What’s on in March 2024? Events with links to France, French culture and the Francophonie in Australia

What's on in March 2024
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March 2024 is a busy month with the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2024 starting in the major cities, but there are so many other events too covering everything from art to food, and from champagne to comedy.

What's on in March 2024


04/11 -10/03SYDNEYKandinsky
18/11 - 17/03WARRNAMBOOL, VICLisa Gorman x Mirka Mora
25/11 -28/04SYDNEYLouise Bourgeois -Has the Day Invaded the Night or Has the Night Invaded the Day?
02/12 - 28/04BRISBANEFairy Tales
03/12 - 07/04MELBOURNENGV Triennial
15/02 - 11/03MELBOURNEEuropa Europa
15/02 - 11/03SYDNEYEuropa Europa
15/02 - 29/02SYDNEYQueer Screen Mardi Gras Film Festival
16/02 - 17/03ADELAIDEAdelaide Fringe
26/02 - 01/03ADELAIDEOnlyGrans
27/02 - 03/03ADELAIDEClub d'Amour: Back Door
27/02 - 03/03ADELAIDECirque Alfonse: Animal
27/02 - 03/03ADELAIDELIMBO: The Return
27/02 - 03/03ADELAIDEFool's Paradise
27/02 - 03/03ADELAIDEIn small doses
27/02 - 02/03ADELAIDEThe Self Appointed Ambassador for Lebanese M*dgets
28/02 - 02/03ADELAIDEFrom Russia with Lana
28/02 - 03/03ADELAIDECirque Alfonse: Animal
29/02 - 03/03ADELAIDELIMBO: The Return
29/02 - 17/03ADELAIDECreate4Adelaide
01/03ADELAIDEThe Nightingale and Other Fables
01/03ADELAIDEPlenty of Fish in the Sea
01/03DARWINAF Darwin Board Game Night
01/03MELBOURNELa nuit des idées (The Night of Ideas)
01/03MELBOURNEFood for Good
01/03TOOWOOMBA, QLDGFSIG French Film Night
01/03 - 02/03ADELAIDEI(ce) (S)cream Bolero Femme & The Other Side
01/03 - 03/03ADELAIDEFuriozo: Man looking for trouble
01/03 - 03/03ADELAIDEA Fringe Special Paint & Sip: Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and travel themes
01/03 - 03/03ADELAIDEBelinda Anderson: Hunt, the sun and the hermit
01/03 - 17/03ADELAIDEAdelaide Festival
01/03 - 02/03CANBERRAAfrique en Cirque
02/03ADELAIDENaughty Cabaret
02/03CESSNOCK, NSWMeet the Author: Maureen Hamilton Day…by day…by day: Maureen’s Camino
02/03MALENY, QLDFrench Cooking Class - Autumn Menu
02/03SYDNEYWines That Defined Long Lunch
02/03SYDNEYCaviar Masterclass
02/03SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
02/03 - 03/03ADELAIDEJon & Jero: Stuff
03/03ADELAIDEThe Nightingale and Other Fables
03/03ADELAIDEPlenty of Fish in the Sea
03/03BALLINA, NSWFilm: Subtraction
03/03MELBOURNEChocolate & Wine: Matching wien with Chocolatiers
03/03SYDNEYEuropean Masters, Mosman Art Gallery - Piano recital
04/03ADELAIDEChange: Édouard Louis with Ruth Mackenzie
04/03BRISBANEAngélique Kidjo
04/03DEVONPORT, TASAF North West Tasmania AGM
04/03PERTHBook Club
04/03 - 09/03ADELAIDEThe Ukelele Man
04/03 - 10/03ADELAIDEJon Walpole: Butterfly
05/03MELBOURNEAngélique Kidjo
05/03MELBOURNEWine Tasting at Amazon State - 20 Shades of Rosé
05/03MELBOURNEInternational Women's Day Discussion Panel
05/03PORT MACQUARIE, NSWFrench Scrabble
05/03SYDNEYFrance on Trial: The case of Marshal Petain
05/03 - 02/04BRISBANEAlliance Française French Film Festival
05/03 - 08/04MELBOURNEPhoto exhibition: Portraits of French cinema
05/03 - 09/04SYDNEYAlliance Française French Film Festival
05/03 - 10/03ADELAIDECirque Alfonse: Animal
05/03 - 10/03ADELAIDEClub d'Amour: Back Door
05/03 - 10/03ADELAIDELIMBO: The Return
05/03 - 10/03ADELAIDERocky Stallone: The Champ
05/03 - 06/03ADELAIDEThe Nightingale and Other Fables
