Adelaide Film Festival 2022: 7 multilingual films from France and the Francophonie

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The program for Adelaide Film Festival 2022 was announced on Monday night. 2022 sees the festival become a yearly event. Across two articles, we’re sharing with you films from France and the Francophonie that are and aren’t in French.  This time, we’re letting you know about multilingual films where French is one of the languages.

Adelaide Film Festival 2022

AEIOU – A Quick Alphabet of Love

Director: Nicolette Krebitz

Country: Germany, France

Languages: French, German

“A whimsical romantic drama championing female desire” (Screen Daily)


As fading actress Anna nears sixty and finds job offers and her sexual desires dwindling, she is mugged by a teenager outside a Berlin bar. She encounters the young man, Adrian, once again as a student in a speech class she has taken on to pay the bills. Gently and sweetly, an unlikely romance blooms between the misfit pair as they begin to mend their fractured souls and plan an escape to the French Riviera. Charmingly offbeat, presented without judgment and featuring sparkling performances, Nicolette Krebitz delivers a unique lesson in human drama.



Director: Lukas Dhont

Country: Belgium, France, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch, French

Close is a film about friendship and connection. 13-year-olds Leo and Remy have grown up together in the vibrant Belgian countryside, spending summer riding bikes and playing games of pretend. It is an idyll too good to last. When high school starts, their closeness marks them out from their peers, and Leo’s attempts to distance himself have far-reaching consequences. Lukas Dhont’s study of boys’ loss of tenderness, and his understated treatment of guilt and grief made this the most controversial film at Cannes, though everyone agrees on its undoubted emotional affect.


Dream on Léon (SHORT FILM)

Director: Roger Gariépy

Country: Canada

Language: French

Léon is old, his body is letting him down. And so he sleeps. Yet above all, Léon dreams. Of love and sausages, of freedom and running wild. A real dog’s life.


No dogs or Italians allowed

Director: Alain Ugetto

Countries: France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal

Languages: French, Italian

Happy are those who have bread and polenta.

But really, if you’re Italian, you must see this. Animator Alain Ughetto provides a love letter to his grandparents, peasants from the Piedmont region, where there is too much war, too many children, and not enough food. The only option is to emigrate, and France is hungry for labourers who will do whatever it takes to put polenta in the pot. Ughetto’s charming animation provides houses made from cardboard and forests of broccoli. The effect is quietly magical in this love letter to all families forced into exile to survive.



Return to Seoul

Director: Davy Chou

Country: France, Germany, Belgium

Languages: English, French, Korean

“…strange, deep, changeable and wise” (Variety)


Freddie knows nothing of Korea because she was adopted as a baby and taken to France. She returns on a whim, but doesn’t understand the language, the etiquette of soju drinking, and the incomprehensible men. The search for her biological parents leads her to internalise the gulf between cultures. Debut actress Park Ji-min won plaudits at Cannes for her extraordinary performance. Cambodian director Davy Chou—himself raised in France—explores the costs of living in exile in this slow-burning though often exuberant examination of rebellion and despair born of rootlessness.


The Blue Caftan

Director: Maryam Touzani

Country: Morocco, France, Belgium, Denmark

Language: Arabic, French

A satin textured tale of forbidden relationships.


The Blue Caftan is a delicate, humane three-hander where the characters are filled with empathy and complexity. Director Maryam Touzani is an expert at conveying intimacy, each shot unfolding with an almost tactile beauty. From the narrow streets of a romantic but repressive Morocco emerges this lovingly handcrafted love triangle. Master tailor and closeted gay man Halim runs a struggling business with wife Mina. When the couple hire a handsome assistant, the two men begin to weave a tender relationship. However, as Mina battles cancer, she and Halim strengthen a bond tied by years of understanding.



Director: Moussa Sene Absa

Country: Senegal

Languages: French, Wolof

An African tale told by griots.


15-year-old Awa and Adama are twins: they share the same angels, angels who do not always have their best interests at heart. Adama dreams of escaping to Europe, while Awa tries to balance school, work, and attention of men. Senegal’s Moussa Sène Absa blends tragedy with the Senegalese traditions of griots (storyteller/singers) and vibrant West African colour and music to bring alive the dilemmas of African youth, caught between family and modernity. The exciting stylisation of his storytelling provides a distinctive means of showing African cinema rising to the challenges of today.



WHAT: Adelaide Film Festival 2022

WHERE: Various cinemas across Adelaide including Palace Nova East End and Prospect, Mitcham Wallis, Odeon Star Semaphore, The Capri Goodwood, and Her Majesty’s Theatre

WHEN: 19 – 30 October 2022

HOW: Purchase your ticket/passes via the official website

HOW MUCH: There are various ticket options available from single tickets, to passes for 3, 7 or 10 films or the Gold Pass and Platinum Pass for those who want to attend every single screening!

