WOMADelaide 2019 starts in a week!

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WOMADelaide 2019 will take place on the long weekend from Friday 8 March to Monday 11 March.


Over these three days and 4 nights of world music, you will be spoiled with artists from across the world. Among them, there are 13 artists who are francophones, not only musicians but also dancers and circus troupes.


Angélique Kidjo (Benin)

There’s no need to introduce this impressive woman but we will do it nonetheless. She is one of the grand divas of our time.

In this concert at WOMADelaide 2019, Angélique Kidjo will present her covers of the Talking Heads’ album “Remain in Light”. This album was deeply inspired by West African music. In this concert, Angélique Kidjo performs her own version, with her euphoric vocals, electrifying rhythms and explosive percussion.




There will be a session of artitst in conversation with Angélique Kidjo, together with Fatoumata Diawara, on Saturday 9 March.


Baloji (Belgium/Democratic Republic of Congo)

Baloji was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and was raised in Belgium. He is an artist in movement, musician, poet, film director and man of images and ideas. He plays a mix of futuristic funk infused with rap, soul and Congolese soukous. His music delivrers powerful political messages.


You may also know Baloji from his former group Starflamm. Baloji will peform at 6pm on Saturday and at 4pm on Monday.



Christine & The Queens (France)

Héloïse Letissier made her début on the music scene in 2014. These days, she is known simply as Chris. She is a force of bravado and of artistic talent in pop music. In her new album, CHRIS, she explores her pansexual identity. She asks complex questions about gender and sexuality with pop music as Trojan’s house.


Her music is made up of synth-pop rhythms and her concerts are intensely physical and choreographed. She counts Madonna, Michael Jackson and Nick Cave among her influences.



She will only play one show at WOMADelaide 2019: at 10:20pm on Saturday 9 March.


Compagnie Bilbobasso “Amor” (France)

Hervé Perrin and Delphine Darus established Compagnie BiLBobaSSo, in France, in 2006. They dreamed of creating shows inspired by Argentinian tango, music and fine art. It’s a passionate expression of all of these things shown through the story of a couple who argue, and who is always on edge, such that the slightest thing can inflame the situation, literally. In fact, everything bursts into flames in their house when they cook, wash their clothes, vacuum… a crazy, wild and ludique duel – after you’ve seen it, you won’t argue in the same way ever again.


You can watch this show twice per night during WOMADelaide 2019:

Friday at 8:30pm and at 10pm

Saturday: 9:15pm et 10:45pm

Sunday: 8:30pm and 10pm

Monday: 9pm and 10:30pm


DuOud (Tunisia/Algeria)

Jean-Pierre Smadja (AKA Smadj) amd Mehdi Haddab (Speed Caravan) are DuOuD, the first group to mix the North African oud with electronic technology. They do it with such imaginative liberty separating them from their contemporaries. They experiment with classical Arabic melodies, original compositions and the conviviality of this acoustic instrument. All of that with electronic break-beats, jazz grooves and lethal guitar.



They will play Saturday at 8pm and Monday at 9:30pm. You can also see them doing a cooking demonstration on Friday 8 March at 8pm in the Taste the World Tent.


Ephemeral City – Olivier Grossetête (France)

Olivier Grossetête, an artist based in Marseille explores public spaces and allows us to experience them together. It’s about a process of image and architecture as symbols as well as a social and political project. Their structures are unique and monumental and are made out of recycled cardboard and tape, without cranes or machines: they are all made by collective human energy. You are invited to participate in this shared artistic experience in constructing a tower that defies gravity – and then desconstruct it at the end of WOMADelaide 2019.



Fatoumata Diawara

This Malian singer and guitarist burst onto the scene in 2011. She is one of the most innovative singers and guitarists in Mali. She is not just a musician either; she is also an actress and activitst. Her 2018 album is called ”Fenfo” and it covers various African styles as well as slow blues and simmering fiunk. Her album was called “a seductive marriage of old and new” by The Guardian.



Faoutmata will play two concerts at WOMADelaide 2019: Friday at 8pm and Sunday at 4pm. You can also see her in Artists in Conversation with Angelique Kidjo on Saturday at 4pm.


Jason Heerah & Otentik Groove (Mauritius)

Jason Heerah has forged a reputation as one of the best drummer singers in the world, though his work both solo and with the very successful Electric Empire.