05/03 -06/03ADELAIDEIn pour taste: a comedy wine tasting
06/03BALLINA, NSWFilm: Subtraction
06/03BRISBANEQuiz Folie
06/03HOBARTFrench "value wines" tasting
06/03SYDNEYAngélique Kidjo
06/03 - 10/03ADELAIDEThe Threepenny Opera
06/03 - 10/03ADELAIDEVirtuoso
06/03 - 02/04MELBOURNEAlliance Française French Film Festival
06/03 - 02/04PERTHAlliance Française French Film Festival
06/03 - 08/03ADELAIDEFrom Russia with Lana
06/03 - 28/03SYDNEYUrban Enigmas
07/03BALLARATMovie Screening: Beauty and the Beast (French) (M)
07/03MELBOURNEOceania Cruises La Reserve Wine Dinner
07/03MELBOURNERACV City Club Double Lecture - Paris, an artist's city
07/03MELBOURNEMeet & Greet - Zahia & Fettouma Ziouani
07/03 - 02/04CANBERRAAlliance Française French Film Festival
07/03 -27/03BYRON BAY, NSWAlliance Française French Film Festival
08/03ADELAIDEIs this the gate?
08/03BRISBANEBook Club: Soudain, seuls by Isabelle Autissier
08/03EMERALD BEACH, NSWDouble Cream Brie
08/03MELBOURNENoria et les Parigots - “Comme à Paris…”
08/03PERTH4 Essential Pasty Basics - Cooking Class with French Michelin Star Chef
08/03 - 09/03ADELAIDEMerrick Watts: An idiot's guide to wine Volume 2
08/03 -10/03ADELAIDEQui a tue? mon pe?re (Who killed my father),
08/03 - 10/03ADELAIDEA Fringe Special Paint & Sip: Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and travel themes
08/03 - 11/03ADELAIDEWOMADelaide
09/03ADELAIDEJeromaia Detto: Mush
09/03ADELAIDENaughty Cabaret
09/03ADELAIDEI(ce) (S)cream Bolero Femme & The Other Side
09/03BALLINA, NSWFrench Scrabble
09/03CANBERRAVanilla and Berry Millefeuille baking class
09/03SYDNEYMovie Screening: Charadde
09/03SYDNEYCirque en Afrique
09/03CANBERRAMillefeuile Baking Class
09/03PERTHPardon my French Boat Party
09/03SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
09/03 - 10/03ADELAIDEJeromaia Detto: When I grow up (WiP)
09/03 - 10/03MELBOURNEPort Phillip Mussel & Jazz Festival
10/03CAIRNSFête de la Francophonie
10/03CAIRNSAF Cairns AGM
10/03MELBOURNEOyster & Champagne Afternoon
10/03MELBOURNEChocolate & Wine: Matching wien with Chocolatiers
10/03MORNINGTON PENINSULA, VICPeninsula Piers & Pinots
10/03NOOSA, QLDFrench Film Festival: Other People's Children
10/03- 11/03ADELAIDEIllusions: A French Cabaret
10/03 - 12/03SYDNEYSympsium: Louise Bourgeois: Tides and currents
11/03CALOUNDRA, QLDFrench Film Festival: Anatomy of a Fall
11/03 - 13/03ADELAIDEIn pour taste: a comedy wine tasting
11/03 - 17/03ADELAIDEManbo
12/03ADELAIDEAngélique Kidjo
12/03MELBOURNEFACCI VIC: Quelles sont les les opportunités d'investissement innovantes en 2024 ?
12/03MELBOURNEWine Tasting at Amazon State - Meatiness of Burgundy
12/03SYDNEYNexus Quartet present An American in Paris
12/03 - 17/03ADELAIDESkank Sinatra
12/03 - 17/03ADELAIDECirque Alfonse: Animal
12/03 - 17/03ADELAIDELIMBO: The Return
13/03MELBOURNEAn exclusive soirée to celebrate the charm and culture of France
13/03WOODEND, VICBonjour Storytime
13/03 - 14/03ADELAIDEAfrican Safari
13/03 - 17/03ADELAIDECallum Staford Mozart 182
14/03ADELAIDEJazz under the skies of Paris
14/03ADELAIDEMerrick Watts: An idiot's guide to wine Volume 2
14/03BENDIGO, VICLTSA Bendigo Picasso & Pinot Night
14/03BRISBANEOceania Cruises La Reserve Wine Dinner
14/03MELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup
14/03SYDNEYFACCI NSW: Quelles sont les les opportunités d'investissement innovantes en 2024 ?
14/03SYDNEYThe Music That Made Us | Oboe and Piano Recital
14/03 - 15/03ADELAIDEFrom Russia with Lana