Prices (exclusive of booking fees) are as follows:

  • Individual film sessions $20 or $17 for Concession/Industry
  • Opening Night – Film and Party $109/ $99 for AFF members
  • Gala screenings $49/$45 for Concession/Industry
  • Multipass 3 (standard screenings): $50/$43
  • Multipass 7 (standard screenings): $99/$85 Concession/Industry
  • Multipass 10 (standard screenings): $120/$99 Concession/Industry
  • Gold Pass (1 ticket to all standard screenings): $299/$255 for Concession/Industry
  • Platinum Pass (1 ticket to all standard sceenings including opening night, closing night and galas. Party invitations. Special Events. Concierge service and AFF Lanyard): $599/$525 Concession/Industry


Which films do you want to see at Adelaide Film Festival 2022?



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Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit – 37 producers with French links to check out this weekend

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Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit is on this weekend and there are plenty of SA producers with French links to check out. Whether it be French winemaking experience to the less commonly seen French wine varietals or spirits in their range, or even an Aussie wine that won an award in France, we let you know about the French links among the producers who will be exhibiting their wines and spirits at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit.

Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit

Producers at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit with French winemaking experience


Bellevue Estate 

Corey Vandeleur worked at three Chateaus in Bordeaux for the Despagne family.


Brothers at War

Sam Wardlaw is in production and is married to Alexandra, a French winemaker from Champagne, who he met working at Kirrihill.


Dowie Doole

Chief Winemaker and Managing Director, Chris Thomas has worked for top wineries in Burgundy, France. They produce a less common French varietal, Chenin Blanc.


Grounded Cru 

Winemaker Matt ‘Jacko’ Jackman has vintage experience in Burgundy. They make a Grenache rosé


Hemera Estate

Winemaker Jason Barrette has over 30 vintages of premium winemaking experience around the world including in France. They also make a Grenache Rosé


Koonara Wines 

Winemaker, Peter Douglas, former head Winemaker at Wynns in Coonawarra for 15 years, spent vintages in Bordeaux with ‘Chateau Leoville Barton’,


Rollick Wines

Jack is the co-founder and winemaker for Rollick Wines. He has more than 12+ years winemaking experience across Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy. He has also completed vintages at Paul Jaboulet Aine. Tash is the co-founder and creative brains behind Rollick Wines. She has lived in France.


Saint and Scholar

Winemaker Reid Bosward has a career spanning over 25 years, 30 harvests, and several cork pops, Reid has worked across multiple vintages around the world, including the Lurton family in Bordeaux, as well as Miervois…



David Bowley, founder, has trained in both Australia and France. 

They also produce a rarely seen style in Australia: Sauvignon Fumé Blanc


Producers at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit who were awarded in France

Eldredge Vineyards 

Awarded a Silver at the International Malbec Competition in France in 2017, the only Australian Malbec to place.


Producers of French inspired spirits 


Applewood Distillery

Unico Mando: a mandarin liqueur


Imperial Measures

Mandeaux Liqueur – French style made from Imperial Mandarins

Cerise Liqueur


Storytellers Distillery

Grenache Sour Gin – a gin made with French wine varietal Grenache


Threefold Distilling

GSM (gin shiraz and Mourvèdre) A gin made with French wine varietals


23rd Street Distillery 



Producers of less common French varietals at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit



Dowie Doole

Chenin Blanc


Schwarz Wine Co

Chenin Blanc




Atze’s Corner Wines



Spook Hill Wines


Mourvèdre and Durif blend


Starrs Reach Vineyard 

Mataro Durif




Greenock Estate Wines



Gumpara Wines





Bec Hardy Wines 



Soul Growers





Mr Murphy Wine Co.

The only exhibitor with Pet Nats: 




Chateau Yaldara

Petit Verdot Sparkling


Rymill Coonawarra

Petit verdot


Spook Hill Wines

Petit verdot


Whistling Kite Biodynamic wines

Petit verdot

Sparkling petit verdot




Lloyd Brothers


Picpoul Prosecco


Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit




Grounded Cru

Grenache rosé (also listed above for French experience)


Hemera Estate

Grenache Rosé (also listed above for French experience)


Lévrier Estate Jo Irvine

Lévrier is French for greyhound

Cabernet Franc Rosé 


Lost Buoy Wines 

Grenache Rosé



Barley Stacks Wines 

Sparkling viognier


Claymore Wines 



Mr. Riggs Wine Co. 



Rollick Wines (also listed above for French experience)



Rusty Mutt Wines 



Whistling Kite Biodynamic wines

Biodynamic viognier


Producers who sell French product at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit 


Lindsay Wine Estate sells Beau Joie champagnes   


Organic Hill sells organic Cognac



WHAT: Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit

WHEN: Three sessions to choose from:

  • Friday Night Knock Offs: 5pm to 9 pm, Friday 8 July
  • Saturday 12pm – 4pm
  • Saturday 5pm – 9pm.

WHERE: Adelaide Convention Centre

HOW: Purchase your tickets via their website:


Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Friday general admission $31.76
  • Friday night knock offs: entry for 2 people plus a bottle of Dowie Doole wine $77.75
  • Saturday (either session) general admission $41.98

There are discounts available for groups of 10 or more for each session


Which producers would you like to visit at Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit?


For other events with a French link happening this month, check out our What’s on in July



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