Two new French language titles added to MIFF Play 2021

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We told you about the 8 French language films that were available to stream at home as part of the MIFF Play part of the Melbourne International Film Festival 2021. Unfortunately, the Melbourne in cinema part of the program has now had to be cancelled due to the extended lockdown. As a result, a few more titles have been added to MIFF Play, including 2 more French language ones. Find out more below.


Night of the Kings

Director: Philippe Lacôte

Languages: French, English, Dyula, with English subtitles

Countries: Ivory Coast, France, Canada, Senegal

A young prison inmate is transformed into a modern-day Scheherazade in this electrifying tribute to the power of storytelling.


A new arrival to a prison outside Abidjan is designated the storyteller, crafting tales for his fellow inmates over the course of a single night – with the threat of death should he stop before daybreak.


Shifting between crime drama, white-knuckle thriller and fantasy, and boasting an impressive cast – including versatile actor Denis Lavant (Holy Motors, MIFF 2012) in a scene-stealing supporting role – Night of the Kings is the captivating second feature by Ivorian filmmaker Philippe Lacôte (Run, MIFF 2014).


The Most Beautiful Boy in the World

Director: Kristina Lindström, Kristian Petri

Languages: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, with English subtitles

Country: Sweden

An unsettling, melancholic portrait of what fame did to the talented young star of Death in Venice.


50 years after being plucked from obscurity at 15 in 1970 to play the lead role in Luchino Visconti’s Death in Venice, Swede Björn Andrésen is still reckoning with the lingering damage of global celebrity.


Swedish documentarians Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri sensitively trace Andréson’s journey, from the Lido in Venice and luxury apartments in Paris to karaoke rooms in Japan and squalor in Sweden and reveal Andréson who seems almost like a ghost trapped among the living. This documentary is a poignant account of beauty and youth consumed in the wielding of movie magic.



WHAT: Melbourne International Film Festival 2021 – MIFF Play

WHERE: At home (wherever you have an internet connection)

WHEN: 5 to 22 August (once you press play on a rented film, the film is available to you for 36 hours)

HOW: Rent films via their individual links – view the MIFF Play selection at

HOW MUCH: All MIFF Play films cost $14 to rent.

Click here to find out which other French language titles are part of MIFF 2021


Which French films have you streamed recently?


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