Discover French cocktails for World Bartenders Day

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Drink a French cocktail for World Bartenders Day, today! To celebrate World Bartenders Day we’re highlighting French cocktails available at French bars and restaurants around Australia. Plus recipes for cocktails you can make at home with French spirits to become your own bartender.

French Cocktails - World Bartenders Day


Haig Rd. Bistro

Barman / Bistro owner, Arvid Noack suggests Haig Rd. Bistro’s most popular cocktail for For World Bartenders Day. It’s called Alsace got me back.


20ml Alsatian Williams Pear liquor 
40ml Bombay sapphire Gin 
15ml lemon juice 
15ml sugar syrup 


Shake and dump into modern martini glass – topped w soda – garnish with cinnamon dusted half pear.

About the cocktail:
Avrid says “I lived for a while in Heidelberg, which is close to Strasbourg/ Alsace ! This cocktail brings back good memories …. good food , beverages & company!”


Les Bistronomes

Thomas Cutropia, Les Bistronomes’ French barman from Nice recommends the Old fashion provençal


30ml henri Bardouin pastis
30ml liqueur de paris almond liqueur
2 dash of angustura bitter
5ml Home-made lavender syrup

Stir in a mixing glass to melt the ice for 2/3 min as a original old fashion

Garnish wish a lavender flower

And enjoy with some friend playing pétanque



Frédéric’s barman, Shahin Chegini, suggests Le resistance, a French cocktail for World Bartenders Day.


50ml Vedrenne Le Gin 1&9
10ml La Gitana Manzanilla dry sherry
5ml Pernod Ricard
20ml fresh lemon juice


1. Muddle a slice of cucumber and dill in shaker tin

2. Rinse a chilled Nick and Nora glass with Pernod Ricard

3. Add the rest of the ingredients into a shaker tin with ice and vigorously shake for 2 seconds

4. Fine strain the liquid into the pre-rinsed glass

5. Garnish with a lemon twist

About: Original cocktail inspired by a dry sherry cobbler and south side

La Niche Café

Lydie Chopin, bartender at La Niche suggests the French 75 cocktail for World Bartenders Day.

It’s made from Gin, Champagne and Lemon Juice

French cocktails for World Bartenders Day

History: This cocktail was created at The New-York bar in Paris by Harry MacElhone during World War I. It was said that the combination had such a kick, it felt like being shelled with the powerful French 75mm field gun (also known as the French 75).


Bathers’ Pavilion

The barmen are Daniel Kelly and Verchial Mather

They recommend the Raspberry Beret cocktail for World Bartenders Day

Monkey 47 sloe Gin, Freshly made raspberry syrup fresh lime Egg white and Tanqueray Gin Garnished with a rose petal

About: The cocktail was inspired by the traditional whisky sour with a French twist to match with their fine deserts and after meal pairings.



Mind Spirits & Co.

Mikael from Mind Spirits & Co proposes a “French Connection”!

A beautiful story between France and Australia.

Miko Abouaf, Australian from Sydney is the owner of a magnificent Cognac distillery. It’s a distillery that creates products from sous-vide distillation (distillation at low temperatures).

The French Connection is an IBA Official Cocktail, and Mikael says it’s a good after dinner drink:


40ML of Covert Liqueur 33%
40ML of Naked Amaretto made in Melbourne from almonds and recycled apricot seeds.

Pour 40ml of Covert in a Cognac glass, add 40ml of naked Amaretto and 100g of ice. Stir gently with a cocktail spoon. 

That’s all there is to it.

What’s your favourite French cocktail? Which French cocktails for World Bartenders Day?

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