Feel like you’ve watched all of Netflix? Ritz cinemas has 134 French films available for stream rental

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Sydney’s Ritz cinemas has pivoted to an online model while Sydney’s lockdown continues. There are a bunch of French films available for stream rental including films that were at the AFFFF 2021.

Ritz cinemas

Prices start at $4.99 and go up to $7.99 for films such as The Godmother which is currently still showing in cinemas around the country. Other films from AFFFF 2021 that you can stream rent from Ritz cinema include Appearance and Antoinette in the Cévennes.


There’s also La Belle Epoque, Les Misérables, A Friendly Tale (Le Bonheur des uns) and In the name of the land (Au nom de la terre), My days of glory (Mes jours de gloire), and The Translators (Les Traducteurs), We’ll end up together (Nous finirons ensemble), Room 212 (Chambre 212), The Extraordinary (Hors normes), and Proxima from AFFFF 2020.


Older classic French films like Port of Shadows (Le quai des brumes), My favourite season (Ma saison préférée), Camille Claudel (the 1988 version), Breathless (À bout de souffle), Place Vendôme can also be found among the French films offered by Ritz Cinemas stream rentals.


To view the French films available for streaming by rent from Ritz Cinema, go to https://athome.ritzcinemas.com.au/page/international-cinema/ then scroll down to French cinema to see the titles.

TIP: For older films on the Ritz cinema stream rental list, you might wish to consider checking if the film is already available on SBS on Demand – The Last Diamond for example is also available there.


DURATION OF THE RENTAL: Once you have “rented” a film, you have 14 days to watch it. Once you’ve pressed play, you can watch it as many times as you like in 48 hours from that time.

Is there a French film you’ve been wanting to find in Australia and haven’t been able to? Let us know and we will see if we can find it available on streaming or streaming rental.


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