REVIEW: Bye Bye Morons at the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2021

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Bye Bye Morons, screening at the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2021, is a César nominated comedy which puts two unlikely characters together: an IT nerd and a young woman who’s just been given a death sentence.  Jean-Baptiste Cuchas (played by Albert Dupontel) an IT worker who is called into his boss’ office to be told he is going to be replaced by fresh graduates despite his years of experience and work on the project. Suze Trappet (played by Virginie Efira) a hairdresser who is extremely ill and told she doesn’t have much time left.


The two cross paths when Jean-Baptiste, in his office, fails in his attempt to shoot himself and instead fires a shot through the wall, badly injuring a government worker in a different department. Suze Trappet is sitting at a booth through that wall, trying with much frustration to find out where the son that she was forced to give up as a teenager is now living. Realising that her death sentence won’t speed up government processes, Suze sees an opportunity in Jean-Baptiste’s spectacular failure and kidnaps him demanding he help her in her quest to find her son.

Bye Bye Morons


Their quest is monumental with the police on their tail – Jean-Baptiste being a wanted man for shooting his colleague – and the fantastic characters they meet along the way. Albert Dupontel and Virginie Efira are wonderful in their roles in this film.

Bye Bye Morons


Bye Bye Morons is nominated for an impressive 12 awards at the 46th César Awards making it the second most nominated film this year (after Love Affair(s), also screening at AFFFF 2021, with 13 nominations). It is nominated for:

  • Best Film
  • Best Director
  • Best Actor for Albert Dupontel
  • Best Actress for Virginie Efira
  • Best Supporting Actor for Mr Blin.
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Original Screenplay
  • Best Editing
  • Best Sound
  • Best Original Music
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Costume Design


Bye Bye Morons is a slightly absurdist comedy makes me think of dreamlike style of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s films Mic Macs, Delicatessen, and of course Amélie. A light-hearted joyous film you must see at the AFFFF 2021.




Bye Bye Morons screens at the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2021.


Bye Bye Morons trailer


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