In a return to his origins, he is collaborating with Otentik Groove, a Mauritian group which is also crowned with sucess. They have created a mix of soul, reggae, Zouk and Sega, the signature music of the island, sung in Creole. This collaboration took them to the top of the charts.


They will only play one single concert at WOMADelaide 2019, being at 5pm on Saturday. You can also see them giving a cooking demonstation at Friday at 6pm in the Taste the World Tent.


Marrugeku “Le Dernier Appel” (New Caledonia)

This Australian and New Caledonian dance co-production captures a moment in the Zeitgeist while indigenous communities explore the recouperation after colonisation. As old ways of life deteriorate, change becomes more and more urgent but progress is incredibly slow.


Le Dernier Appel is an opportune reminder of the problems posed by the referendum on the question of independence in New Caledonia in November 2018. It explores how preoccupations can perturb and regenerate dance in the Asia-Pacific region.


From its bases in Broome and Sydney, Marrugeku is dedicated to working with Australians, indigenous and non-indigenous, to create new dance languages which are restless, transformative and unwavering.


Two performances at WOMADelaide 2019: Sunday at 8pm and Monday at 8:15pm.


Maalem Hamid El Kasri (Morocco)

At the age of 7, El Kasri embarked on a path of learning to become a Maalem: a master of guembri, a three chorded bass luthe from Gnawa, North African music that was the music of former African slaves. In his hands, the guembri traverses the gammet of emotions, from mournful and melancholic to uplifting and celebrative. His music is deceptively simple: the combination of El Kasri’s deep, sonorous voice, complex melodies and hypnotic accompaniment by singer-percussionists, in fact boasts many layers and hidden depths.



He will play two concerts at WOMADelaide 2019: Sunday at 6pm and Monday at 4pm.


The Colour of Time (France)

La Cie Artonik returns to WOMADelaide 2019 after four years of international tourig. The Colour of Time is an explosion of colours and an irresistible celebration of unity, diversity and friendship all while paying homage to the traditional Indian festival, Holi. Everyone is invited to participate in this professional kaleidoscope, of colourful musical and full of joy.


It kicks of at the Holy Cow Chai Tent at 6:15pm on the Friday and Saturday, 5:15pm Sunday and 5:30pm Monday.


The Leafies (France)

The innovative company from Toulouse mixes the reality of the everyday with the creative world of the imagination. Their ephemeral Leafies (Les Pheuillus) – plant sculptures born from autumn leaves, in human form – will appear and migrate to unexpected places in Botanic Park during the festival, as a reflection on the poetic aspects of nature.


The Original Gypsies (France)

We all know The Gipsy Kings. Bamboleo was a huge hit of the period. A few original members of the group have formed The Original Gypsies. You are going to sing and dance to the songs we all known. Chico promises you a concert full of energy and joy.


With their group of 12 musicians, among them 8 guitarists, you are going to enjoy the rumbas and flamenco for which they are known.


They will only perform one single concert at WOMADelaide 2019: Monday at 9:30pm. Not to be missed!



You have a variety of options for tickets to WOMADelaide 2019. To go every day and every night, purchase the 4 day ticket. It costs $387 for adults. Tickets for adolescents (from 13 to 17 years of age) cost $217. Children enter for free.


There is also a ticket which gives you access to WOMADelaide 2019 just for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The 3 DAY & NIGHT PASS FRIDAY – SUNDAY costs $350 for adults and $197 for adolescents.


There is also a pass for the 3 days, Saturday to Monday for the same price ($350 for adults, $197 for adolescents).


If you prefer to go just for one whole day and evening, you are best buying the DAY & NIGHT PASS. These cost $205 for the Saturday or Sunday ($128 for adolescents) and $152 for the Monday ($96 for adolescents). Given that WOMADelaide only starts on the Friday night, there is no DAY & NIGHT for the Friday – if you only want to go on the Friday night, you need to purchase the FRIDAY NIGHT PASS, which costs $152 for adults ($96 for adolesents).


If you only want to go at night you can purchase the NIGHT PASS which corresponds to the evening that interests you. The NIGHT PASS for Saturday or Sunday costs $152 for adults or $96 for adolescents.


Children enter for free with an adult every day and evening of WOMADelaide 2019.


You can purchase your tickets here.


Who do you want to see at WOMADelaide 2019?


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