French company Ballet Preljocaj brings Snow White to Sydney this week

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After premiering in Australia at the Brisbane Festival in 2016, Ballet Prejlocaj is bringing its spectacular production of Snow White back to Australia with shows in Sydney this week and in Melbourne in August.


With choreography by Angelin Preljocaj, symphonies by Gustav Mahler, costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier and set design by Thierry Leproust, the ballet has wowed its previous audiences.


I had a chat with one of the dancers, Cecilia Torres Morillo, who plays the part of the evil Queen.

The evil Queen in Snow White – image by Jean-Claude Carbonne


You’re Spanish and studied dance with the Conservatoire Professionnel de Córdoba as well as the Conservatoire Supérieur María de Ávila in Madrid. How did you come to join Ballet Preljocaj in February 2013?

I went to Aix en Provence to audition for the Le Pavillon Noir part of the company and after two days of auditions, I was selected to join the company. I left my country in order to work with this company and it has now been 5 years.


Describe your role in this ballet, Snow White?

The evil Queen dreams of being the most beautiful of all of the women in the kingdom but she is always in the shadow of Snow White.

She is a strong and arrogant character. She is beautiful but riddled with jealousy.

It’s a great opportunity for me to be able to play this role, the evil Queen. Stressful but very amusing and interesting.

Image by Jean-Claude Carbonne


Why should we come to see this ballet?

Simply because it is magical.


How is this show different to other Snow White productions?

There are surprises all the way through. It is well written, the dance, the costumes, the sets… Everything is magnificent.


Are the other dancers of the show all French?

No, we have many different nationalities: Spaniards, Italians and two Australians among us.


What is your favourite part of the life of a ballerina?

The permanent challenge, the tours, meeting people, the body work…. And I could really say EVERYTHING except for the pain with which I wake every day. But it is a wonderful life.


Image by Jean-Claude Carbonne


Have you always wanted to be a dancer?

Since I was little, I wanted to be either a dancer or a vet, and well I achieved one of them.


Did you learn French at school or before joining Ballet Preljocaj?

I learned it since I was little because my mother is of French origin, but I also studied it later


How do you manage jet lag and the long flights?

In regards to jet lag, we do what we can. If we arrive in the morning, we try to stay awake until it’s bed time in order to get in the right time zone as soon as possible. On our arrival, we have a day off to rest from the long voyage and to adapt to the rhythm of the country in which we have arrived.


How do you keep yourself healthy when you are on tour?

Nothing in particular, but I always have a little pharmacy in my suitcase.


Snow White has its Sydney debut at the Sydney Opera House this Wednesday 6 June and runs until Sunday 10 June. Tickets can be purchased here.


You can also see Snow White at the Arts Centre Melbourne from 1 – 5 August. Tickets for those shows are available here.

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