Happy World Chocolate Day 2021!

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Happy World Chocolate Day 2021! Apart from the obvious way of celebrating being simply eating chocolate, any chocolate, we’ve spoken to a few chocolatiers around the country and found out their recommendations for World Chocolate Day 2021. We also share a few surprise limited edition chocolate creations for the day.

World Chocolate Day 2021

Anvers Chocolate

Adam Matthews from Anvers Confectionery speaks to us about World Chocolate Day 2021

With lockdowns around the Country, who doesn’t like a hot chocolate, and with kids on school holidays, our Anvers buttons will make the best hot chocolate). Home cooking tends to be the flavour of choice. 

World Chocolate Day 2021 - Anvers


They also recommend the Anvers Signature buttons and say it could be the thing that lifts the spirits with some home cooking.

Anvers Chocolate is also offering Free Shipping Australia wide for June, July & August.


Artisinale Chocolate

Rebecca Chan speaks about Artisinale Chocolate’s French sourced chocolate for World Chocolate Day 2021.


Our chocolate is sourced from St Etienne in France and handcrafted here in Australia. We have a range of both flavoured based items and novelty items (high heels, tools and lipsticks to name a few)



What do you recommend for World Chocolate Day 2021?

Something from our Winter Collection – hot chocolate stirrers (for the cold weather), glacé orange slices for a treat or our Casual Treats Hamper (a variety of our most popular items)





Belgian Delights

Carol Templeton, Sales & Marketing Manager at Belgian Delights says that “because the chocolate we manufacture is so exquisite, every day is chocolate day!”


We will be celebrating World Chocolate Day by posting some great images of our latest products, showing people our famous Chocolate Castle in our factory outlet shop and of course, eating a delicious truffle or two!


Our product is unique, because we make our own chocolate on site to our own recipe, many companies bring chocolate in and melt it down to then make chocolate products. Our chocolate is made by Belgian born and trained chocolatiers yet Australian made. So because we conche it ourselves, we know exactly what’s in it, we have strict quality control measures, and we keep costs down. We lead the way in supplying premium products at a competitive rate.


What would you recommend for World Chocolate Day 2021?

The hardest question I’m often asked is what is your favourite, or what do you recommend? I guess personal taste is key here, but for World Chocolate Day, I think a 100g share bar of our famous 63% dark couverture chocolate is where simplicity meets chocolate perfection! And for lovers of Macadamia’s, definitely our Macadamia choc bits – simply described by one of our customers as “the best thing I’ve ever tasted!”


Koko Black & Black Star Pastry – a collaboration

Koko Black has a limited-edition product for World Chocolate Day 2021: the Meteor Cake. Created by Koko Black in collaboration with Black Star Pastry, the Meteor Cake will be available across Sydney and Melbourne for one day only on July 7.


World Chocolate Day 2021- journée mondiale du chocolat 2021Resting on a bed of dark chocolate financier and cocoa nibs, luscious layers of caramel chocolate, Muscovado sponge, hazelnut crémeux, a gravity defying chocolate mousse, and praline crunch, the Meteor Cake is delicately balanced to produce a combination of chocolatey goodness of galactic proportions.


Sitting atop the Meteor Cake, a flying meteor is formed from hazelnut truffle and a coat of black cocoa nibs, complete with a blazing Sao Thome chocolate flame and crumbled cocoa nib rubble. From the lower layer of praline crunch, reminiscent of the textures of the moon, to the carved jet-stream of chocolate that brings the meteor’s crashing effect to life, the Meteor Cake is an explosion of flavours.


The best bit, chocolate lovers won’t have to go to the moon and back to get it. The Meteor Cake will be available in limited supply to purchase as individual slices ($15) at selected Koko Black and Black Star Pastry stores in Sydney and Koko Black stores in Melbourne on 7 July until sold out.


Monsieur Truffe

Samanta Bakker, Head Chocolatier at Monsieur Truffe gives us her recommendation for World Chocolate Day 2021.


This year we have made a limited edition bar called The Raven, it’s a micro batch bean to bar. The Raven is a stone ground dark chocolate with toasted black sesame, sweet red miso, caramel shards and seaweed. Creamy with a playful taste interaction between salty and sweet.


We spend a lot of time sourcing the best ingredients. I think that our quality speaks for ourselves. We are very generous with our inclusions. Every product is handmade with a lot of care and love. There is a lot of thought about making the most delicious experience in every bite of chocolate.


What would you recommend for World Chocolate Day 2021?

I would recommend our limited edition range because we have some really special items available right now.



