Where to get the Galette des Rois in Australia this month

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Our article about where to celebrate Epiphany with the Galette des Rois was one of our most popular last year so we knew you were hungry for more this year.


An expanded, more comprehensive list this year with places to purchase your Galette des Rois around Australia set out below.



This Sunday 6 January will be Epiphany, also the 12th day of Christmas when the three Kings are said to have brought gifts for Baby Jesus. While no longer a particularly religious holiday in France, the occasion is still celebrated with the galette des rois, a cake which can only be found during the month of January.


The cake itself is filled with frangipane, an almond paste like mixture. It has also traditionally contained a “féve”, which is a porcelain charm hidden inside the cake.


There is a tradition to the cake, whereby the youngest person hides under the table and tells whoever is cutting the cake who should get which piece. The person who receives the féve in their slice then gets to wear the crown and is King or Queen and names their partner for the day.


Did you know that the tradition of the galette des rois dates back to the 14th Century?!






Les Deux Coqs

The Galette des Rois is available in an individual size ($7.90) and large which serves 6 ($29).

There are two versions of the Galette des Rois available at Les Deux Coqs: the traditional with puff pastry and frangipane almond cream and another with frangipane and rasperberries: a regal galette!

These galettes do not contain feves.

They are available from today, 4 January until the end of January.

Indiviual galettes des rois will be available in store each day but if you would like a large one, Les Deux Coqs request 48 hours notice. You can order in person at their store or via their email address: [email protected]


The Galette des Rois is available in January and pretty much all year around.


The Mulot’s Galette des Rois comes in 6 sizes.

Serves 6: $20.90

Serves 7: $24.30

Serves 8: $29.15

Serves 9: $33.50

Serves 10: $39.10

Serves 11: $50.85.


Each Galette is sold with fèves, a crown and special Galette paper bag.


It has to be ordered at least 1 day before, can be paid at pickup or on the phone when ordering. Their telephone number is (08) 8272 6499.




The Galette des Rois will be available from 16th until the end of January.


Sizes and prices were not available at time of printing. The fèves have been imported from France are cat themed.


Mon Petit Choux

The Galette des Rois comes in two sizes: 18cm (4-6 people) for $21.50 et 22cm (8-10 people) for $29.


No fèves inside so as to cater to Australian customs – Aussies are not used to having something non-edible inside their food!


Mon Petit Choux is making the Galette des Rois from 3 to 31 January.


You can pre-order 2 to 3 days beforehand via the website: http://www.monpetitchouxfrenchbakery.com.au/


Jean-Pascal Pâtisserie

The Galette des Rois is available in 26cm and costs $29.50. It contains the traditional fève.


Jean-Pascal Pâtisserie is making the Galette des Rois for the whole of January.


Pre-orders by telephone on 03 6228 4040.




Agathé Pâtisserie

The Agathé Pâtisserie Galette des Rois with almond cream serves 6 to 8 people and costs $39.


The Galettes des Rois have a fève and crown.


It is available from Jan 12 (a bit later than 6th Jan which is the Epiphany date).


You can order them directly at the shop or by email to [email protected]



The Choukette Galettes des rois come in three sizes: $24 for 4-5 people, $30 for 6-7 people, $34 for 8-9 people.


The galettes des rois are available at Choukette for the whole month of January.


Orders via telephone on (03)93808680 or in person at the store.


Gontran Cherrier

The Galette des Rois is available in one size and costs $49. Instead of a porcelain fève Gontran Cherrier inserts a little chocolate ball.


They will be available on the weekends of 5-6 January and 12-13 January.


Pre-orders can be made by telephone on (03) 9419 1518 or in person in-store.


Laurent Pâtisserie

Laurent Pâtisserie is making Galette des Rois in two sizes: individual ($9) and large ($39). Note that only the large Galettes have a fève inside of them.


The individual is being sold from the 28th December until all sold, and the large from the 3rd of January until sold.


Pre-orders are required by 2pm on 5 January. Pre-orders can be made in-store or over the phone on (03) 9915 0100. Payment can be made before or upon receiving the Galette.


Noisette Port Melbourne 

The galettes des rois will be in store from the 4th to the 20th of January.


The galette will be available to serve 6 for $37.00


There will be a fève inside too.


You will need to call Noisette 2 days prior, on 9646 9555 to pre-order the quantity needed.


Q Le Baker

Their galette will serve 6 people and costs $35.


The galette will contain a house-made caramelised almond cluster as its fève.


Q Le Baker will have the galettes in store every weekend during January but if you would like one during the week, you will need to pre-order. You can telephone Q Le Baker to pre-order your Galette des Rois on (03) 9973 3069 or pop into the store.




Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie

The Galette des Rois from Chez Jean-Claude comes in three sizes and will be available until mid-January depending on demand.


Small: $6.50

Medium: $21.70

Large: $34.00


The crown and fève are available on request only as Australians are not very familiar with the ‘rule’.


You can order online at: http://chezjeanclaudepatisserie.com.au/products.php


Maison Saint Honoré

The Galette des Rois is available in one size serving 8-10 people and cost $39.


Pre-orders can be made in person at the shop or online for delivery at https://frenchsweet.com.au/products/galette-des-rois-kings-cake


Individual versions will also be available for purchase without pre-order at the shop.





Douce France

These galettes des rois serve 6 to 8 people and cost $39. They are made with 50% almond and 50% hazelnut.


Individual galettes are also available for $9 but these are without crown or figurine.


They are available from Saturday and pre-orders are preferable.


You can do so via:

the Douce France facebook page:


via their instagram profile:


or by email: [email protected]



La Boulangerie

The La Boulangerie’s Galettes des Rois contain almond cream and have a fève inside and crown to place on top with the exception of the individual galettes.


They come in 3 sizes:

Individual $6.90, medium 4-6 people for $30 and large 6/8 people for $45.


Winning figurines have been hidden in some of the galettes and will allow lucky customers to collect another one … for free!!!


The Galettes are already available in-store and via the La Boulangerie website until all sold.


Pre-orders are recommended and can be done online (click&collect) on https://laboulangerie.mypreorder.com.au , the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/boulangeriemaroubra/home or via La Boulangerie App.



La Renaissance  

The Galette des Rois is available in two sizes: small serving 4-6 people for $34 and medium for 6-8 people for $44.


The La Renaissance Galette des Rois contain traditional porcelain fèves from Marseille.


They are available until 13th January or earlier if sold out.


La Renaissance strongly recommends pre-ordering galettes, especially for the Epiphany this weekend. The deadline for online orders is 48hrs in advance https://larenaissance.com.au/products/galette-des-rois (so order by this Friday to collect on Sunday). Or if ordering by telephone or in store, only 24 hours notice is required 02 9241 4878.


Le Breton

The Galette des Rois by Le Breton are available in two sizes: medium serving 6 people for $35 and large serving 10 people for $45.

The galettes are made with puff pastry butter and is filled with almond cream.

Each galette contains an original ceramic fève from the 70s and comes with a King’s crown.


Le Parisien 

Le Parisien is currently closed but will be back on 21st January at which point the Galettes des rois will be available.

The Galette des Rois come with fèves and a crown.

There is 3 sizes: small $18, medium $27, large $38.

You can order them day before by email or over the phone on (02) 9451 5959.



Have you ever tried the Galette des Rois? What would you do if you were King or Queen for a day?

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