What’s on in July 2024: Events with links to France and the Francophonie happening in Australia

What's on in July 2024
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What’s on in July 2024? We’ve found over 200 events with links to France and the Francophonie happening in Australia this month to keep you entertained.

What's on in July 2024

16/03 - 14/07BENDIGO, VICParis: Impressions of Life 1880-1925
31/05 - 06/10MELBOURNEAfrica Fashion
08/06 - 07/07MELBOURNEChildren's International Film Festival (CHIFF)
09/06 - 07/07ADELAIDECirque du Soleil: LUZIA
15/06 - 14/07MELBOURNEChildren's International Film Festival (CHIFF)
15/06 - 22/09SYDNEYAlphonse Mucha: Spirit of Art Nouveau
21/06 - 12/07CANBERRA"Stepping into a game of light" an exhibition by Herman Kwok-Hung Lee
25/06 -08/07SYDNEYGuy Trinquet: L'Odyssée
29/06 -07/10CANBERRAGauguin’s World: T?na Iho, T?na Ao
1-JulWAGGA WAGGAPiaf & Aznavour – Back in Time
2-JulSYDNEYLive at the Great: Midnight in Paris with Konstantin Shamray
3-JulBRISBANEMicro-Folie exhibition at QUT’s Gardens Point campus
3-JulSYDNEYLive at the Great: Midnight in Paris with Konstantin Shamray
03/07 - 07/07SYDNEYRaclette Igloo
4-JulADELAIDEFACCI SA | Executive Women Series with LK: Exploring Design's Dynamic Significance
4-JulMELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup Room 1
4-JulMELBOURNERaclette with Supercheese
4-JulSYDNEYBook Launch "Nuked" by Andrew Fowler
4-JulSYDNEYAround the World Cabaret & Burlesque
4-JulSYDNEYBonjour Postcards from Paris
5-JulADELAIDEBal de Bastille Day
5-JulBRISBANELe Festival
5-JulBRISBANEMicro-Folie exhibition at QUT’s Gardens Point campus
5-JulDARWINBoard Game night
6-JulBRISBANELe Festival
6-JulBRISBANEMicro-Folie exhibition at QUT’s Gardens Point campus
6-JulMALENY, QLDFrench Cooking Class - Winter Menu
6-JulMELBOURNECapturing Change - Photogrpahy and Fashion
6-JulMELBOURNECheese and Wine Matching with Chef Sigrid
6-JulNEWCASTLE, NSWFrench with your tiny tot(s)
6-JulSYDNEYEssential Kitchen Saturday: French Delicacies
7-JulBRISBANELe Festival
7-JulDEVONPORT, TASPam's Pinot Palooza with Mitch Berwick
7-JulMELBOURNEChocolate & Wine Matching
7-JulSYDNEYLe Marché
08/07 - 10/07CANBERRAGoing for Gold
08/07 -19/07SYDNEYKids drop-in workshop: Paper headpieces inspired by Alphonse Mucha
9-JulMELBOURNESchool Holiday Activity - Olympic Torch Craft
10-JulADELAIDEFirst Deep Dive into Comic Book Controversies
10-JulBRISBANEQuizz Folie
10-JulMELBOURNEBastille Day celebration and Free French Trial session
10-JulMUDGEE, NSWEiffel Tower Drawing (ages 9-12)
10-JulSYDNEYA night in Paris with Manu Bonjour: Aperitives vs Digestives
10-JulSYDNEYBastille Day Luncheon
10/07 - 14/07SYDNEYRaclette Igloo
11-JulBENDIGO, VICParis Paste Ups with Mr Dimples
11-JulMELBOURNEVive la Révolution Soirée
11-JulMELBOURNEBooks in Bars with Jessie Tu
11-JulMELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup Room 1
11-JulMELBOURNEHow can we act in time?
11-JulSYDNEYFACCI NSW |Forvis Mazars Bastille Day Champagne Breakfast
11-JulSYDNEYAF Sydney Grand Bal
11-JulSYDNEYBastille Festival
11-JulSYDNEYSchool Holidays Olympics Craft (5-8yo)
11-JulSYDNEYBastille Day Party
12-JulADELAIDEBastille Day Kids Cupcake Decorating
12-JulADELAIDELe tour du Marché - French language market tour
12-JulBRISBANELe book club: Le grand Coeur by Jean-Christophe Rufin
12-JulBRISBANEFACCI QLD | Bastille Day Business Breakfast
12-JulDARWINBastille Day
12-JulKANGAROO VALLEY, NSWArts in the Valley: Soirée dans la Vallée
12-JulMELBOURNEUniversity House Bastille Day Dinner
