4 shows to see at MOFO this January

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MONA FOMA is the acronym of « Museum of Old and New Art: Festival Of Music and Art”. It’s on in Hobart from 15 to 22 January and in Launceston from 12 to 24 January. This will be the last year of MOFO at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart as the site is going to be turned into a hotel. These are the 4 shows we think you should see at MOFO this year.


Emel Mathlouthi, Tunisian singer, is known as the voice of the Arabian Spring. She sings in a fusion of traditional Tunisian music with electro and driving rhythms. Emel Mathlouthi will be at MONA on Saturday 20 January and also on Sunday 21 January. To see her show you will need a day pass for MOFO at MONA (details at the end of the article).

She has sung at the Nobel Peace Prize concert of 2015 as well as in New York and Paris.

She will also be performing at the Sydney Festival on 19 January.




With an ondioline orchestra, Gotye presents a tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey,French composer from the 1940s, that Gotye has called his “spiritual grandfather”. His influences can be heard in Gotye’s music.

Gotye led a group who tirelessly restored ondiolines and will perform the songs of Jean-Jacques Perrey.

This opportunity to see Gotye present a tribute to his musical inspiration at MOFO is only the 12th and 13th January. Buy your tickets quickly ($35) as two of the three shows have already sold out.

Tickets only remain for the 5pm show on 13 January.

Gotye will also be performing this show at Sydney Festival on 16 and 17 January.




The Chakam Ensemble performance is a rare opportunity to listen to traditional persian music created by a uniquely female ensemble.

They are performing twice:

  • at MOFO EASTERN SHO on 20 January, at which a meze plate of traditional persian delicacies will be served (tickets are $35 plus booking fees); and
  • one at MONA on 21 January (for which you will need a Day Pass- details below).




On Sunday 14 January from midday to 9pm, there will be a block party in the QVMAG courtyard in Launceston. At this free party, there will be musicians from around the world as well as with differing genres, including:

  • well-known American group, Violent Femmes;
  • Bassekou Kouyaté and Ngoni Ba from Mali, which is one of the big namesin Malian music. The ngoni is their instrument, an ancient form of luth. ‘Ba’ signifies ‘group’ as well as ‘strong’. But even if their instrument is ancient, their music is far from it – it’s a mix of rock and blues with the addition of the electric guitar. Theirs is the moden Malian music. Bassekou Kouyaté is also known as the best ngoni player in the world;
  • violin played inside an inflatable cube in Sound Bubble (show by Damian Barbeler and Anna McMichael);
  • anti-colonial death metal by Dispossessed;
  • electro-acoustic music played on sewing machines and with scissors by Dylan Sheridan;
  • a reinterpretation of the album “Interstellar Space”  of which it is the 50th anniversary, played on percussion and contrabass;
  • jazz created from titles suggested by the crowd in Extemporaneouslea; and
  • Interactive Sonic Ball by Jon Rose, which is a giant ball which becomes a musical instrument with the audience’s help.



Shows at MONA require a Day Pass. Day passes cost $69 for the day or $179 for all 3 days.

You can buy them here.

Are you going to MOFO? What shows are you going to see?

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