Chant and chanson: Trish Hayward sings French music in Sydney this week

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Trish Hayward, an Australian who has lived in France for 30 years, will play a rare concert in Sydney this week. It’s the perfect occasion to listen to French music amongst friends before Christmas. We spoke to Trish Howard about the concert and life in France. 

How long have you lived in Paris and what led you there?

I’ve lived in France for 30 yeras. I was the recipient of a study scholarship (I was Trish Martin then). I stayed on working, got married and have two children. 


What did you study in Paris? 

I went to study music and musical theatre in France. 


You sing French songs. What attracts you to French music?

I love French music. In the beginning, I did a lot of contemporary classic music and I did quite a few creations. Later I discovered French music and I relearned piano to accompany my singing.  


Do you have formal training in singing?

I have a classic and very complete training in singing, in Germany and in France. I teach in France. I also sing classic, baroque and swing jazz! I discovered Breton music, traditional French songs in their original language. I love Middle Eastern music too. 


Tell us about your concert in Marrickville this Thursday.

The concert this Thursday night is at Lazybones Lounge, 294 Marrickville Rd, level 1. Dinner 7pm, concert 8:30pm. Concert $15 . It’s a duo with Philip Griffin on electric bass and acoustic guirtar and me on keys and singing. 


What types of singers will be hear songs of at your concert this week ?

We will do the known ones, like Piaf, Brel, Aznavour, Montand, but also lesser known ones like Boris Vian, Barbara, William Sheller, Piazzola (in French), Michel Legrand, Daniel Ballevoine and a Breton song, in Breton! 


Who is your favourite French singer and why?

My favourite song would be ‘Les Moulins de mon Cœur’ by Michel Legrand. To know why, I will tell you at the concert!


Are you going to sing Christmas songs given that the concert is happening so close to Christmas?

No Christmas songs are planned this time.  


Are you going to do other concerts while you are in Australia?

Next concert is 4 February in Brisbane, at BUG, Brisbane Unplugged.


What do you miss about Australia the most when you are in France?

In Australia it’s (normally) the clean air that I miss and nature.



You can attend Trish Hayward concerts on the following dates and in the following places:

SYDNEY: Lazy Bones, Marrickville 19/12/2019, $15 at the door

BRISBANE: BUG, Brisbane Unplugged 04/02/2020, New Farm Bowls Club 969 Brunswick St opposite New Farm Park, $10 at the door



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