12-JulSYDNEYBastille Festival
12-JulSYDNEYSimon Johnson: Roseblood d’Estoublon Rosé Tasting
12-JulSYDNEYSchool Holiday Felting Workshop
12/07 - 14/07LISMOREFrench Scrabble
13-JulADELAIDELe tour du Marché - French language market tour
13-JulADELAIDELes Flâneurs Volants Bastille Day
13-JulBENDIGO, VICBastille Day Unlocked
13-JulCANBERRABastille Day 2024
13-JulEMERALD BEACH, NSWDouble Cream Brie
13-JulGEELONGBastille Day
13-JulKANGAROO VALLEY, NSWCoq Fest: Bastille Day in the Bush
13-JulLISMOREMini French Film Festival
13-JulMELBOURNEBastille Day French Festival
13-JulMELBOURNEBastille Day wine dinner with paired wines
13-JulMELBOURNEMasterclass L'Oréal Groupe's Look & Learn Masterclass
13-JulMELBOURNEMasterclass: Cheese and Wine pairing
13-JulMELBOURNEWalking Tours: French Icons of Melbourne
13-JulMELBOURNEThe Paris End Soirée
13-JulNEWHAM, VICBastille Day Weekend - Cheese & Wine and Truffle Masterlcasses
13-JulPERTHFACCI WA | Bastille Day Dinner with the AF Perth
13-JulPERTHBastille Day Dinner 2024
13-JulPERTHLe French Karaoke
13-JulPERTHLa Maison de France Bastille Day
13-JulSYDNEYAn Evening in Paris with Emma Hamilton and Band
13-JulSYDNEYAnna Weaving Collective
13-JulSYDNEYBafana Afrobeats - Amapiano meets Hip Hop Boat party
13-JulSYDNEYBastille Festival
13-JulSYDNEYFound Objects: Jewellery making with Pierre Cavalan
13-JulSYDNEYSide Bar French Night
13-JulSYDNEYTDF Viewing hosted by Mike Tomalaris
13-JulSYDNEYThe Ulimate Backpacker and International Boat Party (Bastille Festival)
13-JulTOWNSVILLE, QLDBastille Day Cabaret
13-JulWOLLOMBI, NSWBastille Day Gathering
14-JulADELAIDEBastille Day with Mélange à trois
14-JulADELAIDEAdvanced Preview of "The President's Wife"
14-JulADELAIDELes Flâneurs Volants Bastille Day
14-JulBALLARAT, VICBastille Day celebration
14-JulBENDIGO, VICLangley Estate: Bastille Day spectacular
14-JulBRISBANEBastille Day with Agence Consulaire de Brisbane
14-JulCAIRNSBal Populaire with Nikki Doll
14-JulDEVONPORT, TASBastille Day Lunch
14-JulDUNGOG, NSWA Taste of Things screening + wine and canapés
14-JulGANMAIN, NSWBastille Day Brunch and Bubbles
14-JulGOLD COASTFlavours of France - Wine tasting event
14-JulKANGAROO VALLEY, NSWCoq Fest: Bastille Day in the Bush
14-JulILLAWARRABastille Day 2024
14-JulLAUNCESTONBastille Day 2024
14-JulLEETON, NSWBastille Brunch
14-JulMELBOURNELou Blackwell & The French Set
14-JulMELBOURNENo Regrets - The Edith Piaf Story feat Nikki Nouveau
14-JulMELBOURNENoria & The Parisians
14-JulMELBOURNE1533 Cellars : Bastille Day Wine Tasting
14-JulMELBOURNEBastille Day French Festival
14-JulMELBOURNEBastille Day wine dinner with paired wines
14-JulMELBOURNEMasterclass: Tour de France of Spirits
14-JulMELBOURNEMasterclass: The Art of Fashion - An introduction to Fashion Drawing
14-JulMELBOURNEWalking Tours: French Icons of Melbourne
14-JulNEWHAM, VICBastille Day Weekend - Cheese & Wine and Truffle Masterlcasses
14-JulORANGE, NSWBastille Day Luncheon
14-JulPERTHSummer in Paris: Bastille Day Celebration with Catherine Summers
14-JulPORT MACQUARIEBastille Day French Movie
14-JulQUEENSCLIFF, VICBastille Day Luncheon
14-JulSTANTHORPE, QLDFrench Themed Trivia
14-JulSYDNEYBastille Festival
14-JulSYDNEYBastille Day Civic Ceremony
14-JulSYDNEYLe Marché Willougby
14-JulSYDNEYAll you can eat Bastille Day
14-JulSYDNEYThe Paula T Band
14-JulTOOWOMBALe Quatorze Juillet 2024
14-JulTOWNSVILLEBastille Day - Sunday Lunch
14-JulTWEED HEADS, NSWParis After Dark
14-JulWAGGA WAGGABastille Day ‘French Connections’ – Ganmain
