What’s on in June 2024? Events with links to France and the Francophonie happening in Australia

What's on in June 2024
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What’s on in June 2024? We’ve found over 170 events with links to France and the Francophonie happening in Australia this month to keep you entertained.

What's on in June 2024

16/03 - 14/07BENDIGO, VICParis: Impressions of Life 1880-1925
23/03 - 10/06MELBOURNELaure Provost: Oui move in you
14/04 - 09/06SUNSHINE COASTSunshine Coast French Film Festival
24/05 -15/06SYDNEYVivid Sydney
31/05 - 02/06SYDNEYBon Fromage
01/06ADELAIDERaclette Igloo
01/06BALLINA, NSWFrench Scrabble
01/06BENDIGO, VICVoyage à Paris at Langley Estate
01/06BRISBANEWines that defined long lunch
01/06MALENY, QLDFrench Cooking class - Winter menu
01/06PERTHFrench Kiss "The Blue Touch"
01/06SUNSHINE COASTHommage aux anciens combattants
01/06SUNSHINE COASTLunch Anciens Combattants
01/06SYDNEYLimbo: The Return
01/06SYDNEYMorning Brie-fing: Cheese up your morning coffee
01/06SYDNEYHow to set up a cheesy picnic
01/06SYDNEYChocolate Snack Attack
01/06SYDNEYCheese cutting: Don't bite the cheese, cut it right
01/06SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
01/06SYDNEYVivid Live: Tinariwen
01/06SYDNEYVivid Sydney - The Virgin Suicides (soundtrack by Air)
02/06ADELAIDERaclette Igloo
02/06MELBOURNEChocolate & Wine matching
02/06PERTHBook to Film at the Backlot: Jules et Jim
02/06SYDNEYLimbo: The Return
02/06SYDNEYThe Fantastic Four of French cheese
02/06SYDNEYThe evolution of cheese through seasons
02/06SYDNEYChildren Cheesy Challenge
02/06SYDNEYCooking Demo: Tomme Daubée by Alex
02/06SYDNEYLe Marché Eastern Suburbs
02/06SYDNEYCaramel Sydney | White Party: @seedne973 (FRA)
02/06TOWNSVILLE, QLDPétanque
03/06SYDNEYLumières de Paris
04/06PORT MACQUARIE, NSWFrench Scrabble
04/06SYDNEYSpecial Guest Speaker Talk: The First fleet with John Longley AM
04/06 - 09/06ADELAIDERaclette Igloo
05/06ADELAIDEWorld Environment Day
05/06LISMORE, NSWFilm: A Great Friend
05/06PERTHCooking Class: Vole-au-vent & goujonettes de poisson sauce tartare
05/06SYDNEYBabies Love Books in French - Les Bébés Aiment Les Livres 2024
05/06SYDNEYFACCI NSW | Tchin Thcin - Olympic Challenge
05/06 - 09/06SYDNEYLimbo: The Return
05/06 - 16/06SYDNEYSydney Film Festival
06/06BRISBANETour du vins
06/06MELBOURNEFrench Playgroup
06/06PERTHAuthor talk with Katrina Kell "Chloé: Revolution, art and intrigue in bohemian Paris"
06/06SYDNEYFACCI NSW | Is the future made in Australia?
06/06SYDNEYLes Femmes - Dinner & Show
06/06SYDNEYEuropean Wine Tasting Dinner
07/06DARWINBoard Game Night
07/06ROCKHAMPTON, QLDAlliance Française de Central Queensland French Film Festival
07/06ROCKHAMPTON, QLDFrench Film Festival Opening Night: Les Promesses
07/06SYDNEYFACCI VIC | ENGIE Tour de France Lunch
07/06MELBOURNES.A.S.H Melbourne & Waves | Voigtmann & Man/Ipulate (FRA)
08/06BYRON BAY, NSWS.A.S.H Byron & Traumer
08/06LAKE MACQUARIE, NSWMAC yapang presents artist talk - Bernard Ollis OAM
08/06MELBOURNEVictorian Sex and the City Tour
08/06PERTHQueency presents: Charles Aznavour Reimagined
08/06ROCKHAMPTON, QLDAlliance Française de Central Queensland French Film Festival
08/06ROCKHAMPTON, QLDFrench Film Festival: France
08/06ROCKHAMPTON, QLDFrench Film Festival: Les Pires
08/06SORRENTO, VICChampage Masterclasses with the Champagne Dame
08/06SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
