French movies and series leaving SBS on Demand in February 2024

SBS on Demand in February 2024
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SBS on Demand has a constantly updated catalogue of films and series from around the world that you can stream for free. It’s your last chance to watch these French films and series leaving SBS on Demand in February 2024. There are also a few which are set in France or related to France in the list.

SBS on Demand in February 2024

Three Colours: Blue / Trois Couleurs : Bleu

Dr Knock / Paris pieds nus

Monsieur Verdoux / Monsieur Verdoux

Babette’s Feast / Babettes Gaestebud

The Kid / The Kid

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg / Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

Astro Kid / Terra Willy, planète inconnue

The Odyssey / L’Odyssée

Les Misérables / Les Misérables

Jean de Florette / Jean de Florette

Stolen Kisses / Baisers volés

Dark Soul, series 1 / Bête Noire

Arab Blues / Un divan à Tunis

The Rope / La Corde

An ordinary mother / Une mère

Skies of Lebanon / Sous le ciel d’Alice

The Art Dealer / L’Antiquaire

Antoinette In The Cevennes / Antoinette dans les Cévennes

The Past / Le Passé


Which of these films and series will you be watching before they leave SBS in Demand in February 2024?

Also to whet your appetite for the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2024, check out the first 8 titles announced. The full program will be revealed on Wednesday 7 February 2024!

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