It’s Cheese Soufflé Day!

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Happy Cheese Soufflé Day! Just as there are days celebrating different wine varietals, there are also days celebrating certain foods. 18 May celebrates the cheese soufflé. To celebrate the day, we’re going to share some fun facts about the soufflé as well as let you know where you can enjoy one in Australia.

Cheese Soufflé Day

What is soufflé?

Soufflé is an egg-based dish which is baked in the oven. It can be savoury or sweet depending on the other ingredients put into it.


What does the word soufflé mean?

The word soufflé is a French word forming the past tense of the verb souffler meaning to blow, to breathe, to inflate or to puff. It’s use makes sense given the way in which a soufflé will puff up or inflate as it cooks. Initially, the term soufflé was used to define the preparation which was softened by the presence of beaten egg whites, such as an “omelette soufflé ” or “crème soufflé “.


How do you make a soufflé?

Soufflé is made up of two parts:

  • the base- where the flavour comes from – consisting of flavoured crème pâtissière, cream sauce or béchamel, or a purée which are flavoured with herbs, cheese and vegetables for the savoury variety or fruits, chocolate or lemon for dessert soufflés
  • the peak – egg whites beaten to a peak


Who mentioned it first?

As to who was the first to mention the soufflé in writing, it depends on whether you ask the French or the anglophile world. For the English speakers, it’s in early in 1742 where it is attributed to Vincent La Chapelle, a French master cook of the time. In his book Le Cuisinier Moderne (The Modern Cook) the soufflé is in under the title omelette soufflée. For the French, it’s somewhere between 1722 and 1730 by François Massialot in Le Nouveau cuisinier royal et bourgeois as a “crème soufflée of egg whites, diversified and dotted with lemon peel.”


Cheese Soufflé DayThe Grande Taverne de Londres is where souffle was first served in a restaurant. Antoine Beauvilliers had several souffles on the menu and is often credited as souffle’s inventor. The Grande Taverne de Londres is seen as the first grand restaurant of Paris.


Marie-Antoine Carême is credited with popularising the soufflé. Cooking for the nouveau riche, he created hundreds of variations including the Rothschild with fruit macerated in gold-flecked liqueur.


Soufflé Days and their hashtags 

Cheese Soufflé Day is held annually on 18 May. Its chocolate counterpart is celebrated yearly on 28 February.


If you’re enjoying a cheese souffle today, use these hashtags #nationalcheesesouffleday #cheesesouffleday #cheesesouffle #souffleaufromage.


For chocolate souffle use: #souffleauchocolat #chocolatesouffle #chocolatesouffleday


Where to eat cheese soufflé in Australia



Boucher has a Roquefort cheese soufflé on the menu.



Bistro Guillaume can’t wait to showcase their Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé with you. This soufflé is a staple on the Bistro Guillaume menu, being one of the most popular entrée’s dishes, this cheesy delight is featured on the menu all year round. Loved by all cheese lovers, this dish was created by Guillaume when the chef was an apprentice at Aux Charpentiers.

Cheese Soufflé Day

Being a strong feature, the soufflé is unlike any other regular soufflé, twice baked and served with silky Roquefort cheese and French blue vein cheese made from raw ewe’s milk, this classic French dish is set apart from the rest.


The cheese itself has an ‘appellation label’ meaning that the Roquefort can only be made in the Roquefort-sur-soulzon region of France, as Bistro Guillaume continues to strengthen its ties with its French roots the Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé features the country’s stunning produce.



Bistro Rex has a Cantal Cheese Soufflé on the menu.

Cantal is semi-hard cow’s milk cheese aged from 1 to 6 months from Auvergne (in central France), named after the Cantal mountains. The base of the Soufflé is made with a Béchamel sauce and once cooled, egg yolks and Cantal cheese are added. This is then folded through whisked egg whites and cooked in ceramic moulds. We then de-mould the soufflé into the serving dish. Once ordered, the Soufflé is covered with cream, more Cantal cheese and baked for approximately 14 minutes to rise again. Garnished with a mix of parsley, chives, thyme, and tarragon.


Bistro St Jacques has a special twice-baked goats cheese soufflé with buttered peas & parsley sauce…

Cheese Soufflé Day -Bistro St Jacques


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Happy World Chocolate Day 2021!


What’s your favourite soufflé? Happy Cheese Soufflé Day!


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La Belle Vie French market: A French market in Southern Sydney this Sunday

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Taren Point Public School is holding La Belle Vie French market this Sunday. The 4rh edition of this French market will see stalls selling food, drink as well as fashion, homewares, art products – perfect to buy your Mother’s Day gifts. 

La Belle Vie French Market


The school has been a member of the Australian Association of French English Bilingual Schools for four years and the market is also in its 4th year. Previous years have seen attendance of 5,000 people at the La Belle Vie French Market.  



