchase your tickets via the Melbourne International Animation Festival website


What’s your favourite animated film?

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