OLALA Box – the answer to your French food delivery dreams

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Good news French food lovers, OLALA Box delivers raclette and French breakfast chez vous. If you live in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney your raclette dreams can come true with OLALA Box.  More French food boxes are in the making and other cities are being added to the delivery cities. Find out more below!


Raclette Box

OLALA’s Raclette Box for 2 ppl costs $69 and includes:

🧀 Raclette Cheese | 400G |
🥔 Potatoes | 1KG |
🥓 French Charcuterie | 200G |
🥖 French Baguette
🥒 Pickles and Onions
📄 Guide to make a good Raclette

The boxes can be ordered to serve up to 8 people ($243). 


Raclette Box | Vegetarian

There’s even an option for vegetarians with seasonal veggies instead of French charcuterie!


The box for 2 costs $69 and includes: 

🧀 Raclette Cheese | 400G |
🥔 Potatoes | 1KG |
🍆 Seasonal Veggies | 300G |
🥖 French Baguette
🥒 Pickles and Onions
📄 Guide to make a good Raclette

The Vegetarian box can also be ordered for up to 8 people ($243). 

Olala Box

Breakfast Box (Sydney only)

OLALA Box has paired with TonTon Bread in Sydney for its breakfast box (Sydney only).


The 2 person breakfast box costs $29 and includes:

🥐 Croissant | 2 |
🥐 Chocolate Croissant | 2 |
🥖 French Baguette | 1 |
🍓 Bonne Maman Jam | 2 |



Sydney clients can also add a bottle of wine to their order for $29.


How quickly can I get my cheese fix? (and breakfast for Sydney)

OLALA delivers in:

SYDNEY — within 24 hours

NSW AREA — within 2-3 business days 

VIC AREA — within 2-3 business days 



We also spoke to Megane of OLALA Box to find out more…


How was the idea of OLALA Box born?

OLALA is born out of nostalgic memories : long Sunday meals with the family, Paris, drinks with friends, the South and lots of other things. With OLALA, I hope to bring novelty to the daily lives of people by giving them a good excuse to get together with their close ones and to benefit from a moment of French happiness.


OLALA Box is in partnership with Loluk Bistro in Sydney for the raclette boxes. Are OLALA Box and Loluk Bistro owned by the same person?

OLALA and Loluk Bistro are two different entities. Our concept is to work in collaboration with artisans and French restaurateurs to create different boxes together. The first box that we created is the Raclette Box by Loluk Bistro. Today, we also offer a Breakfast Box by Tonton Bread and as Summer approaches, we are in the process of coming up with new boxes *SURPRISE*.


How do you heat or serve raclette? Do customers need a raclette machine?

Not necessarily. They can use their often as recommended in our Step By Step Recipe.


Can raclette be eaten during the warm months in Australia?

You never refuse a good raclette! Even when it’s hot…


However, OLALA is in the process of creating new boxes for the seasons such as the SUMMER BOX.


Where is your raclette from? Is it French?

Yes, Most of the products in our Raclette Box come from France.


OLALA Box started in Sydney and it is now available in Brisbane and in Melbourne as well. Are other cities in OLALA Box’s future?

Yes. We are currently developing the brand and opening up to new destinations. Soon, we will be in Perth and Canberra and a new surprise destination for the beginning of 2021…


The future?

OLALA is not just the Raclette Box. Our objective is to develop our range and to offer different boxes.  Today, many new boxes are currently being carefully created by us and in collaboration with restaurants.


By the end of 2020, OLALA will offer 5 different Boxes. A collection that will then be fine-tuned at the beginning of 2021 with the launch of new Boxes as well as a subscription allowing our customers to receive their Boxes every week/month.

You can place your OLALA Box orders via their website


What’s your favourite way to eat raclette? What other French foods would you like to have delivered to you?



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