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For the uninitiated Baby et Lulu are Sydney based musicians who create beautiful French music singing in harmony and who put on very amusing live shows with fun banter between the two singers, Baby and Lulu. If you’re unfamiliar with Baby et Lulu, take a look at their YouTube channel to get a feel for their music and their on-stage personas.


They have already released two albums, and are hoping to release a third but are asking for your help. Album Trois is being crowdfunded with the two previous albums having been entirely funded by the titular singers, Baby and Lulu. In this modern world of Spotify memberships (which pay the artists a negligible amount) and less people even having CD players, it’s only getting tougher to make music recording albums. This campaign helps Baby et Lulu keep making music so that there may be an Album Quatre after Album Trois.


Abby and Lara (aka Baby et Lulu) have written 4 new compositions for this new album. ‘La Ballade de la Mer’ & ‘Cette Nuit’ (Abby) and ‘Je T’ai Supplié’ & ‘Le Vide et La Vue’ – (Lara). These include a fun song in which the girls admit they’re not really French!


There will also be a complete change in vibe with a Stromae cover which will take the album on a fun, salsa voyage. In terms of covers there will be some Piaf but not the stock standard “La Vie en Rose“. Instead you will be delighted by “Les Trois Cloches“.


If you saw Baby et Lulu’s recent show at Camelot Lounge in Sydney, you will have been lucky enough to hear some of the new material to be featured on Album Trois.


The album will feature the same musicians who were involved in the previous albums, namely Matt Ottignon (flute, sax, clarinet), Julian Curwin (classical guitar), Marcello Maio (piano, accordion), and Mark Harris (double bass).


Think of it as a way to be a part of something from the beginning rather than after the fact. In pledging, at the very least you can ensure you get your hands on a physical copy of the album before anyone else and your ears on an audio copy before anyone else hears it. Depending on how generous you’re feeling, you could even pledge to go out to dinner with these femmes fabuleuses or have your own private concert (Sydney only).



So go to the link straight away and make your pledge now. Pledges start from as little as $15 which will get you a digital copy of the album. Other pledge options include:

  • $35 signed CD of Album Trois plus Digital Download
  • $50 Baby et Lulu postcard with a little note from the girls together with the CD of Album Trois plus Digital Download
  • $100 Your name printed on the CD artwork of Album Trois plus a copy of the CD and a digital download of it.
  • $120 All three albums signed by Baby et Lulu (Debut Album, Album Deux and Album Trois)
  • $250 Your name printed on the CD artwork of Album Trois, all three albums, a digital copy of Album Trois and a personalised postcard
  • $500 Personalised video with the girls singing Joyeux Anniversaire or your favourite Baby et Lulu song sung a cappella plus your name printed on the CD artwork of Album Trois, all three albums, a digital copy of Album Trois
  • $1000 Dinner with Baby et Lulu (Sydney only) plus a CD and digital download of Album Trois
  • $3000 House concert (Sydney only) – 50 minutes of performance from Baby et Lulu with 2 band members at your home plus CD and digital downloads of Album Trois

As you can see there are options for all budgets. Think of it as saving Australian made music and supporting independent artists or even just as pre-ordering the album before its release in the first half of next year.


The campaign has less than 2 days left and your pledge is only debited if they reach their target of $55,000. If they don’t reach their target, they don’t get any of the funds pledged. At time of publication, they are falling short of their target so need your help to ensure the Baby et Lulu delight continues.


You can make your pledge via this link:


You can read our interview with Abby Dobson (aka Baby) from the beginning of 2018 here.


Have your crowdfunded music before?

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