QQ La Praline

Laure Martinelli, founder of QQ La Praline gives us her recommendations for World Chocolate Day 2021.


What will QQ La Praline do for World Chocolate Day 2021?

QQ La Praline is planning to showcase its Country of Origin chocolate collection and we will offer a special discount on our country of origin bundle which will come at $21.99 instead of $28 with the code QQWCD2021 from the 7th of July until the 11th of July 11.59pm

What makes your chocolate special?

Our chocolates are special because of:

  • their come either medium size (35g to 45g) if you want to give a go to different flavours or larger size (90/95g) if you are really craving for a particular flavour or if you want to make a nice gift to your loved ones
  • Their lean and environmentally friendly packaging: recycled paper and foil. No plastic nor fancy individual box. What ends up in the bin (recycle bin of course) counts for less than 10% of the bar when the market’s standard is twice higher. Printed here in Melbourne.
  • Premium Quality:  we only use premium Belgian Couverture chocolate with no Palm oil nor GMO. Our inclusions are sourced among the best suppliers in Australia and  – Our inclusions are mixed inside the chocolate and highly contribute to the chocolate bar flavour. When we say “Honeycomb and dark chocolate” we really mean “honeycomb and dark chocolate”. 


Which product do you recommend for World Chocolate Day 2021? 

For World Chocolate Day I would recommend our Country of Origins collection. These are pure chocolate sourced across the world and is a great way to discover how different the taste can be depending upon the “terroir” the cocoa tree is from and the variety of flavours you can get out of the same plant.


Sparkke at the Whitmore Hotel

Sparkke at the Whitmore will be celebrating World Chocolate Day with a Chocolate Milkshake Stout.


About Sparkke’s Chocolate Milkshake Stout

Sparkke’s Chocolate Milkshake Stout sits at 6% ABV and 20 IBU’s, proof that full, rich flavour can come in a brew of modest proportions. Full-bodied, the flavour has overtones of milk chocolate and a creamlike sweetness found from the residual sugars of the lactose additions. The lactose nimbly rounds out the black malt profile and the absence of a hop presence provides a smooth mouthfeel, with an easy sweetness as soothing and reminiscent of a chocolate milkshake, only boozy.


It’s no surprise that the beer tastes just like a chocolate milkshake and it is utterly delicious. Resident brewer Carla Naismith wanted to experiment with higher mash temperatures and lactose additions. The result? A flavourful, nicely balanced beer with the sweet cream of lactose buffering the malt heavy notes and earthy contributions of theWorld Chocolate Day 2021 - journée mondiale du chocolat 2021 chocolate malts and oats. Add hints of roasted coffee and toasted marshmallow and you truly get a perfect transitional seasonal stout as we move into the warmer months.


The Sparkke Change Beverage Company (SPARKKE) is a female founded and led beer and wine company producing 100% natural, award winning and predominantly mid-strength bevvies. They’re also a for purpose company raising awareness and funds for important social issues through alcohol– the great conversation starter of Australia.


The Sugar Man

Alex Crawford, aka The Sugar Man, chats to us for World Chocolate Day 2021.


Although we haven’t done a special release for world chocolate day (as we have in the past), we’ve been celebrating instead by experimenting with flavours that truly let chocolate sing and be the hero. Chocolate can be a complex ingredient, but if chocolate were a person, she would look good even in a potato sack…in all honesty, every day is world chocolate day for us!


Our three new flavours are a celebration of chocolate:

🍫Sticky Date Pudding in 64% Dark Chocolate

🍫Pistachio Baklava in 46% Milk Chocolate

🍫Cinnamon Doughnut in 35% White Chocolate


All chocolate bars are available at Belair Fine Wines, Barossa Cheese Co, Culture Shock Provisions, Smelly Cheese Shop and East End Cellars.

More flavours will be released soon for Spring.


What makes your chocolate special?

We use the best French chocolate we can get our hands on and source the best Australian produce to match. All chocolate bars are made fresh to order and are handmade in small batches in the Adelaide Hills.


All the flavours and fillings we use in the chocolate bars are house made. From the baklava, to the sticky date pudding, to the doughnuts (which has a two day process). It’s all about showcasing flavours and textures; sometimes it will takes weeks of trial and error and experimenting to achieve the result we want.


What do you recommend for World Chocolate Day?

Celebrate chocolate in its many forms for world chocolate day! Start with either of our new chocolate bar flavours for classically indulgent flavours that compliment the flavour profile of cocoa.


What’s your favourite chocolate? What chocolate will you be eating or drinking for World Chocolate Day 2021?


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World Chocolate Day 2021

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