WOMADelaide 2020: 8 French and francophone artists to see!

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WOMADelaide 2020 is on in just 6 weeks! Among the line-up of artists from around the world, there are 7 acts from France and from francophone countries. Find out which French and francophone acts to see at WOMADelaide 2020 below!


Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita

WOMADelaide 2020
Image: Gareth Griffiths

After a serendipitous meeting in 2012, a sublime musical collaboration was born. Welsh Classical harpist Catrin Finch and Senegalese griot kora master Seckou Keita have since built a formidable reputation for their innovative and mesmerising performances. Drawing deeply on their diverse traditions, Mandinka rhythms mix and interweave seamlessly with Welsh traditional tunes.

See Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita on Saturday 7 and Monday 8 March at WOMADelaide 2020.


Compagnie Archibald Caramantran

French street theatre company which builds and brings to life giant, think 4-5 metres high, marionettes! They will be wandering throughout the beautiful Botanic Park each day of WOMADelaide 2020. Come dance and have a photo with Compagnie Archibald Caramantran!


Destyn Maloya 

This dynamic band from Réunion performs Maloyan dance music, the songs of slavery that emerged during hundreds of years of French Colonial rule on the island. Maloya has strong links to Creole culture but also ska, samba and Afrobeat. Destyn Maloya, a popular band for over 20 years, use pounding percussion and passionate harmonies to celebrate and reconnect with their ancestors.

See Destyn Maloya at WOMADelaide 2020 on Friday 6 and Monday 9 March 2020.



Ifriqiyya Electrique

What started as a research project for French/Tunisian Francois R Cambuzat into the culture and music of rites has led to the creation of unique music which is a blend of hypnotic rhythms of Sub-Saharan ceremonies with a storm of electric guitars, bass and computer effects.

Their debut album “Rûwâhîne” peaked at 4th place in the Transglobal World Music Chart (USA) and 6th in the World Music Charts Europe. Ifriqiyya Electrique’s second album “Laylet et Booree” won album of the year by a number of media.

Come see them Ifriqiyya Electrique on the Saturday 7 and Monday 9 March of WOMADelaide 2020.



KermesZ à l’Est 

Image: Philippe Shyirambere

Belgian musicians KermesZ à l’Est hammer out an original fusion of Balkan melodies, metal, math rock, electro and free jazz. Looking like metalheads (sans guitars), intellectual punks and fairy anarchists rolled into one, they also wield a typically Belgian sense of humour capable of ruffling the hair of even the slickest of rockers. Their unique repertoire is enhanced by hilarious stage antics, resulting in a sweaty and supercharged show fizzing with energy.

See KermesZ à l’Est on Sunday 8 and Monday 9 March at WOMADelaide 2020.



Salif Keita

WOMADelaide 2020
Image: Thomas Dorn

Salif Keita needs little introduction. Known as ‘The Golden Voice of Africa’ Salif Keita returns to WOMADelaide 2020 as part of his farewell tour, celebrating 50 years of music and 70 years of life. From humble beginnings with the Rail Band of the Train Station Hotel in Bamako and a life of tribulations as an albino, Salif Keita’s latest album Autre Blanc (Another White) calls on the world to celebrate difference.

See Salif Keita on Saturday 7 March at WOMADelaide 2020.


Trio Da Kali

WOMADelaide 2020

A young supergroup from the Mande culture, Trio Da Kali come from a long line of distinguished griots (hereditary musicians). Taking their name from an iconic praise song in the griot repertoire – ‘da kali’ means ‘to swear an oath’– the Trio’s inspired 2017 collaboration and album with Kronos Quartet brought them worldwide attention. Sumptuous vocals, bass ngoni grooves and percussive balafon combine for a truly exquisite experience.

See Trio Da Kai at WOMADelaide 2020 on Friday 6 and Sunday 8 March.



William Barton et Véronique Serret

WOMADelaide 2020

Véronique Serret is an Australian violinist born to Mauritian parents. She will perform alongside William Barton, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, who is recognised as one of the world’s leading didgeridoo players. With his prodigious musicality and the quiet conviction of his Kalkadunga heritage, he has vastly expanded the horizons of the didgeridoo and the culture and landscape that it represents. Also playing with William Barton and Véronique Serret at WOMADelaide 2020 is his mother, the singer, songwriter and poet, Delmae Barton.


WOMADelaide 2020 KEY INFO

Dates: Friday 6 March to Monday 9 March (Adelaide Cup Day holiday)

Where: Botanic Park, Adelaide

Ticket outlet: https://www.womadelaide.com.au/tickets

Ticket prices:

4 DAY & NIGHT PASS (entry to the whole of the festival): $396 for adults with discounts for concession holders and youth between 13 and 17.

3 DAY & NIGHT PASS (Friday – Sunday or Saturday to Monday): $358 for adults with discounts for concession holders and youth between 13 and 17.

2 DAY & NIGHT PASS (Friday- Saturday or Sunday- Monday): $260 for adults with discounts for concession holders and youth between 13 and 17.

SINGLE DAY PASS (Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday): $210 for adults with discounts for concession holders and youth between 13 and 17.

SINGLE DAY PASS (Friday): $155 for adults with discounts for concession holders and youth between 13 and 17.

SINGLE NIGHT PASS (Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday): $155 for adults with discounts for concession holders and youth between 13 and 17.


Children under 12 enter for free with an adult.


Who are you most looking forward to seeing at WOMADelaide 2020?




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