My French Film Festival 2023: a worldwide streaming film festival

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UniFrance presents My French Film Festival 2023 from 13 January to 13 February 2023. It’s the 13th edition of a worldwide web-based French film festival comprising 29 short and feature films.

The films will be available on the platform as well as on 70 partner platforms around the world. All films will be available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and – new this year – Arabic, Ukrainian, and Mandarin.


All short films are available for free. You can stream feature films for either for €1.99 per film or opt for an all-inclusive fee of €7.99 for unlimited access.


The My French Film Festival 2023 program is divided into the following categories

  • Doing it their way
  • France has got talent
  • Kids turned out fine
  • Under your spell
  • Faces + Places


The films comprising My French Film Festival 2023 are:


Le Monde après nous The World After Us | Louda Ben Salah-Cazanas

Oranges sanguines Bloody Oranges | Jean-Christophe Meurisse

Rien à foutre Zero Fucks Given | Julie Lecoustre & Emmanuel Marre

Cataracte Cataract | Faustine Crespy & Laetitia de Montalembert – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Le Roi David King David | Lila Pinell – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS



Entre les vagues The Braves | Anaïs Volpé – READ OUR REVIEW OF THE FILM HERE

Les Magnétiques Magnetic Beats | Vincent Maël Cardona

Paloma | Hugo Bardin- SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Partir un jour Bye Bye | Amélie Bonnin – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS



Petite nature Softie | Samuel Theis

La Traversée The Crossing | Florence Miailhe

Marianne | Julien Gaspar-Oliveri – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Nous n’irons plus en haut Our Own Land | Simon Helloco – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Titan | Valéry Carnoy – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS



À nos amours To Our Loves | Maurice Pialat

Une histoire d’amour et de désir A Tale of Love and Desire | Leyla Bouzid READ OUR REVIEW HERE

Que la bête monte Let the Beast Rise | Marthe Sébille – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Une femme à la mer Out of the Blue | Céline Baril – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS



À propos de Joan About Joan | Laurent Larivière

Bootlegger | Caroline Monnet READ OUR REVIEW HERE

Nous We | Alice Diop

Belle River | Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau & Yannick Nolin – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Laissé inachevé à Tokyo | Olivier Assayas – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Malmousque Malmousque by the Sea | Dorothée Sebbagh – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS



Anxious Body | Yoriko Mizushiri – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Histoire pour 2 trompettes A Story for 2 Trumpets | Amandine Meyer – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Nuisibles Pests | Juliette Laboria – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Please Don’t Touch! | Capucine Gougelet – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS

Ronde de nuit The Night Watch | Julien Regnard – SHORT FILM – FREE ACCESS



WHAT: My French Film Festival, a worldwide online French film festival

WHEN: 13 January to 13 February 2023

WHERE: Anywhere with an internet connection

HOW: Via the official website and its partner platforms


Short films are free to watch

Feature films: €1.99 per film

Everything:  €7.99 for unlimited access.


Which films are you going to stream? Or will you watch one per day for the duration of the festival?


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And if you’re looking for other activities with French links happening in January, check out our What’s on in January article.



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