Galette des Rois 2020: where to find it around Australia

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With Christmas and New Year’s Eve now over, it’s time for the Galette des Rois 2020, celebrated on 6 January or the nearest Sunday, so 5 January in 2020.

Read on to find out where you can find the Galette des rois 2020!



6 January is the date of the Epiphany, also the 12th day of Christmas when the three Kings are said to have brought gifts for Baby Jesus. While no longer a particularly religious holiday in France, the occasion is still celebrated with the galette des rois, a cake which can only be found during the month of January.


The cake itself is filled with frangipane, an almond paste like mixture. It has also traditionally contained a “fève”, which is a porcelain charm hidden inside the cake.


There is a tradition to the cake, whereby the youngest person hides under the table and tells whoever is cutting the cake who should get which piece. The person who receives the fève in their slice then gets to wear the crown and is King or Queen and names their partner for the day.


The tradition of the galette des rois dates back to the 14th Century!

Gold Coast




Les Deux Coqs

Les Deux Coqs will have two versions and two sizes for its Galette des Rois 2020.


The flavours:

  • the traditional frangipane (almond cream)
  • frangipane and raspberry


Available in individual size or to serve 8-10 people.


Pricing is yet to be determined. The Galettes will be available for the whole of January.



Mulot’s makes the Galette des Rois to order all year round!


It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 inch for $21 to 11 inch for $52.


It is in the traditional frangipane and contains a fève.


Orders can be made with 48 hours notice by telephone on (08) 8272 6499 or in store.




Le Caprice Patisserie

Their Galette des Rois 2020 will be available from today 2 January.


It is available in 3 sizes:

  • 1 person $7,
  • 4 people $24,
  • 6-8 people $32


A fève and a crown will be provided.


Orders can be made via phone (07)3162 4246 or email at [email protected]



Gold Coast


Aux Fines Bouches

Aux Fines Bouches will be making Galette des Rois to order throughout January with limited numbers in store each day.


It is available to serve 8-10 people and is in the traditional frangipane and contains a feve.


Orders can be made via telephone on (07) 5552 0323


Montmartre French Patisserie

The Galette des Rois 2020 will be available in store at Montmartre French Patisserie from tomorrow, Saturday 4 January for the month of January.


They come in two sizes:

  • Small for $32
  • Large for $42


The Galette des Rois is in the traditional frangipane and contains a fève.


Orders can be made by telephone on (07) 5596 2350.




Jean-Claude Patisserie

Jean-Claude makes the Galette des Rois in one size, 26cm for $29.50.


It comes with the traditional fève.


Jean-Claude Patisserie’s Galette des Rois 2020 will be available from Monday 6 January. Pre-orders can be made by telephone on (03) 6228 4040 and 48 hours’ notice is requested.





Choukette offers three sizes in its Galette des Rois 2020:

  • 4-5 people $24
  • 6-7 people $30
  • 8-9 people $34


It also comes with the traditional fève/charm.


Orders can be made by calling the shop (03)9380 8680.



Laurent’s Galette Des Rois 2020 serves 10-12 people and cost $39.

Galette des Rois 2020 Galette Provencale

They include a fève and an information card with instructions on the back for serving suggestions.


The Galette des Rois 2020 will be available in stores daily until at least the 12th of January and customers can also make orders in store ( or by phone.


Laurent Galette des Rois 2020



Noisette’s Galette des Rois 2020 will be available from Saturday the 4th of January for 2-3 weeks.


It comes in one size and will serve 6 people at a cost of $37. Inside will be a French “fève” and it will be presented in an original Galette paper bag.


They will be sold in the shop, Port Melbourne and Bentleigh only. Noisette recommends that you pre-order either over the phone (Port Melbourne 03 9646 9555 or Bentleigh 03 9557 7110) or in store.


Q Le Baker

Q Le Baker’s Galette des Rois 2020 serve about 8 people and cost $35. They contain a porcelain fève inside.


Orders are best placed at [email protected]


Rêverie Café

Rêverie Café’s Galette des Rois 2020 serves 8 and costs $34. It features a twist with not just the traditional frangipane (almond paste) but also apple compote.


