“Would I lie to you: the beginning” is currently showing at the Jewish International Film Festival across Australia

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Would I lie to you: the beginning” comes 20 years after the original film “Would I lie to you?” and tells the stories of the beginnings of the 4 main characters. It is a prequel to the original which was released in Australia back in November 1998.


High schooler Serge (Anton Cszaszar) is interested in the most beautiful and most popular girl of the school. He constantly schemes ways to impress her. He amuses us with his bad luck, not only with her but within the classroom.


Whereas Dov (Mickael Lumière), also a high-schooler, ignores the orders of his mother to not work in his final year of school so that he can focus on his studies. Instead, he starts working at the Max de Paris boutique where he impresses both his boss but also his boss’ wife, who seduces him. The seduction and liaison provide lots of laughs.


Yvan (Jeremy Lewin), in partnership with Patrick (Yohan Manca) work at Planète Vidéo, their own video rental store. Yvan worries about money and lives frugally, having to live with his girlfriend in a terrible apartment because he can’t afford to live anywhere better. Patrick on the other hand is way too lax with budgets and when a beautiful client enters his store becomes entranced and spends more and more in an effort to impress her and to convince her and her rich friends that he is one of them.

You don’t need to have seen the original, nor its two sequels, to understand the story and to get the jokes in the prequel “Would I lie to you: the beginning”. That said, if you do recall the original, you will perhaps laugh more getting to see characters you already know in their younger, perhaps funnier escapades. A little nostalgic pleasure.



“Would I lie to you: the beginning” film is the only French film showing at the Jewish International Film Festival, which is currently on in cinemas in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. You can buy your tickets via this link: https://www.jiff.com.au/films/would-i-lie-to-you-the-beginning

Have you seen the original “Would I lie to you?” film?



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