Francophone Association of Southern Sydney (FASS), a local not for profit group which promotes French language and culture in the community, assists Taren Point Public School in making La Belle Vie Market happen. It’s involved in supplying volunteers on market day but also in the planning and organisation of the market event from an administration perspective.


This year there are more than 60 stalls offering fabulous French products across food, drink, fashion, homewares, art, as well as a Citroen Club car display and live music throughout the day.


LIVE MUSIC: ‘ACCORDI-ng To US’ will play from 9am to midday and singer, Christelle Nativel will perform from midday to close.




French products for yourself and for others

  • A French Affair  – tea towels and tablecloths
  • Au Revoir Les Filles – Parisian-style jewellery
  • Beju – hand crafted European jewellery
  • Big on Hats – wide-brimmed French hats and the iconic beret
  • Canal Plus – French cable TV
  • Decathlon – French sportswear
  • France at Home – your French supermarket online in Australia
  • French Cargo – diffusers, scents, body lotions, décor items, linens, jewellery, scarves and so much more
  • Fora Studios – unique and sustainable products for the modern garden, home and craft lover
  • Funked Up Eclectic Treasures – french/vintage inspired and funked up treasures
  • Holala Paris – French Homewares, designed in Australia and handmade in France

La Belle Vie French Market

  • Janneys Vinney vintage
  • Jan Roach vintage
  • Kalaf Artwork – epoxy resin serving boards, serving knives, kitchen utensils, coasters and wall art
  • La Brocante’ with Kathy Finch – pre-loved, vintage, retro and collectable pieces
  • Le Van du Livre – French books 
  • May Clementson vintage – French homewares
  • Mo Resin – jewellery with artistic designs embedded with materials such as Dutch Gold and Silver leaf into epoxy resin
  • Mrs Flowers – flowers straight from the Sydney Flower Markets to La Belle Vie French Market
  • Oatley Bay Candles
  • Pottery by Pottier – pottery and artworks
  • 2nd Vie (previously Just Swiss by Chris) – sustainable items hand made using fabric sourced from local business or from charities: car tidies, cutlery holders, lavender bags that can be used and re-used around the house, out and about, in the car, or just for decoration.
  • Secrets of Eden – pretty flower crowns and headbands for the princesses in your life, and unique Macrame creations
  • Toothless  – hand-made tooth fairy pillows
  • Whitelaw & Newton Decoupage Trays


Food & Drink stalls

  • Alexander Roastery – coffee
  • Baguette Brothers
  • Bella Icecream Van & Jumping Castles
  • Byron Bay Olive Co – Marinated olives, sweet garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and tapenade amongst other delicacies
  • Carne/Ash Rotisserie – rotisserie chicken and porchetta, roast potatoes
  • Cheese on Wheels
  • Choux Patisserie – beautiful éclairs
  • Citrus and Sugar – lemonade and delicious juices made from all real fruit, nothing artificial and no preservatives. 
  • Crepe de France
  • Fils de Pomme – French botanical organic cider 
  • Frenchies Bistro and Brewery – French style beers made for Aussies
  • Frencheese – raclette

  • French Oven – fine French pastry made my hand and not by machine
  • Great Southern mead & honey – honey fresh from the hive
  • Jeerys Tacos
  • La Bastide – charcuterie
  • La Bonne Crepe
  • La Bonne Fromagerie – cheeses
  • La Gitana – paella
  • Le BBQ 
  • Le Saucier – home-made pasta, pasta sauces and fine finishing sauces
  • Le Secret Wines – French wines, characteristic of their region and from small family owned vineyards
  • Les Petits Gars
  • Madame Madeleine – Madeleines in original flavours including lemon butter, French Earl Gray, matcha, caramelised honey.
  • Madleine Bakery – freshly baked madeleines 
  • Pistou – traditional French deli foods 
  • Sacre Bleu!  (Caneles and Co)
  • Stephs Gourmet Foods
  • The Original Smoke & Spice Company – herb and spice mixes
  • Tonton Bread – bread and pastries
  • Wendy’s Crafts –  jam, marmalade & relish


Club stalls

  • Citroen Car Club
  • FASS Book stall
  • Meccano Modellers Association
  • Taren Point Public School Enviro stall


Want to participate in a future edition of La Belle Vie French market?

Contact Anyes McLean via email at [email protected]. Stalls must have a French connection, to ensure the authenticity of the market.




WHAT: La Belle Vie French Market

WHEN: Sunday 1 May 9am to 3pm

WHERE: Taren Point Public School, 

HOW MUCH: Entry by coin donation at the gate – all proceeds assist the learning programs at Taren Point Public School


For other events with French links check out our what’s on in April article (the what’s on in May will be online this Sunday).



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