Two Crews: Lady Rocks, the Parisian break group will dance at Sydney and Adelaide Festivals in 2020

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Lady Rocks, a Parisian break group will dance in “Two Crews” a show directed by Nick Power which will be played at Sydney Festival and Adelaide Festival in 2020. We spoke to Léa Cazauran, choreographer and founder of Lady Rocks.


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Léa Cazauran, you’re a choreographer instructed by Mathias “bboy Thias” Rassin. Lady Rocks, is a company you created in 2012. How did you all meet?

In 2012 during many battles, there were very few women to practice top rocking. I got the idea of creating a uniquely feminine group to develop an essentially feminine dance, with our own movements. So I asked Claire Leeza and Valentine to create a group. First of all we appeared on stage (la Villette, Opéra de Massy, Ccn de Créteil..) and we were also active in national and European battles. The group then grew and we are now 9 active in the group and we also work with men.


You’re interested in top rock, a discipline of hip hop dance which has, until now, been very rarely implemented on stage and is generally danced by men. Where did this interest spark from?

Our interest was to develop feminine gestures while keeping top rock roots, which is a dance of combat and demands.


Have you all danced since your childhoods?

Yes, we have all had this common passion since our early youth.


What attracts you to hip hop dance?

The freedom to be who you are, the freedom of expressions, the energy and the music.


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You’re currently in Sydney for rehearsals with Riddim Nation, an Australian hip hop dance company with which you are going to appear in the show “Two Crews” at Sydney Festival and Adelaide Festival. When did you first meet? How do your dance styles differ?

We met Nick a year ago; he had found us on the internet via Valentine Nagata Ramos (member of the crew), he spoke to us about his project which we signed up to straight away.


Our dance styles are similar but also different. We all practice dance styles called “standing dance” in the hip hop community. The difference comes from the cultures with a French touch and an Aboriginal touch.


Léa Cazauran you are the choreographer and founder of Lady Rocks. Where did the idea of creating Lady Rocks from and how did you make it happen? Also, what was the inspiration for the name Lady Rocks?

As I mentioned earlier, it was recognising how few of us there were in battles. Then, I needed to affirm my place in an ultra-masculine world.  It was important for me to stand out and to position myself not as a feminist but to create something new and not seen before.


8 women make up Lady Rocks. How do your styles differ or are they similar to each other?

We are all multi-skilled dancers with top rocking as a common point.


How would you describe “Two Crews” at Adelaide Festival and Sydney Festival?

An energetic, lively hip hop show.


Similarly, why should people come to see “Two Crews”?

Quite simply because this project highlights 2 countries which are thousands of kilometres apart with a common passion being HIP HOP.


Do you need to like hip hop music and dance to appreciate “Two Crews”?

Not necessarily, it’s a show for all audiences with a contemporary script. The music created by Jack Prest is electro hip hop.


Anything else?

We have a creation which has just come out in France, GY PSY, if you’re over there, come and see us, we will be in Lille from 6 to 9 February. For other dates, you can follow us on:

Image: Sydney Festival

You can purchase your tickets to see Lady Rocks in Two Crews:


Sydney Festival is on from 8 to 26 January and Adelaide Festival from 28 February to 15 March.


Do you like break and hip-hop?



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