Madame and Yves: a French patisserie offering delicious and pretty patisseries in Sydney

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Madame and Yves - croissantsMadame and Yves is a French patisserie in Sydney founded by Yves Scherrer. The patisseries are works of art. We spoke to Yves about the shop, patisserie and his background. 


I love the name Madame and Yves, a little play of words on Adam and Eve. Yves Scherrer, you’re the chef pâtissier but who is Madame?

Madame is a mystery. She is part of the intrigue of our patisseries.


Chef Yves Scherrer w logo - Madame and YvesYou have had more than 20 years experience in patisserie having trained in France. Where did you train in France? 

I come from Lorraine where I trained in a local tea room called Patisserie Nicolas. A large part of my training was done abroad, often with French chefs or chefs who had worked in France.


How long have you been in Australia?

It’s been 11 years now. We opened M&Y the week of our 10th anniversary in Australia.


When was Madame and Yves founded?

December 2019 so we are still quite fresh.


Before opening Madame and Yves, where did you work?

I was a trainer and consultant. I was teaching for the Australian Patisserie Academy and focused on opening new restaurants and patisseries for different clients. I am also a consultant for Valrhona chocolates.


Yves, you were also the coach for the Australian team in the World Pastry Cup in 2019. What is the World Pastry Cup and what did your team create for the event?

It’s the world cup of patisserie, which takes place in Lyon every 2 years. All the countries of the world meet in selections in each continent for the final in Lyon.

The team of 3 pâtissiers had to make:

  • 1 chocolate cake 130cm high,
  • one sugar piece,
  • one sculpted ice cream piece,
  • 3 chocolate entremets,
  • 3 ice cream entremets and
  • 18 desserts on the vegan plate.

And all this in only 10 hours!

Australia finished in 6th place winning the prize for best chocolate piece, best vegan dessert and best team spirit.

Madame et Yves


What’s your favourite patisserie?

I have many. But a good pain au chocolat or a chocolate fondant will always be on my list of favourites.


Your pâtissier creations have a modernity that we don’t often find in Australia. What inspires you?

Good and simple. I don’t like pastries that are too busy. Whether it’s having too many different flavours or too many decorations that don’t compliment the dessert.


My pastries go straight to the point. Straightforward, fresh tastes, crisp and fresh textures. Not too much decoration, just enough to make it pretty and clean without spoiling the taste of the dessert.

Madame and Yves custard croissant


Are there French pâtisseries that we don’t really find in Australia that you make?

We make real eclairs (haha) with a real Valrhona chocolate or caramel custard, Bourdaloue tarts and other classics.  We do specials quite frequently. Like galettes, flan parisiens, bugnes, babas. And also our own creations such as the Ferrero croissant or the Crioche, plain or topped with a truffle béchamel.

Your patisserie is in Clovelly in Sydney. Why did you choose Clovelly for Madame and Yves?

Clovelly and its beach is an area that Madame and I have always enjoyed. When we were looking to settle down we found this patisserie which had many of our criteria.

Merci beaucoup, Yves pour cette interview


WHAT: Madame and Yves, French patisserie in Sydney

WHERE: 343-345 Clovelly Rd, Clovelly



OPEN: Daily from 7am to 4pm.



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