Les Flâneurs Volants will take you on a musical journey this Adelaide Fringe

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We had a chat to Jean-Marc of Les Flâneurs Volants ahead of their show at Adelaide Fringe 2021. This Adelaide based French band will continue through song. their show about the adventures of Jacque in Jacques is Bacque.

Jean-Marc du groupe Flâneurs Volants


Jean-Marc, how did you meet Paul and Stefano the other founding members of the group?

Stefano was one of my French students and Paul just joined us. He’s a long-time friend of Stefano’s.  Musically, Stefano and I decided, a little over two years ago, I think, to put together a small group on the occasion of the “Fete des voisins that I had decided to organize at the language school where I work. The idea was to take the famous French idea and adapt it to the environment of an adult language school. So we accompanied a hundred students who sang lots of French songs throughout the evening! An  absolutely extraordinary  memory! And so the idea came to us to… continue.


Since when does the band Flying Flâneurs exist?

Well, the Flying Flâneurs were born a few months after the Fete des voisins! Stefano found the name Of Flâneurs, which really symbolized our idea of letting the music show us on the road! And I thought maybe it would be nice to be able to fly as well…


Did you train in music?

Yes, as far as everyone else is concerned!  Stefano and Paul of course but also our bassist, Ian Davis, our new drummer, Lewis Todd and our new saxophonist Nick Jones. As far as I’m concerned… Uh… It’s average, average! I do it rather to the feeling… Which makes the other members of the group laugh!


Who plays which instrument in the band?

Stefano is on accordion, keyboards and vocals, Paul plays guitar and me… I sing and play  ukuleke. Without forgetting Ian (who sings great), Lewis and Nick that I’ve already talked about…


Tell us about the style of the band The Flying Flâneurs.

Ah! our style… Flying Flâneurs have a lot of styles! We take people on a journey into the vast musical world of the French-speaking world! We pay tribute to the gods and goddesses  of French song such as Édith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Henri Salvador but also to  les enfants terribles like Jacques  Higelin,  Jacques Dutronc  or  Bernard  Lavilliers and many others. Without forgetting, of course, the great music of Quebec and the Louisiana Cajuns!    So… all styles in fact! And of course, the Flying Flâneurs are much more than a group… Our shows are also cabaret!   In 2020:  Hit Ze Road Jacques. And this year, Jacques is Bacque!



Jean-Marc, you are a French teacher during the day. What came first – teaching or music?

Music! I’ve always listened to music, a lot of music and I’ve ALWAYS sung! Teaching French is actually very recent, a radical change of career about 8 years ago… The desire to do something else, to be more useful especially here in Australia.


How long have you been in Australia?

For about 35 years.


Where do you come from in France?

I’m Parisian.


What can we expect from the Jacques is Bacque show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival?

Lots, and LOTS of music, a lot of laughter, a lot of emotion too… tenderness, love, passion… but above all, the joy of life!


Apart from the Adelaide Fringe Festival, do you play regularly? If so, where?

We haven’t had the opportunity to perform much yet because of COVID! But I think that in 2021 and 2022, the Flâneurs Volants will finally land somewhere…


What kinds of music do you play? Are these covers or rather your own music?

We play covers in all styles and adapt them for the show. The songs are not just covers, they are always part of the story!  We haven’t had time to compose our own songs yet but… We’re thinking about it!


How did COVID affect the group?

We had an extraordinary opportunity to perform for the first time at the Fringe – and successfully – two weeks before the last March’s confinement! Of course, since then… not much has happened but… We took advantage of these months away from the stage to prepare… Write the  rest of Jacques’ adventures and invent a new show! There you go… Today we are ready! Jacques really is bacque!


Anything else to share with us?

Come in large numbers!  And not just to see the Flâneurs Volants… For all artists who have only one desire: to return to the stage! It’s for you!


Thank you Matilda!


Get a feel for Les Flâneurs Volants in this clip!


You can see Les Flâneurs Volants at Adelaide Fringe at:

  • HAT’s Courthouse Cultural Centre Auburn on 27 February – 2 shows: 4:30pm, 8pm
  • The Wheaty Tin Shed on 6 March – 2 shows: 6:30pm and 9pm
  • Main Theatre at Goodwood Theatre and Studios on 11 March


Ticket prices:

  • Full Price: $30.00
  • Concession: $27.00
  • Child: $20.00
  • BankSA cardholder: $23.25


Book your tickets to the see the Flaneurs Volants at Adelaide Fringe 2021 here



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