Instead of the traditional porcelain charm “fève” hidden inside the cake, Rêverie Café has used a candy almond.


Online orders can be made at and are for pickup only from Prahran, Doncaster and Ella (Melbourne Central).If you have a special request call them on 03 9510 6868.


It is only available from Friday 6 January, until Australia Day 26 January.




Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie

The Galette des Rois 2020 will be available in three sizes:

  • Small $6.50
  • Medium $21.70
  • Large $34


Available in stores from today, you can place your order via the website:


La Galette de France

The Galette des Rois 2020 comes in an 8” size to serve 6-8 people and costs $45. It contains the traditional fève and comes with a crown.


La Galette de France will have the Galette des Rois 2020 available only to order from this Sunday 6 January for one week.  Orders can be made by telephone on (08) 6162 9412.


La Patisserie South Perth

La Patisserie South Perth is making the Galette des Rois in the traditional frangipane with fève and crown in 8” for $30. It can also be made in other sizes on request.


La Patisserie’s Galette des Rois 2020 is available in limited numbers in store and also by pre-order. Pre-orders can be made by telephone on (08) 9474 9730.




Flo Viennoiserie

Three flavours to choose from, each costing $35:

  • Almond frangipane
  • Chocolate frangipane
  • Pear / chocolate frangipane.


All galettes come with a fève and a crown.


Order online :  Free delivery.


French Cakes Sydney

French Cakes Sydney’s Galette des rois 2020 serves 6-8 people and comes in a few different flavour options:

  • Traditional frangipane: $ 42
  • Chocolate : $42.
  • Sheherazade – rose and lychee: $48


Orders are recommended 48 hours in advance and can be made via the website or by telephone on 1300 880 211.


French Cakes Sydney also offer free delivery in the CBD and Eastern suburbs (except for Vaucluse, Dover Heights and Watson Bay to which delivery costs $15). Or you can collect your Galette des Rois 2020 from French Cakes Sydney’s Bondi depot.


The Galette des Rois will be available for the whole of January.


La Boulangerie

Maroubra’s La Boulangerie has the traditional frangipane Galette des Rois in two sizes :

  • individual $7.90
  • to serve 8 people $45

It contains the fève and comes with a crown.

No need to pre-order, they have plenty in store and will do throughout January.


La Renaissance

La Renaissance’s Galette des Rois 2020 comes with the crown and the fève is a fully baked porcelain figurine!


It is available in two sizes:

  • Small (serves 4-6) – $36
  • Medium (serves 6-8) – $46


La Renaissance strongly recommends pre-ordering its galettes as they sell out each year, and once sold out, they may not be continued past 6th January (the Epiphany).


Orders can be made via the La Renaissance website  for collection directly at La Renaissance’s shops in The Rocks or Waterloo.


Le Breton Patisserie

At Le Breton Patisserie, Galette des Rois 2020 have already started.

They are made 100% Butter feuilletée Frangipane almond cream, and come with a fève and crown.

  • Medium 6 people $38.00,
  • Large 8-10 people $48.00

You can order by email at [email protected], by telephone on (02) 9969 9654 or pop into their store at 519 Military Road, Mosman.


Le Breton Galette des Rois 2020


Mimi’s French Pastry

$45 per galette with feve and crown included. Pear and chocolate filling available on request (+ $10).


Local Australian almonds, happy eggs from Totally Free Range Eggs, butter from New Zealand, rum from @brixdistillers based in Surry Hills (NSW), organic sugar from @navitasorganics and the feves and crowns travelled from France > Japan > Australia.


The galette is going to be available for limited time only: do not miss out! It is available: Fri/Sat/Sun for whole month of January. You can pick up from Tramshed’s Growers Market only Sunday 5th January. The other days – pick up from Mosman or Roseberry (depending where Mimi is).


For more information, Mimi requested that you send her a message via facebook messenger.


Where will you be buying your galette des rois 2020? Do you stick to traditional frangipane or like to try new flavours?

Galette des Rois 2020



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