15-JulHELENSBURGH, NSWMoving Screening - French Movie Night
15-JulSYDNEYFrench Quiz-ine for French Food Lovers
16-JulBOWRAL, NSWKaren Viggers author talk
16-JulMELBOURNEFACCI VIC | Les Lumières VERT: Immersive Green Tech Pitch Contest
16-JulMELBOURNE Les Lumières VERT: Immersive Green Tech Pitch Contest
16-JulSYDNEYSchool Holidays Olympics Craft (5-8yo)
16-JulSYDNEYSchool Holidays Olympics Craft (5-8yo)
17-JulADELAIDEYour first Olympics Around the World (8+ years)
17-JulMELBOURNEChampagne Dinner Event with Pierre Gimonnet
17-JulMUDGEE, NSWFrench Summer Collage (age 6-12)
17-JulSYDNEYKids access workshop: Botanical designs
17-JulSYDNEYAlphonse Mucha: Spirit of Art Nouveau - Audio-description tour
17/07 - 21/07SYDNEYRaclette Igloo
18-JulLONG JETTY, NSWMoulin Rouge
18-JulMUDGEE, NSWStorytime and fruit stamp bikes
18-JulMELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup Room 1
18-JulSYDNEYSchool Holidays Olympics Craft (5-8yo)
19-JulCANBERRAThe Climate Crisis - The writing is on the wall
19-JulSYDNEYWriters @ Stanton: Andrew Fowler
19-JulSYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
19/07 - 21/07SYDNEYAfrica Film Fest Australia
20-JulCANBERRAWonderful World
20-JulCLEMATIS, VICThe Over-Achievers: Wines that punch above their weight
20-JulELWOOD, VICRoots Supper Club Fire Cooking with a nod to the Tour de France
20-JulMELBOURNEWeaving Activity with Waymi Arts & Crafts
20-JulMELBOURNEBastille Soirée
20-JulMELBOURNE2024 Paris Olympic Games Dinner
20-JulMELBOURNESFSC Bastille Day Soirée
20-JulNEWCASTLE, NSWFrench with your tiny tot(s)
20-JulSYDNEYAlphonse Mucha: Spirit of Art Nouveau - Audio-description tour
20-JulSYDNEYChildren's Book Talk: Marion & The Forty Thieves - Sarah Luke
21-JulCAIRNSUnseen Cinema - The Taste of Things
21-JulGOLD COASTBelg Fest Long Table Luncheon
21-JulMELBOURNEChocolate & Wine Matching
21-JulMELBOURNEBelgian National Day
21-JulNEWCASTLE, NSWBastille Market
22-JulMELBOURNEFrench Storytime
22-JulSYDNEYTaste Champagne
23-JulSYDNEYLive at the Indpendent: La Vie en Rose with Emiy Sun
23-JulWINGHAM, NSWTop Flicks Tuesday: The Miracle Club
24-JulPERTHCooking Class 24 July 2024 - Gâteau Basque
24-JulSYDNEYSpecial Exhibition Event: Wendy Sharpe & Elizabeth Fortescue
24/07 - 28/07SYDNEYRaclette Igloo
25-JulADELAIDEFrench Book Club: Pleine terre by Corinne Royer
25-JulBEECHWORTH, VICMeet the author: Siobhan O'Brien
25-JulBRISBANETour du Vins
25-JulMELBOURNEJardin des idées/ Garden of Ideas with Technical Philospher @ibburckhardt
25-JulMELBOURNESt Kilda French Playgroup Room 1
25-JulRUTHERGLEN, VICMeet the author: Siobhan O'Brien
25-JulSYDNEYMountain & Sea Quartet: Cody, Evans, Overmyer & Swanton
26-JulSYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose
26-JulWAGGA WAGGAWagga French Film Festival Opening Night
27-JulBRISBANEFuture Collective Revel
27-JulMELBOURNELunch with Le Brun De Neuville
27-JulMELBOURNEForce of Nature
27-JulPERTHCafe Scientifique July 2024
27-JulSYDNEYPeanut Butter and Belgian Chocolate Macaon Class
28-JulBRISBANESunday Chamapgne Shindig
28-JulSYDNEYLe Marché Willougby
30-JulMELBOURNETaste Chamapgne
30-JulMELBOURNEAfter Dark - Tastings & Dinner - Champagne & Chablis
30-JulMELBOURNEFACCI VIC | C-Suite Roundtable with Orange Business: Cybersecurity challengeds in a globalised world
31-JulADELAIDEFACCI SA | Food Waste Reduction: What are the opportunities?
31-JulMELBOURNEProchain Book Club:L Alcools by Guillaume Apollinaire


What are your plans for July?


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