08/06SYDNEYVivid Sydney: Golden Age of Humanity - Beau Travail with Bernard Collaery
08/06WOLLONGONG, NSWS.A.S.H Wollongong & Four On The Floor: Man/Ipulate (FRA)
09/06MELBOURNEBelgian Beef & Beer Stew
09/06ROCKHAMPTON, QLDAlliance Française de Central Queensland French Film Festival
09/06ROCKHAMPTON, QLDFrench Film Festival: La Montagne
09/06SYDNEYLe Marché Willoughby
09/06 - 07/07ADELAIDECirque du Soleil: LUZIA
10/06PERTHFilm en français: Father & Sons
11/06MELBOURNERoad to Paris 24
11/06 - 24/06SYDNEYJakey Pedro: Wonder
12/06ADELAIDECheese after Dark with Seppeltsfield
12/06BRISBANEQuizz Folie
12/06MELBOURNEConsulting in Cambodia: an international development consultant's view
12/06MELBOURNERoad to Paris 24
12/06PERTHAuthor in conversation: Katrina Kell (Revolution, art and intrigue in bohemian Paris come together in the pages of Chloé)
12/06SYDNEYPhilo Bistro: On the red carpet with Nathalie Morris
12/06SYDNEYEmbracing change - Soul Space Circle featuring Soundbath with Anick
12/06 - 16/06SYDNEYLimbo: The Return
13/06BENDIGO, VICCurator Introduction | Paris: Impressions of Life 1880-1925
13/06BRISBANEMeet the Brewer, Marcus Englet, Head of Export, Weihenstephan Bewery, Belgium
13/06MELBOURNEParis Olympics preview
13/06MELBOURNEFrench Playgroup
13/06MELBOURNESamuel Beckett and the Rainbow Girl: Genius, Love, Madness, Violence in 1920s Paris
13/06PERTHTour du vins
14/06ADELAIDEMusical Bang Bang
14/06ADELAIDECiné Club: The Course of Life/ Le cours de la vie
14/06EMERALD BEACH, NSWDouble Cream Brie
14/06MELBOURNESamuel Beckett and the Rainbow Girl: Genius, Love, Madness, Violence in 1920s Paris
14/06MELBOURNELangue de Chat - Live at Open Studio
14/06NOOSA, QLD"Take me to Paris" Pauline Maudy
14/06PERTHBella Marlsen: song by candlelight
15/06ADELAIDEMusical Bang Bang
15/06BALLINA, NSWFrench Scrabble
15/06CANBERRAStrawberry and Vanila Fraisier baking class
15/06EUDLO, SUNSHINE COAST, QLD"Take me to Paris" Pauline Maudy
15/06MAITLAND, QLDPearl Live - The Emerald Ruby x Abhaya Sky
15/06MELBOURNESamuel Beckett and the Rainbow Girl: Genius, Love, Madness, Violence in 1920s Paris
15/06MELBOURNEFrench Wine Regions masterclass
15/06PERTHThe Bubbles Festival
15/06PERTHAn evening in Paris
15/06PORT FAIRY, VICFrench Cuisine Cooking Class
15/06SOMERVILLE, VICFrench High Tea
15/06SYDNEYPeanut Butter & Belgian Milk Chocolate Macaron class
15/06SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
16/06MELBOURNESamuel Beckett and the Rainbow Girl: Genius, Love, Madness, Violence in 1920s Paris
17/06PERTHBook Club
18/06ADELAIDETrinquons en français
18/06BRISBANE"Take me to Paris" Pauline Maudy
18/06MELBOURNEClimate Fresk
19/06BRISBANEDinner Club
19/06PERTHhttps://events.humanitix.com/stabat-mater-furiosa?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0I6k1RNTPA8HVa3ToyAFh_kRmMkBcyXFV-tvvVbxvED-h_JfFZvr45jGE_aem_ZmFrZWR1bW15MTZieXRlcwStabat Mater FuriosaStabat Mater FuriosaStabat Mater Furiosa
19/06 - 23/06SYDNEYLimbo: The Return
20/06ADELAIDEBook Club: "La faiseuse d'étoiles" by Mélissa Da Costa
20/06BRISBANEFACCI QLD - HYBRID | Aerospace Defence Aviation: Rotor Rendezvous - The Next Phase in Drone Solutions
20/06MALENY, QLD"Take me to Paris" Pauline Maudy
20/06MELBOURNETour du vins
20/06MELBOURNEFrench Playgroup
20/06MELBOURNEFACCI VIC | Tchin Tchin networking event
20/06PERTHhttps://events.humanitix.com/stabat-mater-furiosa?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0I6k1RNTPA8HVa3ToyAFh_kRmMkBcyXFV-tvvVbxvED-h_JfFZvr45jGE_aem_ZmFrZWR1bW15MTZieXRlcwStabat Mater Furiosa
