The Bon Fromage 2024 free masterclasses program just got bigger!

Bon Fromage 2024 Free masterclasses
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There are now even more free masterclasses in the Bon Fromage 2024 free masterclasses program! (Read all about the festival in our previous article here) Because giving you one tonne of French cheese isn’t enough, Bon Fromage also has 10 free cheese themed masterclasses so that you can expand your knowledge and appreciation of French cheese. There’s even a breakfast cheese pairing class so you can learn to start your day with cheese. Read on to find out everything you need to know and book them quickly because they always fill up.

Bon Fromage 2024 Free masterclasses



Bon Fromage 2024 free masterclasses

Market Fresh: Seasonal pairings with a local gardener

Friday 31 May 3:30pm

The art of pairing cheese with the freshest seasonal produce. Explore the dynamic flavours that arise from combining artisanal cheeses with nature’s bounty.


The Cheese Story: from the cave to your fridge

Friday 31 May 2024 4:30pm

Uncover the secrets of cheese maturation and conservation as you learn about the intricate processes that transform milk into cheese. From aging techniques to storage methods, gain insight into preserving cheese at its peak flavour.


Night symphony: The effect of music on cheese taste

31 May 2024 – 5:30pm

Embark on a sensory journey as you explore the intriguing relationship between music and cheese taste. Discover how music can enhance the flavours of cheese, creating a symphony of sensory delight.



Bon Fromage 2024 free masterclasses

Morning Brie-fing: Cheese up your morning coffee

1 June 12pm

Elevate your morning coffee by learning how to incorporate the perfect cheese into your breakfast repertoire.


How to set up a cheesy picnic

1 June 1:30pm

Master the art of the perfect cheesy picnic as you learn tips and tricks for selecting, storing, and serving cheese outdoors.


Chocolate Snack Attack

1 June 2:30pm

Satisfy your cravings with the ultimate snack pairing: cheese and chocolate. Learn how to combine these two indulgent treats to create irresistible flavours.


Cheese cutting: Don’t bite the cheese, cut it right

1 June 3:30pm

Hone your cheese cutting skills as you learn the proper techniques for slicing and serving cheese. From soft and creamy to hard and crumbly, discover the best methods for cutting each cheese family to preserve its texture and flavour.



The Fantastic Four of French cheese

2 June 2024 – 12:30pm

This entertaining and informative session will guide you through the distinct families of French cheese: robust hard and semi-hard varieties, creamy soft and gooey delights, pungent washed rind treasures, and the bold, complex blues. You’ll learn the unique textures, flavours, and aromas that define each type of cheese, and master the art of pairing with a seasonal twist to enhance your cheese experience throughout the year.


The evolution of cheese through seasons

2 June 2pm

Explore how seasonal routine, milk and cheese taste. From the fresh brightness of spring to the rich robustness of winter, discover how cheese evolves throughout the year.


Children Cheesy Challenge

2 June 4pm

In this kid-friendly masterclass, our expert cheesemonger will take your littles ones through the varieties of cheese on offer to enjoy, keeping kids engaged and interested with a fun quiz and the chance to win cheesy prizes.


WHAT: Bon Fromage Festival, Sydney

WHEN Friday 31 May – Sunday 2 June 2024

Friday 31 May 12pm – 11pm

Saturday 1 June 11am – 11pm

Sunday 2 June 11am – 9pm

WHERE: Overseas Passenger Terminal (Cargo Hall), 130 Argyle St, THE ROCKS

HOW MUCH: Entry, cheese tastings, masterclasses and entertainment are free





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Which of these Bon Fromage 2024 free masterclasses will you attend?

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