Glasshouse Fragrances invites you to spend a day in Montmartre

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Australian candle brand, Glasshouse Fragrances, takes you on an olfactory journey to Montmartre with their limited edition ‘A Day in Montmartre’ candle duo. The candles are named Montmartre Macaron and Sacred Heart respectively.


The candles feature beautiful coloured wax and unique white ceramic vessels which were skilfully crafted to be a piece of art that would be proudly displayed in every home. On the one hand, Montmartre Macaron conjures the decadence of a Parisian Patisserie, Sacred Heart on the other is a heady blend of incense, myrrh and cedarwood.


A Day in Montmartre pays homage to scent aficionado, and Glasshouse Fragrances founder Nicole Eckels’ most-cherished destination in the world to reset, find inspiration, and indulge in wander.


When you wander around the streets of Montmartre, you get the sense of a place steeped in history and art. I am constantly left feeling inspired by the artists on every corner, artisans holed up in their atelier, and the locals living a bohemian life filled to the brim with creativity. Paris always leaves in awe”. Nicole Eckels.


The collection is a true nod to the pilgrimage around the iconic Montmartre district of Paris and starts with a walk up the hill to the beautiful Sacré Coeur; there is simply no view of Paris like the one experienced from the foothills of the basilica. It is the perfect place to take a breath, choose a direction, and wander through the charming lanes. The capsule finishes with a stop-off at a Parisian patisserie, with the aroma of buttercream filled macarons filling the air.

Glasshouse Fragrances A Day in Montmartre Montmartre Macaron

Montmartre Macaron is inspired by the decadence of the local patisserie, which billows wafts of creamy vanilla, Blueberry’s fruity zing, and a dusting of sugared coconut. A candle from the gourmand family of fragrances, Glasshouse Fragrances’ Montmartre Macaron candle has top notes of wild blueberries, middle notes of creamy musk and base notes of sweet vanilla and sugared coconut husk.

Glasshouse Fragrances A Day in Montmartre Sacred Heart

The Glasshouse Fragrances ‘A Day in Montmartre’ Sacred Heart scent is inspired by the Sacré-Coeur Basilica atop the hill in Montmartre. Sacré-Coeur Basilica. From the woody fragrance family, Sacred Heart has top notes of incense and pink pepper, middle notes of myrrh, and tonka bean and base notes of cedarwood, amber, vanilla.


Montmartre Macaron & Sacred Heart beautifully capture the essence of the Parisian streets, scents, and artistry. The A Day in Montmartre collection was released to coincide with Bastille Day last month and is a limited edition so don’t miss out!


The Glasshouse Fragrances range also includes two other French inspired scents:



380g Triple Scented Soy Candle

Released from the vault, available exclusively online. Notes of bergamot, violet, lily of the valley, cedarwood and amber create a Parisian oasis.




Neroli, gardenia and breezy apple blossom will have you thinking of the Cote d’Azur.

The Marseille Memoir scent is available across the whole Glasshouse Fragrances’ range: candle, diffuser, hand cream, body bar, and hand wash.


You can purchase the A Day in Montmartre range as well as the whole Glasshouse Fragrances range via their website at


Glasshouse Fragrance products are made locally in Sydney, so by indulging in a delicious home fragrance you’re also supporting a local Australian business.


What’s your favourite fragrance family? What scents remind you of France?



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Glasshouse Fragrances A Day in Montmartre

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