15/03BUNDABERG, QLDHSG presents their Sparkling Soiree Event with Tapas
15/03NEWCASTLE, NSWFilm: The Crime is Mine" (Mon Crime).
15/03SYDNEYWeLove #446 | N.O.X b2b Scotty Cal
15/03 - 16/03ADELAIDEIllusions: A French Cabaret
15/03 - 16/03ADELAIDEMerde is just the beginning
15/03 - 17/03ADELAIDEA Fringe Special Paint & Sip: Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and travel themes
16/03ADELAIDENaughty Cabaret
16/03ADELAIDEJen de Ness Quinet in Green Tile Tango
16/03MELBOURNEA Journey To Paris. An Unforgettable High Tea Experience
16/03MELBOURNECroquembouche Workshop
16/03SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
16/03 - 17/03ADELAIDEJeromaia Detto: When I grow up (WiP)
16/03 - 17/03ADELAIDEMerrick Watts: An idiot's guide to wine Volume 2
16/03 - 14/07BENDIGO, VICParis: Impressions of Life 1880-1925
17/03ADELAIDEAfrican Safari
17/03BENDIGO, VICFrench Connections at Langley Estate
17/03DARWINAF Darwin AGM
17/03MELBOURNEMUTATIONS with MC Yallah & Debmaster, Teether & Kuya Neil, Emelyne, Lakatoi, Shuko, Ramsey, Von Adamas b2b Kafali
17/03PERTHPerfume Making & Prosecco
19/03BENDIGO, VIC‘Déjeuner à la Ferme’ (Lunch at the Farm)
19/03BRISBANEA Belle Epoque with Perrier Jouet at B?S
19/03MELBOURNEStories in French
21/03ADELAIDEFACCI SA: C-Suite Luncheon with Fragile to Agile - Destination Smart Port
21/03BRISBANEA Corsican Experience - Wine & Dine like Napooleon
21/03MELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup
21/03MELBOURNEBurgundy v Piedmont Dinner
21/03SYDNEYParis Down Under - French Pop Cabaret - An Australian Premiere
21/03TERRIGAL, NSWCCWC Wine Tasting - Intro to French Classics (Terrigal)
21/03 - 16/04ADELAIDEAlliance Française French Film Festival
21/03 - 23/03MELBOURNEOnlyGrans
21/03SYDNEYFACCI NSW: 2024 125th anniversary Soirée de Gala
22/03BENDIGO, VICUp late in Paris with YUMMY
22/03GOONDIWNDI, QLDChapeaux & Champagne
22/03MOAMA, NSWLouise Roederer Champagne Dinner
22/03PERTHFrench Decadent Chocolate Making Class 7-9pm
22/03PERTHFrench Decadent Chocolate Making Class 4-6 pm
22/03SYDNEYChampagne & Sommeliers Dinner
22/03SYDNEYCapture pres Captain Pastek & Farseer
22/03 - 06/04RENMARK, SAAlliance Française French Film Festival
23/03BRISBANECocktail Masterclass: Party Favourites (mojito & french martini)
23/03MELBOURNESacré Cœur French Village Fair
23/03MELBOURNEAuthor Talk — André Dao: Anam
23/03SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
24/03BRISBANEServing our Nation: Women and World War I
24/03DUNGOG, NSWCarolyn Packer and Cameron Jones - From New Orleans to Paris
25/03MAROOCHYDORE, QLDFrench Film Festival: Houria
26/03ADELAIDEFACCI SA: SA | Executive Women Series with LK: Cultivating your Personal Brand
26/03PERTHDiscover Burgundy
27/03BRISBANEAlliance Française Dinner Club
27/03SYDNEYVermut Time!
28/03ADELAIDEBook Club: Les trois mousquetaires
28/03DARWINFrench Wine Tasting Night
28/03MELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup
30/03CANBERRAChocolate and Caramel Tart Baking Class (Plant Based)
30/03SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
31/03MELBOURNEIn pour taste: a comedy wine tasting experience
31/03PERTHNatural Perfume Workshop


If you have an event that you’d like to see in a future edition of our What’s on, please email us the details before the end of the month prior at matildamarseillaise(at)gmail.com and we will include them.

Have a fantastic March 2024!

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