REVIEW: Paul W.R’s Last Journey: an apocalyptic, vibrant sci-fi fantasy

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Paul W.R.’s Last Journey (Le Dernier Voyage de Paul W.R) is a French Science Fiction film written and directed by Romain Quirot. It’s based on a short from Romain Quirot called “Le dernier voyage de l’énigmatique Paul WR“. While it follows the short considerably, there are some differences and I would very much recommend watching the short after the feature.

Paul W.R.'s Last Journey

Set in France in 2050, after the Earth has been ravaged and left desolate by humanity and a mysterious red moon had appeared in the sky. Inevitably humanity has sought to claim its bounties in order to keep the remnants of humanity going. After assumedly a decade or so of being pillaged, the red moon put out an impenetrable magnetic field and changed its course for a direct impact into Earth. The film takes place in the final week of this doomsday clock.


The film follows Paul W.R (played by Hugo Becker), the man who is heralded as the saviour of Earth, the only person who can defeat the red moon, who goes missing on the launch day of the one-way mission to destroy the red moon. He grapples with the challenges with accepting a fate or destiny that has been thrust upon him, forced onto him by his father Henri W.R (played by Jean Reno); his relationship with his brother Eliott W.R (played by Paul Hamy) and a young girl he meets along the way (excellently played by Lya Oussadit-Lessert).


While this may all sound like an American sci-fi blockbuster, the film is, in my opinion, definitely not and has a lot of aspects I have come to expect from French film.

Paul W.R.'s Last Journey

Paul W.R.’s Last Journey is visually striking and distinct, borrowing from retro-future styles of the 60’s blended with some 80’s/90’s and all wrapped in a distinctly neo-future dystopian style. Visually, I found it a real treat, the bleak environment contrasted with neon and holograms, curvy retro-future hover cars in an almost Arizonan/Texan road trip setting (diners in the middle of nowhere included). I think the cinematography and lighting direction was really nicely done, the action and bleakness are broken up with dream-like camera angles which blend to-and-fro with black and white Paul’s flashbacks, which provide some nice context and information about the current world, himself and the situation he finds himself in.


When it comes to the music/score, this is a real mixed bag for me, one of the first things to keep in mind upon hearing the synthwave music at the start of the film, is that this is not a Blade Runner film. After this first song, other than some of the technology in the film, this is not cyberpunk. The music seems to sporadically flip between wildly different genres which I felt provided a real disconnect between what I was seeing and hearing. That being said, it’s possible this was the intention of the Director.


I have seen very mixed reviews about the film and I think this is due to both American and French expectations and the way the film is presented or mis-interpreted. If you are wanting to watch an action-packed sci-fi romp, this is not it. If you are wanting a film that explains everything that is going on and why, this is not it. If you like there to be an ending that fixes plot holes and has the typical Hollywood joy and tears and everyone is happy forever, this is I feel, most likely not for you.


My experience and thoughts about Le Dernier Voyage de Paul W.R is that it’s visually inviting, with good to great acting. While there is some action, and at times the film takes itself quite seriously, it is peppered with humour, both dark and light which is appreciated and well balanced. It is filled with fantastic mysteries, something I love in sci-fi, the unknown, and it throws questions at you. However, it does not always give you the answers to these questions and some people might have trouble with that.

Le dernier voyage de Paul W.R./ Paul W.R.'s Last Journey

It felt to me as though I was a silent witness to someone else’s dream, an alternate universe that has different fundamental laws than ours. I highly suggest that’s how to watch this film, ignore the normal red flags of “this doesn’t make sense” or “that wouldn’t happen in real life” and accept the ride.


Additionally, having discovered it was based on a short, I watched the short after the feature and it helped answer some of my questions, at least subjectively. I would highly recommend doing the same.


Overall, Paul W.R.’s Last Journey is a mysterious voyage through an alternate sci-fi earth, visually striking and well-acted. But with a structure that some might not expect and left me with, in my opinion a few too many questions un-answered.


***However, with the amount of absolutely awful sci-fi that is produced, if you’re looking for something completely different, it’s highly recommended by Bruce.***




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