20/06SYDNEYNo Regrets: The Edith Piaf story
21/06MARYBOROUGH, QLD"Take me to Paris" Pauline Maudy
21/06SYDNEYAnselm film screening
21/06 - 30/06CANBERRALa Crêperie Pop Up - All you can eat crêpes
21/06HERVEY BAY, QLDFrench Macaron Making workshop
21/06MELBOURNESamuel Beckett and the Rainbow Girl: Genius, Love, Madness, Violence in 1920s Paris
21/06PERTHhttps://events.humanitix.com/stabat-mater-furiosa?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0I6k1RNTPA8HVa3ToyAFh_kRmMkBcyXFV-tvvVbxvED-h_JfFZvr45jGE_aem_ZmFrZWR1bW15MTZieXRlcwStabat Mater Furiosa
21/06SYDNEYCardea presents Paris Nocture by Nikki Nouveau
21/06SYDNEYLes dialogues des carmelites
21/06TOOWOOMBA, QLDLa Fête de la Musique: Gypsy Jumbucks Jazz Concert
22/06ADELAIDEImogen Kelly: Bent Burlesque
22/06ADELAIDELisa Simone: Keeper of the Flame
22/06CANBERRAStrawberry and Vanila Fraisier baking class
22/06COOLUM BEACH, QLD"Take me to Paris" Pauline Maudy
22/06LISMORE, NSWLa Fête de la Musique
22/06MELBOURNEAller Reviens encore
22/06MELBOURNESamuel Beckett and the Rainbow Girl: Genius, Love, Madness, Violence in 1920s Paris
22/06PERTHPalette of Light: Renoir and the Impressionists
22/06PERTHhttps://events.humanitix.com/stabat-mater-furiosa?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0I6k1RNTPA8HVa3ToyAFh_kRmMkBcyXFV-tvvVbxvED-h_JfFZvr45jGE_aem_ZmFrZWR1bW15MTZieXRlcwStabat Mater Furiosa
22/06SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
22/06SYDNEYLes dialogues des carmelites
22/06TOWNSVILLE, QLDFête de la musique
22/06WARRAGUL, VICGenesis Baroque: Paris Quartets
22/06WOODEND, VICBonjour Storytime
23/06CANBERRAPiaf to Mouskouri: an afternoon of cabaret music
23/06FLINDERS, VICParis Quartets
23/06MELBOURNESamuel Beckett and the Rainbow Girl: Genius, Love, Madness, Violence in 1920s Paris
23/06MELBOURNEA French Soirée
23/06SYDNEYLe Marché Eastern Suburbs
24/06MELBOURNEFrench Storytime
24/06SYDNEYMusic in the Morning – Piaf & Aznavour — Back In Time
25/06MELBOURNEParis Quartets
25/06MELBOURNETrivia Night
26/06ADELAIDEFACCI SA | Tchin Tchin, meet with the counsellors
26/06MELBOURNEBook Club "Proust, roman familial" Laure Murat
26/06SYDNEYEURO2024 Poland vs France
26/06SYDNEYFACCI NSW | C-Suite Luncheon with Mr Peter Duncan AM
26/06 - 30/06SYDNEYLimbo: The Return
27/06ADELAIDEA Journey in the Operatic World - With Opera Singer Gisele Blanchard
27/06BENNALLA, VICBus trip to Bendigo Art Gallery: 'Paris: Impressions of Life 1880-1925'
27/06MELBOURNEJardin des idées /Garden of ideas
27/06MELBOURNEFrench Playgroup
27/06SYDNEYA Magdalene Journey
27/06 - 30/06CANBERRAChristmas in July Festival
28/06IPSWICH, QLD"Take me to Paris" Pauline Maudy
28/06PERTHFACCI WA | FACCI's 125th Anniversary Cocktai Soirée
28/06PERTHTour de France sundowner
28/06SYDNEYLes dialogues des carmelites
29/06ADELAIDECanada Day with the Australia Canada Association (SA)
29/06CANBERRACouture Beading & Embellishment Beginners Course
29/06MELBOURNEChocolate & Wine matching
29/06SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
29/06SYDNEYRaclette Igloo
29/06SYDNEYLes dialogues des carmelites
30/06SYDNEYRaclette Igloo


What are your plans for June?


As always if you have an event you would like to see included in a future edition of our What’s on, email us the details by the end of the month before it to matildamarseillaise (at) gmail.com

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